Words Become Worlds – Your Focal Point Of Existence

“The linguistics of what you MEAN to say however what your mind was trained to believe, creates a fork in the road. People get stuck in plateaus at the fork in speech and cognitive training” – King Belial encompassing what BLACK LABEL MENTORING, IS.


One of the most challenging smorgasbord of events, is your speech.


Many people uneventfully, speak themselves in and out of binding verbal contracts in the Universal and Primal law spheres, due to speaking from a lower place. Lower places are seen as the norm in society and when you speak “normal”, you receive “normal results”.


And…today’s normal, is filth, dirt, and, trash.


It comes as little surprise that the Cabal (aka global elitists) have wanted nations filled with diseased, poor, apathetic, lazy, immature minded, weak willed, and, childish people. They – after many years of engineering the mind through cabalistic societal influences, have reached their pinnacle point of creating a robot out of a human last year, upon which countless millions of people eagerly signed up to take part in the largest genetic editing experiment.


Far from me saying anymore on that, as people’s life choices are of little meaning to me, as their life is little meaning to their own self – I wish to revert back and focus on words become worlds. There is, by defacto – things that have come into my line of sight due to the mere fact I spoke so much about them, I pulled them into existence. There was absolutely no visual or physical evidence of it – I just kept stating it and at a vibrational level, kept clearing.


A primary example – is being in the receipt of money AND wealth vibration. Contrary to popular belief, receipt of money does not mould a person into wealth vibration. There are people who can bring in a lot however their habits are still lower energetically than where they are required to be. I can embody myself as an example, of how much I have had to grow, learn, change, shift, adapt, evolve, and, shed – in a bit to keep moving upwards and ultimately, to my true destiny.


Most people never change. They don’t want to change, they have no interest to change.


….The only thing they want to do is whine like the victims that they are, about their miserable life that they absolutely CHOOSE for themselves and let their whole life pass by without every aiming higher. This is what we see in society. Millions of miserable people who believe misery is the only choice. They don’t HAVE to live that way – however they choose to because should they be presented with ANYTHING that is outside being who they are, they sneer at it and reject it. That is the number one reason why people do not achieve success.


This can be due to a lack of ambition, and also a lack of NEURAL ROLE MODELS – a type of hot wiring that shows someone something IS possible. Sometimes, you do not push forward because you’ve never had someone to show you that it is a doable thing for you. In a recursive situation, this simply circumnavigates back to desiring more for yourself. People are comfortable being unsuccessful, and deeply UNCOMFORTABLE with energies of large money – that lends deeper into the wealth vibration I speak on here.


Wealth Hot Wiring, is a type of magick that I have done repeatedly on myself (with cracking success) and for clients. It is a type of heavy lifting bypass I created that removes the mental effort and UNWORTHINESS inside a person. It allows you to energetically take the elevator to get into luxury, rich, wealthy places without the struggle of lack of deserving, belonging, confusion, unworthiness, resistance, and, full out crazy making. It will upgrade you internally allowing you to enjoy everything you see what you deem as successful, enjoy – all for yourself and over time, it becomes the absolute norm for you. 


That fork in the road, Belial speaks of – is something we all struggle with. We say one thing, do another and then even our mind becomes schizophrenic. Getting into alignment of what you think and what you SAY, has got to be the most difficult thing ever because we live in a society where by when you’re successful, attractive, happy, intelligence – most people will hate you from resentment, frustation, and, bitterness stemming from ENVY. Victims are always envious of others because they have chosen to give their power away and resent themselves.


Whenever you speak, especially if you’re speaking ENGLISH – you must bear in mind you are spellcasting 101. They do not call it “spelling or spell a word” for no reason. You are pulling into your reality with each sentence you speak and to retrain the mind to do as you’re saying. I remember seeing a very interesting post of a guy asking a man whose Twitter account is based on him being a former political advisor. He was asking why his account following isn’t HUGE and people are missing out his value. His answer was what I would have exactly said word for word “people are trained to see trash as value, so the gems are overlooked”.


People, things, places that are of true merit and value – will be never be busy or rarely frequented much because their VALUE can only be seen to those who understand what value truly is and are able to think for their own self. Most people believe value lives on Instagram and whatever cheat sheet codes that the loud Chihuahuas place on there – a diatribe of a diaspora of people who all think, talk, look, act, and, behave the same – CLONES.


Approaching dangerous avenues in life from a place of curiosity and interest, as opposed to fear and trepidation – solidifies your vocabulary and thus-forth, your life.


Hot Wiring gets you there with effortless grace and ease.


It’s time to get into the drivers seat of your own life.


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