Being An Independent Thinker In A World Engineered For Madness

Being an independent thinker, is soon going to be a crime. You are already socially punished and lambasted for speaking the truth and NO blue tick “social media” account will EVER speak it because your entire professional business and career is flushed down the waste drain for all the onlookers, watching.


Disclaimer : (Social media is the BIGGEST CAUSE OF MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES — it messes with your morphogenetic auric fields through your phones. More on that later as it is one of the deepest attacks on us as a human race.)


Anyone who has a working mind knows this and knows what is coming ahead. This world is already a caged prison for those of us who can see. I remember being little (I was about 8….) and I read a religious text somewhere that said “this world is a prison for the believer”. Confused, at the time — I wondered what it meant. I get it quite clearly now.


The more you know, the more trapped you feel on a daily basis and you’re like a rat trying to find it’s way out of the maze. Only to realise you’re a human being and you have to live a whole life with the human cycle that has been prescribed through your DNA coding. As one of my friends said to me last month “It is a curse to want to marry and settle down with having a family, in this world anymore — look at what we are up against…” The less you know the reality of this world, the easier your life is. When you’re asleep, this world is playful, joyous, fun, and, easy for you. You MAY know of things and have read them at an intellectual level, however the proof is in the pudding. You don’t LIVE it. And that is evident.


Yesterday, I was driving home from seeing a friend and as I was stuck in heavy traffic, I felt an extreme wave of loneliness hit me. It was a very odd wave, given I had spent such a great time with someone I am close to and hadn’t seen in months – and we were both SO happy to see each other 🙂 –however this loneliness, as I shifted gears, I soon identified. It was a delayed reaction to what she had said to me about one of her colleagues passing away a few days back due to financial pressure and he left 3 small kids behind, he was in his early 40’s and his wife was left to take care of 2 teens and a 4 year old. At a humanity level, it is devastating what we are subject to.


Being an independent thinker is basically retaining your EMPATHY, MATURITY, AND, SANITY in a world completely mad.


Many people often ask me “Nadia, what can we look forward to coming ahead?”. These people are just looking for some relief and respite. They are normal people, tired and exhausted of what we are seeing. However my answer is always the unsweetened truth of honey (as Clauneck refers to it as). “Nothing. You are not looking forward to anything good. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because what is the point of lying to make you feel better?”. What I can tell people reading this, is you will have to up your senses, of life survival strategy skills and be selective on EVERYTHING you consume. Food, media, news, anything. More freedoms and liberties will be stolen from you in plain sight and yes that is enraging and depressing in the same sentence. The average sleeping sheep will be pushing for their own freedoms to be stolen from them. MONEY has a HUGE part to play in this. I will cover it in another post of it’s own.


What you’re witnessing is something called the Mandela Effect.


There are MANY MANY MANY examples I can provide here, however I ALSO know that combining the Spirit works that I do, it is sometimes just wise to speak the candid truth behind closed doors. People are easily frightened by what is outside their scope of understanding.


Left has become Right. Black has become White. Salt has become Pepper, a man has become a woman, and a human has been slowly engineered to lose their mind. The name for this is GASLIGHTING. Narcissists and Psychopaths use it on their victims to “re-write reality”. This is what you’re seeing at a global scale. Especially in Business and in interpersonal relationships. I remember writing a whole LIST of what DIVINE NATURAL LAW is, and no matter how much pain I incured at an emotional level, NEVER DEVIATING FROM THAT LAW.




In that list, I wrote what a man IS and what he is NOT……HE IS MASCULINE.


I wrote what a woman IS, and what she is NOT….. SHE IS FEMININE.


There is NO compromise on the above. NONE.


DIVINE NATURAL LAW does not compromise. She will punish you for going against nature, much it the same way women in the West are punished by their body in Western Society for behaving like a man. Your body will burn out, you will become angry, aggressive, and, dead inside. Your intuition as a woman leaves you. You lose your sweetness, charm, beauty, elegance, and, grace as most women evidently have. You become an ugly, twisted, and, sick caricature of a woman. Men find you repulsive and disgusting because you’re acting out of accordance with FEMININE LAW.


The same goes for men when they behave like a woman. They lose their charm, power, dominance, strength, standing, courage, and, manly valour. They fall into depression, confusion, and act out in ways to activate the inner wolf within them. A man becomes neutered, soft, and, weak — when his natural state is strength, assertiveness, and, physical power. Women find you repulsive equally, as you’re of alignment with MASCULINE LAW.


(The cabal are enjoying men and women taking each other’s traits, so we can all seem to hate each other. Nope. Not happening.)


I wrote what a human BEING is, and what we are not. That is easy to write down. A real original human being is everything that the majority of people today are NOT. So I wrote down all people are today and declared, the opposite of THIS is what a real person, IS. Easy writing for a Spartanite 🙂


I wrote what real food and drink, tastes like, based on how my BODY has responded when I have eaten it. I wrote what real LOVE feels like when I have been submerged in it’s beauty. I have written what REAL respect LOOKS like. Real EMPATHY, real GRATITUDE, and, real COMMUNICATION. I wrote down what a REAL FRIEND looks like, real sleep, real EMPOWERMENT, real PEACE, and real POWER.


Because there is no way someone will tell me anything different from this list.


As it is the list of the TRUTH.


Independent thinkers do not play and live in boxes, in locks, in, rules.


You can remain sane in a world gone mad. However, it will take GREAT lengths and efforts from you personally. And most aren’t willing to wake up to what is already pushed way past their doorstep. The premise of independence, is NOT relying on someone to do YOUR THINKING for you. Provided you have something up there to think with — that becomes the real issue of today, doesn’t it?


Remember, a predator will prey on ALL of your weaknesses and fears. They are experts at digging your hurts and formulating solutions that enslave and entrap you. The entire world is based on that and the trash of this earth, will literally be eaten alive.


Your life. Your choice. Your rules.


Examine all the invisible cages you keep yourself in. It may be a good question to ask yourself at this juncture.




As you know, the portals are fully open.


The fight to remain what is left of humanity, has begun….