How To Play Both Sides To Win At Life — Spiritual & Business Disclosure 101

This post, is well over due for me to write simply because so MANY people have asked me this over the years. 


I have tried to avoid writing a lot on it, because I am a unique individual who has her own way of living. I am grateful to The Almighty, who has ALWAYS been there for me, and shown me the RIGHT WAY of life — no matter how lost and confused this life left me.


A long time back, I posted a video about Binary thinking on YouTube, that you can find here. Binary thinking is exactly what messes people up, and until a certain age, it messed me up as well. I walk both the LHP and RHP. In short, what this means, is that I work with the old gods on the Left Hand — and one Google search renders terrible things written about them, to slander them. They call them horrible names and say things because it is easy to demonise something, rather that UNDERSTAND it.


So people find Spartanite and their initial reaction is to panic (I get it, I began that way myself lol).


On the Right Hand — I still believe in STRONG Islamic practices as I am born into a Muslim family. I do not go down the path of dogma and divisive thinking as many traditional Muslims are trained to do. I choose Sufism as a Mystical way through it.


It has saved my life (literally) and it saves many people who come to me (which is why the cabal have created so much mistrust and chaos around it –they know (all a bit TOO WELL)— it’s POWER and ability to DESTROY evil — which THEY ARE – so it works VERY WELL to convince people all Muslims are crazy and bloodthirsty – because God Forbid people found out the power the recitation HAS to wipe anything evil out #smearcampaign101).


This messes many people up when they come to me, because they don’t quite know HOW to blend both doctrines to create a level of balance and strength, never seen before. It confuses them, like a new Vitamin that has NEVER quite been discovered and everyone is wondering what it actually DOES.


People often write in asking if they can work with Bune or Clauneck “but I am Christian or Muslim, or Hindu”, now what? The Old Gods legit don’t care. They don’t tell you to leave your Faith, they certainly never told me to leave mine — and I understand the faith I am born into MUCH BETTER because of them. Go Figure.


You can be doing both things without someone stomping their boot on your neck about WHO you need to be and who you don’t.


You can practice ALL you wish to, and still be magickal. You can play both sides to win, if you know how to BALANCE both sides. Most people do not know how to do this because they have an exceptionally rigid mentality of what is right and what is wrong. I understand the deep fear most people can have after looking at the balance. I nearly jumped out of my skin when Beelzebub first visited me to help me with my life. I couldn’t understand WHY anything from the Left Hand, wanted to HELP. I came to realise how incorrect my thinking was, so I sought to figure out how to balance and grasp Islamic Astrology, Geomancy, Pyromancy, Magickal Warfare, and, other things that the Holy Scripture may be used for — far beyond just reading a book and feeling close to the Divine. All of these things exist — but you’re told in religion OVER AND OVER AGAIN, “it is evil, don’t touch it”. Let me explain why.


Most people’s nature, is bent towards childish destruction. Being responsible with magickal power, is exceptionally important.


So it is EASIER to tell you something is evil, so get you away from it — than you discovering you have a WHOLE ARSENAL of tools at your discretion that you can use for both good and bad. And given how most people behave, they WILL use it for the wrong purpose. The amount of cases I have personally dealt with — that’s WHY people fear Occult work. Because most are IRRESPONSIBLE with it and hurt people. Many on the Left Hand (the old Gods) are friends with the angels, and it is just taught that they are NOT because it keeps YOUR MIND in a state of DIVISION AND CONTROL. I came to realise that I could use my faith for protection and the protection of OTHERS who come to me, as well as dispense wisdom and guidance through LHP –and it changed my life.


What I am writing in this blog, few people would EVER write this in public. It puts you in a light where MANY people simply do not wish to be around you, because the brainwashing is so DEEP, they FEAR what they do not understand. I respect every single person’s religion and faith. I have often gone to my local Church and sat and received Christ Consciousness there — what would Christ DO if he was here? He would be so sad and ashamed how most Christians behave in today’s age, because his teachings are ALL about LOVE and UNITY. Bar the parts that have been changed around in the Bible to create control over people, there is actually a lot of amazing wisdom packed into it. I have gone to the local Mosque and asked the same thing — what can I RECEIVE here? I received deep amounts of clarity and peace — peace that is NECESSARY to remain SANE in today’s world.


In all parts Business and Life, it is imperative to play both sides to win. There are many things I can say about religious practices, that are RITUALISTIC in nature, for instance, Holy Communion, Baptisms for Christians, Eid (Ul Fitr, and Adha) for Muslims, Bat Mitzvahs for the Jewish, Navratri for the Hindu’s etc.


But the biggest ritualistic practice that people engage in every single day globally, is having sex –and no one is losing their mind over that. Strange.


In Business, you will have to play both sides. You will have to see life from ALL angles, the Chessboard — I often speak of. We think that 5 + 5 is 10.


But so is 1+ 9, 2+8, 3+ 7, 4+6 — what happens then? Your mind short circuits. The cognitive dissonance inside you REJECTS IT — HOW CAN THIS BE? That is a NORMAL human reaction for most because if the sky is red and someone told you it can be seen as blue as well — you would freak out on first glance. Business has many ways to be agile and dexterity driven — you just have to learn the ways 🙂


When you learn the equations — you learn your life changes 🙂 You learn to see things in a way where you are not judgmental or mean to others anymore. You appreciate them AS THEY ARE, and show them ways to enhance themselves.


In Life, you play both sides — to win.


For instance, it is heralded as a belief that women who run a Business, must be useless in their personal/domestic lives. Sadly, this stereotype doesn’t just come from nowhere. People often find it surprising I can run Spartanite with our amazing team and also know how to cook a full meal from scratch in a day. It is weird to think a woman who walks a Business path, can also desire and love the traditional feminine life so much. You can have either or, but not both. I chose both. We lack role models of those who play BOTH, so people think they have to sacrifice this to get THAT. I have never sacrificed being a capable woman who likes to sing, clean, cook, and, dance for running a business and trying to “prove Success”, and vice versa. I can come from a meeting I had with a client in the morning — straight into my kitchen to cook for the afternoon. I enjoy the trappings of financial independence and being the domestic goddess, equally.


I do both very well 🙂 — think of how that can impact you in your personal life equally.


What have you been told that you cannot do if you have either/or? Ask yourself this question. Because so many people don’t ASK this question — it’s a given that you have to be either or, most people stay stuck in Binary Thinking.


Again, There is an old saying, you cannot serve Mammon and God.


Actually, you can. 


Mammon is seen as the evil of money. But is it really? And yet LORD Mammon is one of the most influential money old gods I have ever come across. He is so inspirational when it comes to handling money PROPERLY. Having healthy wealth consciousness, so money ALWAYS comes in, and stays!


Having a healthy relationship with money myself, has allowed me to do more Spiritual work that I came to this world for. And enjoy a happy, worldly life — with all the fun things of life — hanging out with friends, doing business, taking funny selfies with relatives, singing on the street whilst drinking a smoothie 😀


It is sad that so many people are told that living a Spiritual life, means you have to be without money or happiness or luxury. This is a huge lie and keeps you miserable. You deserve to be wealthy and enjoy the depth and internal peace of your Spirit 🙂


I accredit my Spiritual knowledge and the translation OF IT into material riches, for my own happiness today. You come to buy what you want, when you want, go where you want — you have FREEDOM and you TRANSFORM PEOPLE’S LIVES THROUGH the Spirit. The thing that makes me happiest is hearing people’s results with our work and knowing I have contributed to someone’s entire life changing — the money received from that is a BLESSING!


Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot have your cake and eat it.


You didn’t come to this world to live in a prison.


Keep asking yourself, Keep finding yourself.


Only you know your own identity. 


We are here to help you when you’re ready to desire BOTH worlds for yourself.