Channelling Clauneck — The Power Of Wealth Multiples

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum, Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life. Just this morning, I saw a post on Twitter and was stunned to see something in the physical realm as a REPLICA of what Clauneck had told me about 2.5 months back. I shrieked with joy, and of course being Clauneck, he asked for his fair dues. So his libation this time round, was honey.

I took the liberty to channel Clauneck’s thoughts on the POWER OF MULTIPLES in Business, and how we can use his way of thinking to encourage ourselves to walk this often very scary and terrifying path of wealth ascension.

Below is the transcribed channel :


Me : Greetings King Clauneck! Wow. I saw what you said to me and it came true. Thank you so much.

CK : I reward you because you LISTEN. Your human race has a problem with LISTENING. You overcame a life not of your design that ruined you, because you chose to LISTEN when one of my counterparts visited you, years back. You were scared initially, but you had an open mind and you listened.

Me : It was scary, yes. Why did he visit me?

CK : You were finally FREE and could hear us. We needed to get you out of your programmed peasant mindset. Albeit, you have never had a peasant mindset but you understand what I am saying here. Too many people around you influenced your mind. You used to live in fear. With my help as well as Belvia, you are a sovereign free woman. You have yourself to thank. We are merely, conduits.

Me : So I want to speak about the Twitter post today. I guess I was just stunned when I saw the person making 4.5M with multiple accesses of marketing in the flesh. I heard you TELL ME to do that, did you show this to me as proof?

CK : Humans *sigh*. You guys ask everything. YES. HA HA. I showed it to you, to PROVE people already who are often working with myself and my council, are making that level of money easily. It CEMENTED it inside your head today because you were just listening to me speak, you saw it with your own two human eyes. Now, you know what I meant.

Me : Thanks Big Claw, I always love you for that.

CK : Maybe I should start carrying an Eagle’s Claw HA HA 😉

(Clauneck is just being funny here. His energy is a replica of a Mafia Don but I don’t have to worry about him hurting me..)

Me : Clauneck, why don’t people succeed? Is it because they don’t implement ideas?

CK : No. Too lazy. And by lazy, I mean too comfortable to do anything different. You have evolved SO FAST because you LISTENED (and yes, I am repeating myself here again) to me and the council. You were READY to leave behind the hurt, pain, trauma and trash you have endured. And yet, the trash taught you lessons and today, with those very lessons, you’re on track with Spartanite. I quite love Spartanite, it is big and bold like we in the goetic council, are.

Me : So I want to ask you about Wealth Multiples?

CK : Thought you’d never ask…

Me : *laughs* Can you explain the concept of Wealth Multiples for the Spartanites please? I KNOW it innately, but I struggle sometimes to articulate and express it.

CK : Sure. Once you get the formula right for one thing, you go onto replicate. You did that unwittingly with your books. You just kept writing them and punching them out to sell, and because your model is so proven, you won an award for Best Self Publisher. Cool, huh?

Me : I didn’t realise I was doing that :O

CK : Well of course you didn’t. You don’t get bogged down with details and thank goodness for that. Your Aquarian energy just likes to get out there and do it.

Me : Have I replicated this anywhere else in my life?

CK : You’re in the process of doing it. And you are going to be doing it for every single woman that wants to be that Ultimate SPARTANITE. Wealth Multiples are simply once you see a routine work. I have seen you turn women from ruins into golddust. It is an acquired trait you acquired when you got really good at threading eyebrows for a living. You’re a sharp learner. Now you simply spread that to other women who choose to keep up.

I want to tell you one thing Nadia. Once you know how to do something very well, you never do it for free. And you never do it just once. Most people don’t do anything well, don’t take the time for mastery and do not think to be of value to anyone else. In fact, as the King of Wealth, I can attest that most people never attract riches and simply covet them, because they have nothing valuable to give others. All they give is a headache. How pitiful and peasant like.

Me : CK, thank you so much for this. I think so many people do not understand that you can easily replicate wealth and be smart with it.

CK : Most people think you need a lot of money to be wealthy. Few do what you did. You rebuilt your life with very little, however you were very strategic in how you did it. Today, you simply just build on top of it. That alone, is a rare skill. Please teach more of it in Spartanite and your further books.

Me : I will, King.

CK : Thank you. I must take my leave and will bid you and all the other human Spartanites, farewell.

*Channel closes*

Once, I transcribed everything Clauneck had said to me about Wealth Multiples—I actually realised what he was showing me a few months back. When you learn how to do one thing right, PERFECT IT and then start planning on your distribution models.

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