How To Break Black Magick Correctly & Successfully

Disclaimer : Not ALL black magick is evil, as the ignorant believe. However, it is a tool, just like money is. It is sadly often used for evil, because we live in a world obsessed with greed, destructive power, and control. There are many benefits of this type of magick, done correctly.

Black Magick, in society has become an epidemic of epic proportions. 

Proportions, that as an Occultist — I cannot begin to explain. Every second person that I have come across, has some sort of Spiritual problems. Your elite (ruling masters/cabal) use black magick from other worlds against you to keep you trapped, miserable, and on a timeline of pain, death, and destruction. I do my best to keep my educative blogs as SIMPLE and in clear English on this site because not everyone understand the logistics of how this world works.

This world, is currently running and ran through heavy dark black magick. With that said, breaking out of the matrix of that very darkness and sickness and living a life filled with hope, happiness, and health — IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR MOST PEOPLE.

Many bogus and bullshit websites will tell you to do this or that –and furthermore, worse, will tell you black magick doesn’t exist. It does and I AM LIVING PROOF OF BREAKING FREE FROM IT AND HAVING A HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL LIFE. The magick in my life came from birth, my parents were afflicted by an evil jealous aunt of mine that took my Father’s life and broke their whole marriage and life down. I grew up afflicted and constantly in pain without realising. My life was a mess and it took me DRASTIC AND WHAT WAS CONSIDERED “IMPOSSIBLE” to break free of black magick and djinn spirits (the evil variety) designed to kill me. Spartanite is a testament to overcoming a life designed to kill me. So I know a thing or 3 about removing this type of mess that surrounds most people of today, on a very deep and successful level.

Chances are, if you are reading this post — it is one of two things.

You either keep up with Spartanite work on the regular, or you have found this blog through a Google search. 

Most people do not believe in this because most people have some how got up and claimed they can fix a problem so big when they wouldn’t even know how to summon or let a Spirit depart in peace, never mind have the power to wipe out invisible chains placed on someone. I invite you to be aware in your own body that if you’re not really going anywhere in life, trapped, spinning your wheels, have financial problems, problems in relationships/marriages, issues with your health — it is a GOOD CHANCE someone has placed evil magick on you. We live in a jealous and petty society where people do not hesitate to hurt others for personal gain and satisfaction. For many years, I have successfully performed Road Opener Rituals that can be found on our Store Boutique– on some of the worst cases, ranging from magick placed on someone to stop them being financially successful to performing distance Ruqyah (exorcisms) to tear out over 9 djinn from a man placed in mental hospital, because of them.

A lot of Spiritual Frauds, Con artists, and scammers exist. They lack education, and most importantly the decency and morality of taking on impossible cases and trying to convince people that their stuff works. It doesn’t. Proper Occultists are EDUCATED and we know the dangers of doing this type of work. Removing black magick or evil spirits from someone, isn’t a joke, childs play, or something to joke about. Done correctly, the person goes on to finally have a life of their own. Messed around, the person can easily die.

Black magick can leave the following symptoms on people (this isn’t scaremongering, I have experienced most of this myself) —

  • Failing health and an aged looking face
  • Poor relationships with lovers, friends, family — people never stay properly in your life, basically
  • You never have stability with your finances, and can never seem to get ahead with your money. 
  • You have trouble conceiving a child, irrespective of whatever fertility treatments you may have paid for
  • You have an aura of depression, disappointment, and a low feeling energy
  • You are consistently tired and worn out as black magick/djinn spirits cause adrenal fatigue very quickly
  • You are left with crippling low self worth and NOTHING you turn to, ever EVER works out.
  • You feel cursed or something is definitely wrong with you but you seem to “brush it off as co-incidence”
  • You struggle to find a life partner to get married/have a decent relationship and romantic relationships cause you a lot of pain
  • You feel suicidal and feel there is “no point in living anymore”
  • You attract predators, liars, abusers, cheaters, and people who take advantage of you
  • You attract energy vampires/leeches
  • You have some sort of disease (a lot of cancer in today’s age is actually magick that changes your alkaline levels to acidity causing the cancer) and no medical attention can solve it
  • You feel hopeless, trapped, and isolated like you’re walking in an invisible prison or cage where NO ONE understands you
  • You feel completed isolated and feel like your life is going no where

And of course many, many more. Many of these symptoms, also originate from evil djinn spirits (there are good djinn as well, so it is important to point out that it is only their scummy counterparts causing this mess, not ALL of them!) or other unclean spirits attached to an individual.

The short point is that to be able to strip off black magick, requires specialist help. Burning a £20 candle, isn’t going to get you any result for anything because magick done correctly, is often binding and detrimental. Removing black magick, requires strong magick itself. The type that reverses the negative effects on you in a short spaces of time, giving you, your life back.

No matter how hopeless you feel reading this — there is HOPE. Hope for you to live a better life for yourself, free away from pain, isolation, destruction and evil. 

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