Life After Sludge Demonic Possession — Discovering Trust Within Self

The “Life After Sludge Demonic Possession” posts I have, both on this blog and on Medium, are a multitude in education for people who are not familiar with the nature of evil djinn and what they can do to a person in a lifetime. This is sort of like a public survivor documentary for me and for those who wish to understand where my Spartanite Strength originates from.

As a survivor of 4 djinn sent to kill me by select relatives on my estranged Father’s side, the same way my Father sadly passed away, breaking free from this prison — has been a never ending nightmare but it is with great joy and pride, that I now serve others from this horrific abuse and pain.

Just this morning, I was looking at an event I was supposed to attend and I felt extreme anxiety, and my body started to shut down. I felt the pangs of fear, the fear that only comes from being severely abused and seeing nothing but abusers in your life. I felt like I couldn’t breathe at one point, so I sat down with some green tea and told myself I was safe and no one was about to abuse me any longer. The sludge demons brought me all the different narcissist abusers in my life and I was ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to heal from them. I approached different people. I did different things. I wasn’t about to let pieces of absolute fucking human scum, steal my happiness, pride and joy. I was determined to trust myself again. Even if I got my assessment wrong. Even with psychic ability. I was determined to leave behind the sludge and dirt they bring along.

I was determined to be a new person.

Discovering trust within Self, meant that I now possess the power to destroy a narcissist/other garden variety abuser and I most certainly will go out of my way to do so. I don’t “turn the other cheek” and I do not care for karma in another life. I possess enough power as a DARK FEMININE WOMAN to acquire TRUE JUSTICE FOR THOSE who exploit, humiliate, and berate other’s for their “amusement”. It is a joy to help and heal others from the sludge, taint, and pain that these horrid, evil, THINGS (I do not take them as human and will never speak to them as though they are human), do to others. The last time I was forced to speak to a narcissist, I wasn’t polite and sweet like he expected me to be. I was sadly for many years, much to his joy. I was violent, abusive, rude and talked to him like he was a piece of shit. Because he IS. I treat a predator, worse than he/she would treat any unsuspecting person.

Fortunately, that will be the last interaction he remembers. He has no access to me any longer and neither does any other abuser. As I have come to do this, I have come to start gaining true TRUST within myself that abusers stole away from me. I have allowed the hands of time to show me people’s characters, without the evil djinn ruining every last thing in the picture. Abusers get away with things because no one believes them. I enjoy watching an abuser suffocate on air, in broad daylight. The very same way he has probably held a woman’s throat at knifepoint or smashed her head against a wall. The way she has humiliated her man and tore his very fabric of his esteem down. I am exhausted of seeing people trying to heal without displacing the same pain on that predator who caused it. Humans have been bred out of being even with someone, which is why so much neurosis, exists. This mental model subscription, isn’t for weak minds who just like to play “fair”. We live in a world filled with sickos and predators and people like me, are their worst NIGHTMARE.

Happy and Healthy in my deprogramme, I continue to document my journey as a sludge demonic possession survivor, trauma + sexual abuse survivor and reclaim those lost fragments they take away from us during it. Performing Road Opener Rituals and using Plutonian power to tear off magick, djinn spirits and all other trauma timelines, provides me deep satisfaction–where people are trapped and suffering. I do my best to help those who are in alignment with me, do my best to help animals, plants, and trees alike. I do not care about being some “business badass”, I–Nadia, in true Aquarian fashion, care about true JUSTICE, KARMIC RETRIBUTION, that predators quite deserve after they scar their survivor, permanently.

One learns to trust oneself fully, when you learn not to give up your power.