Protecting Yourself From Mind Control — The 4th Age Of Kali Yuga

As we are currently in the Fourth Age of Kali Yuga, yuga meaning age — unfortunately, this Age of Aquarius is showing us all the negative traits that are designed to mess people’s minds up — homosexuality, transgenderism, fake friends, dating websites, human cloning, mind manipulation and many other awful things. The elite have managed to do this successfully via technology, especially the internet. The internet, itself, is ruled by Aquarius. 

We have moved out of Third Dimension, and being in the Fourth Dimension as the lower matrix realms of lower frequency, people do not understand that what you’re paying attention to, is literally GROWING inside you as thought forms. Allow me to explain this properly. Anything you are giving your mind currency (attention) to, is becoming an attachment.

For instance, fear. The mass media is promoting all kinds of nonsense to instill fear. When you feel fear through their programming one too many times, you are going to VIBRATE fear. People will feel this. Spirits can easily hop in and out of technology, which is very reason I state that pornography is unhealthy to watch, because you are watching possessed people, high on drugs and alcohol being raped. All sex under possession, is rape. Let that sink in, for as long as you want. Most of the people who are “porn stars”, are sex slaves and are used for other unspeakable, heinous crimes.

As a psychic, I rarely watch TV because firstly, TV is mass hypnosis programming. I knew this to be correct when once I watched it for 20 mins around a month back, and I got a headache, felt nauseous and felt dizzy (spinning, the TV puts you in a trance for suggestible mode). What bugged me the most, is the two spirits who felt it was okay to wander into my living room, as I watched TV for those 20 minutes THROUGH the screen. I can see spirits jump in and out of phone, laptop, desktop and TV/cinema screens easily. My Father in Spirit, gave me a strict warning not to ever watch a movie in a cinema ever again, and I understand why.

When you are being advertised to, they are using their company logo (sigils), to implant the subconscious mind with the MESSAGE THE SIGIL REPRESENTS. You are not consciously aware of this, but you’re simply acting on command. If you do not know how to spot the signs and the sigils, you will unknowingly provide your energy to them, and they will harvest it, leaving you drained. This is why so many people are sick, unwell, and exhausted.

Your energy is being drained every single day and you have no chance of repairing it by yourself until drastic measures are taken. 

As I was healing myself and many others out of our old timeline programmings, I created a way to restore the energy levels through Aura Cleansing and Chakra Polishing. This basically repairs the tears, leaks and holes in your auric field, and scrubs + polishes your chakras, ensuring they are spinning in tandem with each other. You will feel a world of a difference, and you can discover more about having one, right here. 

There are invisible Wi-Fi portals that have been created on near enough every one’s head, and thoughts are beamed in 24/7 through sigil programming as well as nano-techonology RFID chips that people consume through fast food and soft drinks etc etc.

I teach many of these forbidden truths in my programme, Spartanite Spiritual Goddess, which I invite you to check out, in order to protect yourself, your loved ones and those who rely and depend on you.

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