Stop Saying Yes To Shit You Hate

This is one of my more tongue in cheek, blog posts that is incredibly necessary to make.

Too many people in this world, lack TRUE courage to simply just CUT OFF what is not working. People, places, situations, circumstances–equations are simple. They add to your life, or they don’t. By this, I do not mean what someone can “do for you”. I, abhor those who use and abuse others at their own expense and will use vigilante justice to make reparations on this matter. A classic example is a woman being “too nice” to tell someone to fuck off. If you don’t already, increase your fuck off response to people, as much as you can. ESPECIALLY, if you’re an EMPATH.

As an Empath myself, I find people SHAMELESSLY trying to dump their shit on me, without as so much even trying to ask how I am or if they can speak with me. It doesn’t make you rude to create boundaries because people will RARELY create them in your life. Lots of people are so used to their toxicity, that they will find any way to push up on your parameters. Which is why I would much rather hear someone say “fuck off”, than being drained to death. Most people like their broken sob stories about their life, because CHANGE IS HARD. I remember channeling something for a client and she got defensive and wanted to fight me on some of the channeled content, only for me to politely remind her that Spirits DO NOT CARE how you take their messages. They are raw, blunt and in your face. If you do not like what they say, that’s tough shit for YOU. Not them. Spirits don’t have dubious morals like most humans do. They will call it as it is and what YOU may deem as “rude” or whatever is, is quite comical for them.

Spirits shoot LIVE ROUNDS. They teach you to TRULY stand up for yourself, and in the Doormat 101 Society that we live in, they teach you TRUE self worth and respect.

The imperative thing to know is that most people WILL USE YOU LIKE A USED PAPER TOWEL AND THROW YOU AWAY. They know you aren’t going to say anything to them, friends and family are the worst offenders on this one — and will bleed and DRAIN YOU DRY. There is possibly no one worse than Cluster B personality disordered people, Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths etc etc — than do this. As one takes up the SATISFACTION STRATEGY of honouring one’s true boundaries, people who just want to hide in the shadows and use you, need to be flushed out faster than vermin in your kitchen. I will never forget in a summoning when I asked one spirit when I would meet my husband (this was years back and I was a hot mess) and the Spirit said “you may want to take care of your broken little life first before you even think of lining up with the desired man of your choice. Your husband doesn’t want a loser of a wife. He’s already met enough useless women in his lifetime.”.

Those words stung me for days but they are the VERY WORDS that pushed me to come to a point that I changed the whole trajectory of my life through planar work and quantum jumping. When you STOP saying YES to shit you fucking despise and hate, you reach a level of freedom that FEW PEOPLE will ever, ever be privy to. I cover this topic expansively in my book WINNING, that you can find here. If you have family members or friends that do nothing but say hateful, negative, battery acid corrosive shit to hurt you, please honour yourself and cut them off. There are only so many chances a person can give another before you reach the paper towel stage I am referring to. I’ll never forget the time my old mentor politely said to me — “to be honest, I don’t care what bullshit you come to me with, you’re coming to ME, and you need MY guidance. Not the other way round. I am not being an asshole saying this, but most people forget what they set out to do, because their egos get in the way”. I, pondered on his guidance for DAYS and actually found much reasoning in it. Those who want to excel at life, constantly work on building strong boundaries to love themselves and protect them. I perform Road Opener Rituals, to allow your roads to OPEN, and align you with the correct people, places and situations that you deserve. If interested, you can contact me here and we will be happy to discuss your case.

You teach people how to treat you.

What are you saying to others?

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