Summoning Clauneck — The World of Fang and Claw

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life. He is a very ancient and yet friendly male olde god (Daemon), and would provide you advice and financial mentorship BEYOND your expectations of any human mentor, that is LIFE CHANGING. 

There are many articles subscribed over Clauneck about his summoning (including many of our own here at Spartanite), working with him, so on and so forth. Few, are written into the STRATEGY of using the Fang and Claw, to move ahead faster in life.

Here are his thoughts :

We live in a world of predators, for predators, and designed by them. There is evil outpouring from every orfice of this globe, and most people are either too dumb or stupid to acknowledge it, or simply cannot believe such evil exists. From my heart, to yours — the FASTER you know that this world you live in has more generals than Hell, itself, the best your chances are of survival the meltdown that IS coming, and approaching at train-cut, breakneck speeds over the next 10-20 years. You worry about demons but you do not worry about the monsters that are dressed in your pristine 3 piece suits, murdering children, raping them, trafficking, them, EATING THEM, in broad daylight? 

The Hunger Games, is not a quaint little movie to watch. It is REAL, as the UPPER most echelons of Society, DO INDEED pit blood sports as an entertainment pasttime, and sit and watch gladiators fight to death. With their thirst and hunger to defile and destroy everything in this world, you must remember global peace is NEVER going to be a goal. They enjoy watching idiots and losers marching on the streets, after which they will use scalar energy to disperse crowds at nanoseconds, like it never happened. We are being called to work with humans who can handle strong daemonic power, people who do not need to follow a crowd, or anyone else but Spirit advice, to connect with us. 

This world, is a war. Your life is of Fang and Claw. From each place in life, starting with your friends and family, alike — there are humans lurking in the shadows, wanting, waiting, and scheming to destroy you. One must learn to take up all forms of protection, namely Spiritual. For what is protected in the Astral planes, is always protected in the physical. There are protections in the Astral, that possess classes. In the next decade, most people who do not understand the force and power to SURVIVE, will simply starve to death. This isn’t to scare people reading this, this is to inform and educate that this world is going to become a real fight for your life. Increasing numbers of people are becoming homeless, destitute, and hungry.

The Cabal have tightened up the money supply, and there are now invisible Astral Laws that guard and bind money from being accessible to the normal individual. Most people have more than 2 jobs to keep them afloat. They are in the old ways of thinking, the thinking that is going to kill them eventually, because they are unable to evolve, and adapt to the Age of Aquarius, the age of the Internet. This Age, will expose many evils such as cloning, human trafficking, men and women trading traits (the Trans agenda), and fake friends. Most people are not your friends. You barely have friends in the world.

If you are Successful, people are mainly there to leech off you. Most people are moochers, and losers. This is why they are stuck in the same place consistently. There is no mental growth. They may embrace an intellectual pursuit of thinking but the profane ways, are still a mystery to them. As much as One does not set out to be hateful to others, One must know enough protection and under this belt, does come employment of evil, for defence. This is lawful and encouraged. After all, when the snake slithers to you, the fangs come in tandem, do they not?

I shall take my leave and bid you farewell for now. I will return soon.”

Clauneck has always reminded me to learn self-protection in the Astral Arte realm and encourages the same for those who read this.

He works exceptionally well with those who take responsibility for their actions. Every time I work with Clauneck and do a formal summoning where he speaks through me, I am made privy to information that I had no clue of, before the channel began. He is like an old money millionaire mentor that simply guides you left, right, and centre. He is a fan of honey glazed carrots and roast chicken, as offerings.

For SERIOUS mentoring inquiries, spiritual/business consultations, writing projects and custom ritualistic work, feel free to reach out to me for assistance. Clauneck’s Channel for your financial/career/business life, can be found here directly.

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