The Silent War On YOUR Cash

Something very interesting caught my eye not too long ago as I pulled out some cash to pay for something. At the counter, was a card machine and it had a message on it.

“Like cash. Only easier!”

I started laughing, much to the dismay of the cashier who was convinced I was laughing at him. After I handed him the currency to process the transaction, I took my stuff and headed on out and thought how people in the Western world have been convinced that the only “few of us” who use cash are all dealing in illegitimate activities and cash is “so last season”. I pay by card sometimes, but mainly I always keep physical money on me, because I watch it leave me, which alerts me mentally at a spend cap, so to speak.

I know this mantra has become the norm in almost any “developed” country I have visited, people have shunned cash in favour of their brainwashed programming of tapping or swiping a plastic card to buy things with money that doesn’t even exist. I often find this being enhanced with the global crackdown on cash, demonizing it making it look like this disgusting, filthy thing that only druglords use. It is actually amazing how this has happened over time and through extreme and very subtle cognitive dissonance, much like an abuser would use on their victim.

This silent war on cash, is found everywhere. When people often see me pay with cash anywhere, they look at me funny. And then look at me disgusted, because I “held up the line”. I guarantee some kids don’t even know what cash looks like, but they can rattle off every credit card company on the planet.

Cash, albeit reserve debt currency, is some of the last freedoms you as a person will hold onto. They already have a strawman in your name (you can thank your birth certificate for this one), and the moment cash is completely outlawed, hell will have well and truly arrived. It is FAST approaching with many places “rewarding” you, for using your card wherever you go.

So in the mean time, what is to be done?

Start exchanging your debt paper currency for real money such as gold and silver.

And yet, it is challenging to do this, without having the good, solid knowledge of the indepth differences between currency, money and their true origins. Discover them here through CURRENSEA

I would love to hear your thoughts and remarks below ­čÖé