Spotting Poverty Consciousness In A Potential Romantic Match

This is possible one of the most important posts I feel to write for the Spartanite tribe.

Disclaimer : This does not apply to empowered masculine men who know how to handle their money properly, and respect women for their worth. Sadly, many “men” of today, do not.

With the Elite, pouring Estrogen into all plastics, to turn men into women and as feminine as possible, not to mention Feminism to turn women into men, poverty consciousness is an all time high with the men of today. Men who feel no shame in being useless, no pride in who they are as a MAN, and men who are looking to leech off, use and abuse women.

Gone are the days, when men just used women for sex. Now, it’s at another level. Broken, broke and poverty conscious based men, with their 70,000 vices in tow, are looking for YOU to save them. They are looking for YOU to pay the bill, they are looking to drive YOUR car and live in YOUR house, getting high all day. This is why I always tell women to possess HIGH and HEALTHY self worth, because tricksters and charmers can easily not only get into your panties, they will get into your wallet as well. The only men you’re allowed to help (and within reason), are men who are blood related, solid friends whose characters you can trust and your husband—provided he is a man of honour to start with.

I feel sad writing this post publicly however dealing with women who have men use and abuse them financially all day long, it was a long, long time coming. Spotting poverty consciousness is simple when you have done the work on yourself. There used to be the fear of golddiggers when I was younger and men were terrified of women using them, now you have to watch men trying to dig into your pink purse.

Poverty consciousness comes in vices and in habits, so many of you need to actually spend TIME with this man to find out and discover how he handles his money. Both being tight with it, and being spendthrift, is a massive sign. As you study, prosperity consciousness, you will naturally attract men with poverty consciousness, however thankfully—because they are not your mirror match, they will drop off themselves ­čÖé

Keep doing the good work you are doing, and attract a healthy, masculine, prosperity conscious man. Plenty exist, and only when YOU have upgraded to it yourself. This short post is not to make you paranoid, it is about keeping you safe from users, abusers and predators—sadly, that practically exist everywhere.