Clauneck & The Fastest Way To Elevate Your Life – Edition 2022

Happy New Year!


“When you get out of your OWN wallet and into the wallet of others, your life elevates”. – Me, Nadia Arain, THE SPARTANITE



A phenomenal conversation I had between a friend I have known over 10 years (and counting), and myself, lends me to write this post. She now owns a small Ecom store on Etsy and took it upon herself to sell beauty products (creams, serums, you name it) when we were discussing life upgrades via Belial’s commentary and suddenly, she shows me a gold ampoule mask serum kit for $17,000+.  We both started laughing. The price surely sounds INSANE for skincare, however if it is retailing, there is a market for it.


Which brings me to my point today….


Getting out of your OWN wallet. 


What made me laugh when I saw the skincare is I owned a spa. It is a short and long story, one I do not have time for today – however I retailed some of the highest, if not, THE HIGHEST price in the area. And people paid. Both Gold and Caviar facials from expert skincare companies based in Milan that are still incredible at the moment. People have a block in life and business because they are not experiencing where they wish to be at. We as human beings always like to tell ourselves silly stories, meanwhile someone is already going ahead to do it. When I explained the quick “get out of your wallet” thing to her, she just said “You’re gold, Nadia” and went ahead and rearranged her store immediately. She’s been banging out sales like insane because I told her a few things that are relevant for HER market and she acted on them as fast as she could. It is part of what people hire me as a sorceress and a mentor, to ACT on THEIR behalf and with the energetic change, align their mentality to see differently, so their life in general vibrates FAST.


“How on earth can you think someone can pay you X amount if YOU have never paid it to someone?”


It was something a guy said to me on long gone little known social media platform, however it was something that STUCK with me for a long, long time. I often joke about my first $10K that I paid someone and how at THAT time, it was a life changing thing for me, given my IMPOSSIBLE circumstances and the courage I needed to go ahead with it. That payment taught me a LOT about investing in myself and being EXTREME in doing so. Each thing I have ever bought is always a celebration of the narrow second chance I got to live PROPERLY at 25 and something I don’t take lightly.


The challenge with most people, is that they are sleepwalking their way through life. Each time, we extend how much we pay for something (of value, of course), we ADD TO THE BANK OF SELF-RESPECT.


Clauneck always tells me about our relationship financially with the Universe. When we buy cheap, we are telling the universe — I AM CHEAP.


I gasped the first time CK said this to me and felt a bit sorry for myself lol. Clauneck, being such a hard ass and so extra, told me to snap out of it immediately. Buying cheap doesn’t mean the price is low in his opinion, it means the quality is trash. Finding fine quality and valuable one at that, is KEY. People are trained to unfortunately look at the asking investment of something instead of it’s REAL LIFETIME VALUE, a merit and arte that is challenging to break let alone turn around and reverse.


Clauneck is exceptionally methodical, strategic, and, organised in nature. He is smart, no-nonsense, and will save you YEARS of nonsense when you listen to his guidance. When you position yourself in places that are BIGGER that your income, your budget, your revenue, your salary, your whatever the hell — YOU WILL GROW.




Because you have allowed yourself to expand. Smaller places, constrict the mind, constricting the thinking and thus forth, the entirety of the soul. You are unable to grow in stuck thinking and worst of all, trying to do it by yourself. Hiring mentors, coaches, and, experts GETS you to the finish line faster because you’re literally HIJACKING a way – or hitchhiking a ride. In essence, EXPERTISE is basically OCCULT PLANAR ENGINEERING.


Occult Planar Engineering – (A Spartanite term and if you see it anywhere else, it is stolen 🙂 — is essentially using magick through hot wiring the mind to change and transform the way you see life. The magick I perform, makes someone SEE and EXPERIENCE life at an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL LEVEL. I use OPE to hot wire people very quickly into a new mentality because I don’t exhibit life as though I am a corpse. Even the dead have more life than the living of today, sadly enough. There is absolutely no DONE way for me to do Business, I VIBRATE Spartanite and people find Sparty herself and of course find ME, personally.


A prime example I can give is SOCIALITE (available in Store). Within 24 hours of hot wiring myself, I met one. She is a Red Carpet Cannes model and has a clothing boutique in both London and Monaco. She is also a fashion writer and journalist, I am seen to wear some of her fashions which are of exceptional quality! I simply performed the work, saw a cool event to attend and showed up to munch on canapes and browse some clothes. We got talking and well…it hit me, it had already worked.


Think of how YOU can get yourself into bigger places to keep expanding and live a life that most can only envy, let alone dream of for themselves.


Clauneck rewards those who are driven and want more for themselves. He won’t spoon feed anyone and is a MF when it comes to applying pressure on you to ACHIEVE because as per his book WINNING (that I channeled from him), he only works with those who desire to WIN.


If you’re ready to do what it takes, Clauneck is your guy! Remember ALL your achievable dreams are possible (however we cannot help you become Batman LOL), work towards them because your goals are not as important as the ACTIONS you take to get there.


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