Empire Esteem & Your Self Concept – Whom Do You Wish To Become?



Disclaimer note : We are facing a challenge like never before, a poison that has stripped us of our humanity for the most part. What Esteem could there be left after it? That is not a problem that normality can ever solve.


There is no helping that irreversible situation globally at present. Many have asked me to do YT videos on it, blog on it – it is with regret and sadness I find myself literally being able to write anything on that due to the understanding of the nuances between straighttalk and powertalk.


Even if I wrote and made videos on the topic, it is too late and it would create a massive challenge for the actual MESSAGE I am trying to spread because some things are final and absolute, and I do my best to maintain a level head and speak about what Spartanite represents – SELF EMPOWERMENT AND SOVEREIGNTY.


Spartanite is a place where I blog many things freely to assist people on their life journey and more about energetic upgrades through vibration and mentality. It has so many facets, it’s fun and overwhelming 😀


It is never simple to place in words what Spartanite is, aside luxury sorcery and divine lifestyle and the closest I can explain to people (without getting alien looks), is elite magickal life coaching/mentoring and writing books (when they ask me). People are NOT in the habit of understand complexities simply because we live in such a limited world where if you have not said what you do for money in one or 2 words, people are lost.


Which brings me to my NEXT point….




Recently, I finished celebrating my birthday and missing my Father (it’s been 14 years since he left the mortal world) plus having many insights and downloads on serving myself and the AMAZING people who come to me. One of them is the glowing self love ritual, that assists people to FREE themselves to light, bright, and super breezy confidence! Let’s face it in navigating that we all predominantly possess insecurities that can totally fuck us sideways if we are not careful., one of these is the topic of SELF CONCEPT, a Sparty concept that I really do not see being discussed anyway because everyone is on the wellness and self-care flex. Now, as Nadia, I am a massive believer in self care and regularly take breaks and encourage every client of mine to switch the MIND off and do fun stuff. It means doing things you don’t normally do, so the mind is at joyous rest and play!


However, when we are struggling with esteem in layers WE cannot see as a person, we become blind to our own blocks. I often sit with people at different events, lifestyle, fashion shows, brunches, high society, and often big schmoney events that allow me to study many things and enjoy nice company. It is a LARGE part why my sorcery is so qualified and allows me to HOT wire it CUSTOM to the client on whose behalf I move on. I ensure when I perform my work, the person I have done it for, FEELS the difference.


One of the major things I always observe as a life mentor, is SELF CONCEPT.


Self Concept is a little different to esteem. Esteem is essence the value we place on ourselves, something that the Scorpionic Series and Esteem Empire Building cover very fast. Without these building blocks, a person no matter how incredible they are, will always fail to see their own value. I have my own personal life experience I can attest this to and from and yet self concept is the VERY LIKENESS and image we SEE ourselves, AS. When you want to move up in life, no matter what your ambitions and plans are, your self concept has to RADICALLY shift in order to manifest and achieve a new outcome. One of my clients, wanted to frequent a very infamous hotel in London many years back. I remember telling her to get her wardrobe and DIVA attitude together quickly otherwise she would hit the block MOST of the people who come to me, come with ; and that is WORTHINESS. Although she would be sat in the hotel, the hotel would not be sat IN HER. Meaning, she would be a mismatch and fall straight back out.


Worthiness comes in funny and strange angles. A person may look set externally, however who really knows what is going on INSIDE? We may be in sonder, and never really know a person’s inner world which is why kindness and compassion is important. HOWEVER, in the assembly of self-concept, many people are AVOIDING life by being nice, kind, compassionate — etc. Allow me to explain. “I am such a nice friend” does NOT absolve you of the fact that while you may be NICE, you bring nothing of value to the exchange hence by your self-concept feeling sorry for yourself. People in turn pick up this “woe is me” energy and the pattern repeats. I am rich in love, friendship, and, family does not discount the fact you are not where you need to BE financially, the point is — in distorted self concept, we are seeing ourselves in a shattered lense.


Self concept is how the cat sees herself as a mighty lioness and as a woman who had a cat growing up as a little girl, let me be first to say — you cannot tell a cat SHIT. Cats move on their own nonchalant accord, you gotta go along because they really do behave like God left them in charge LOL. When your esteem begins repairing, you shine from the INSIDE first. All the amazing things people used to tell me about myself – I FINALLY one day BELIEVED and fully acknowledged, when my own self -concept was HEALTHY.


People reject compliments because they reject the self – concept that they could be anything but amazing.


I will never forget sitting in the Pacific Ocean (toes deep) and a man walked past and said ” you have some NICE legs–very sexy…”I laughed it off, feeling a bit shy and wanted to hide away lol . I was convinced men just say anything to anyone and that was coming from my experience with narcissistic men – who aren’t even MEN in the first place.


Many years on, one day I looked at myself in a DIVA and HEALED state and thought of the guy who quipped it and thought “wow, I can finally SEE what he SAW. I really AM sexy and amazing!!!!”. It was a humbling moment because I have seen clients cry on calls with me when they have FINALLY seen that EMPIRE inside themselves. I love the word EMPIRE – it is grand and colossal, with honour, glory, and, power. Many people fancy the word because it makes the feel important however some are chosen and blessed by the gods themselves to carry empirical energy; that is what I am referring to here. When we deconstruct all the hurt cracks inside us where we’ve had deep seated energetic and mental patterns, our life changes remarkably fast.


Transform your self concept by willing a different reality for yourself and let’s do the heavy lifting for you, here at Spartanite 🙂


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