Everything In Life Is Based On Your Vibration

“If you can shift your vibration, you can easily reach the apex of the pyramid in no time. ” – ME , NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE


One of the key things people fail to understand is that you cannot solve your challenges in life by thinking them through. In the West, there is a deep predominance of people remaining in a low vibration and then becoming bitter and angry, locked in a eternal paradigm of misery.  The reality is that everyone comes from different walks of life and you never know what someone has seen or experienced in life in order to get to where they are. So with holding people in compassion, we also have to assert them out of their bullshit; in order to get them to where they require to be.


Insofar of saying this, when you go up against real problems in life (including predatory people), your inner strength, determination, resilience, and, fortitude is always tested. The reality that most people cannot (and do not wish to face) is that all their strengths and weaknesses will be tested and in order to vibrate out of a low frequency and paradigm, you’re going to have to deploy HOT WIRING. I talk about hot wiring extensively as magick being a welding gun, it sears through problems where people get stuck with absolutely no visible way out. Anytime (including myself), people come to me with a situation that is a full on dead gridlock, I always say the same thing “now, we’re just going to have to break your frequency until you naturally move upwards without thinking”. 


Vibration is a funny thing. Even when someone’s senses are dulled, they can sense what you’re about and not.


Personally, being clairsentient PLUS having heavy initiations – I can immediately sense and feel how someone is feeling in their core, strengths, weaknesses, and a whole lot other things. I can see all the blocks that they cannot see and most people are simply unconscious towards themselves. When you begin doing the work on yourself to become visible to yourself, you begin breaking the frequency of negativity and low mood/lethargy + depression. That cocktail is often a recipe for disaster and many are astounded to find out that you do not have to cope with something in life, you can simply remove it.


The challenge many people face is, they do NOT want to remove what is blocking them because it is serving them in some purpose. This isn’t a dig towards anyone, I myself, have experienced it. The issue is that there are very few people who are able to explain this in a situational aspect relating to vibration because from a recursive perspective, I trapeze back to my same pointer made at the start.


You cannot solve problems with your mind. 


Sure, you can think them through however we always try to ask “how” because the logical mind is EGO based and we are always trying to achieve our goals based on ego. The key factor of raising your frequency and breaking it, is hot wiring. Hot wiring can ONLY be done by clearing whatever LENS you’re looking at this world with, through clearing what is happening at an internal shard field. The shards inside your psyche keep tripping you up, and whenever these shards are cleared – you straightaway move upwards. This pendulum swing is so fast that you will go UPWARDS without any resistance in your field – and you will NATURALLY vibrate there.


When you break your paradigm through hot wiring, you will come to find that the fog through which you see life, has disappeared.


You, understandably (and naturally) avoid low vibrational, moaning, negative, and, miserable people. All positivity and negativity has a vibration. When you hot wire and move upwards (something that I do for ALL clients who come to me), you are FILLED with life and energy. Vibrating from that new field, you can RACE through everything in life and get straight to the top because you are not locked in the lower level prison of that victim energy (feeling weak, listless, lethargy, depression, negativity) and people naturally vibrate to you when you’re HIGH ENERGY. I would go as far as saying that people often pay JUST to feel and BE in that HIGH vibrational energy – the force field is so powerful and magnetic.


So the real question is “how do you BREAK out of that frequency?”


Firstly, you’re going to have to get into a routine of something and stick to it. When you have at least the one thing to hold onto, start building your base from there and then add spiritual methods to elevate upwards. Many people do not realise that if you truly change your VIBRATION, everything else falls into line fast. I am living proof of this and many of the people on whose behalf, I move – to elevate them to a limitless life where ANYTHING they put their mind to is achieve-able.


People always respond to your vibration. At a unconscious level, people will EITHER associate you with positivity or negativity (without them realising), and people are going to react accordingly. If you genuinely desire your life to shift, your energy will have to shift into a lens of positivity (not the toxic fake variety) however of real optimism and hope in a world on fire.


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