The Darkness Series – Being The Truth Through Destruction

A man cannot call himself good and honourable, if he is unwilling to stop very evil men who rule this planet. He is unable to speak of all his virtues if he is not able to destroy those who destroy innocent lives. Destroying evil, is a great honour that the good MUST uphold. Most of today’s “good men” are cowardly, timid, and, weak because they are not willing to eliminate predators who make everyone’s life hell.


Furthermore, they lack vigour and bold masculinity, feel threatened and intimidated by any challenge, and lash out like petulant children when people do not pander to their nonsense and have no business following in their very apparent lack of self-leadership . No one cares about your righteous bullshit when you’re letting evil and cruelty win, right in front of you. If masculinity is not present in a man which it is norm of modern useless society, he will suffer the CONSEQUENCE of disrespect by ALL in his life. 


They cannot be considered MEN and we will outright refuse to address them as such. They are a burden to society and in ancient times, were thrown off cliffs for the damage they did to society. The Cabal is proud they have destroyed masculinity and men themselves are comfortable with this diabolical sickness and filth? Can someone explain this to me? The Cabal want masculinity GONE and BLED out of a man. How are men so comfortable being so soft and physically weak these days? Why is this even ACCEPTABLE ?  Do men even know how proud the Cabal is that they have DESTROYED YOU? Evil men have only won because good men actually stupidly believe they can be changed and they are sheep and naive enough not to understand predators no matter how accomplished  or smart they may fancy themselves as.  If a good man is not willing to kill a predator, of what use can he be to his family and to society at large?  Nothing. Me, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE HERSELF


A sojourn on the darkness series always has taken me down a personal cavern and tavern of Hell incarnate – a type of uprooting that is both shocking, annoying, and, in many instances jarring to my entire spirit. Many a time, I have often been quoted on saying that many people teach you how to build into the light, so you can be seen and witnessed by all. In recent times, I tell people it is not necessary to be seen much as being in the Underworld actually ALLOWS you protection, safety, and, power away from the hellhole that is coming ahead. Oft a time, people have come and returned to me in search of how to become successful after trying all the bullshit gimmicks on the market – and the answer is simple.


You have to remove, eliminate, and, destroy all that is not working. 


You have been programmed with a homogenised code since birth how to be a sheep, a loser, and, a slave to society. Trusting evil over your OWN instincts, psychic ability, and, intuition – giving your power away and begging for pieces of paper, be it awards or fiat currency to define you. To reclaim yourself is true inner confidence, true empowerment – to override all nonsense people place on you. You have to override the old version of yourself and all that others in your gender feel is “appropriate” for you to be. For instance, my bold personality is not “appropriate” for a woman, but do I care and does anyone personally come and pay my expenses to warrant such authority over me?


I think not.


You may have had a spark inside (I mean of course you do, you’re here reading this blog…) a je nais sais quoi – a YOU, a you so YOU, that you’re terrified and ashamed of it.


Many people years ago tried to shame and humiliate me for not being like the typical woman and that is because I am not. No red blooded Spartanite is anything less than a goddess and a human deity fit to have a statue erected in her honour, with a small country bestowed to her as a gift; and it is my sincere endeavour that MANY women seek help from me to become Spartanites as well – masters of their own incredible life and destiny. There are many good men that hide because Feminism being the cancer it has now become, lends honourable men no choice but to take matters in their own hands. I endeavour to serve healthy men who are DESERVING of Spartanite and so far have met some incredibly splendid ones! When you are looking to go up in life, things are going to hurt.




The Spartanite way of empowerment is ripping all the garbage from the core. It is understanding that you’re not mad, sad, or, bad. Life has dealt you a very specific terrible hand but you’re not into the business of losing and yet here you are – ready to win, no matter the odds, circumstances, or, what you witness as your “reality”.  You must destroy all the lies you were fed, told, and, sold – ones that have kept you trapped in the self-imprisoned cage of disempowerment, hopelessness, and, rejection. You, yourself have rejected yourself a million times before anyone else ever had the chance to.


Let’s change that TODAY.


So because you are not mainstream and you are looking to be the ABSOLUTE version of yourself, you must start with your truth. What are you lying to yourself about? How is this serving you? The Cabal have done everything to destroy human sanity so the first thing that has to go out of the window is your politically correct woke garbage mentally ill nonsense, seconded by a close one of knowing what the truth is and how deep you can look at the mirror without cracks forming and you running? Separate from the thoughts and narratives of other people and the older dead version of you.


Go back and resurrect those dreams that you felt you had to kill and strangle to live your life and breathe life into them. Go back and do things one at a time, those that break you out of your monotony, misery, and, complacency.  Go be honest with yourself, and destroy all your illusions that tell you that you have to live a boring, mediocre life. Drinking the truth serum may be hard but what’s harder is laying in bed each night knowing a percentage of whatever is left of your soul, dies more each day for the illusion of looking like you have it all?


To reach your destiny is a very hard ask. It requires commitment, sacrifice, and, an incredible stomach for transformative pain – the type of pain that changes you into your godself.


It’s time you elevated..


I am ready when you are.


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