What Modelling Taught Me About Self Empowerment

As per a client request, I pen this post to share some of my insights as a former fashion model and in the hopes of explaining and highlighting what I myself learned from it, and what people can – in turn.


Modelling is an interesting industry. It is literally everything people hear about, glamour, filth, sleaze, high life, celebrity and my favourite?




A lot of people who have never been in the fashion industry, much less under the pressure to stay a certain weight, waist/dress size as well as have an up to date portfolio and an agency to represent them, can absolutely never comprehend how mentally damaging this industry is, irrespective of what they may claim to be. As a woman, who was featured in print, editorial, and, bridal – as well as travelled extensively whilst pursuing an education and making sense of extreme trauma and dark black magick PLUS djinn on her – it’s safe to say, my life in modelling was an interesting clusterfuck that I believe MANY models go through in the gauntlet.


There is little surprise djinn possession is rampant in modelling. The reason I was not gaining ANY weight inspite of eating is because the dark entities places on me by my psychopathic aunt for complete destruction, were consuming the food. Literally. People were STUNNED how much I was eating and remaining a tiny size, was incomprehensible. This was only highlighted after the djinn were removed and my weight shot up in one month, with tear marks on my body. Scared, and terrified, I began wondering what on EARTH was happening to me – it took me a long time to piece together, the remarkably obvious.


As much as djinn are rampant, of course – so is alcoholism and hard drugs. I have never bothered with either thankfully as neither interested me, however at castings, nightclubs, I would casually walk into people snorting lines just as you have in top level government jobs – especially the women, to keep your weight down. I went to the bathroom where I saw people high on coke fucking where the sinks were in clubs, lounges, high end restaurants, I just used the bathroom and ignored them, washed my hands and walked out. I have done that on more than about 15 occasions.  People’s personal life is none of my business. Cocaine doesn’t let you feel hungry and when I see grown women fitting into a certain size, I know they EITHER push food around the plate (normal with a lot of women) or it’s coke. Plain and simple. It gives you a certain amount of inflated crazy that I find easy to spot in people when I meet them today.


So what does modelling teach you about self – empowerment?


Self – empowerment is about boundaries.


In modelling, when people have tight boundaries, you do not get work. Plain and simple.  By work, I am talking about the top dollar big bucks. Designers and photographers, treat both male and female models as cattle.


One of the biggest things in the tenets of personal power, is the respect you have for yourself. I consider myself fortunate that in-spite of all my experiences, my strength and courage held me together. There were lines I never crossed, never did, never have – never will. Although still very much involved in the fashion world today and a part of Sparty Creative – I enjoy working on my private clothing design in my spare time as a fun outlet for my femininity.


The healthy parts of modelling I learned were to eat well, hydrate 24/7, how to dress immaculately, accessories, pose for photos, attend the best events, know the ideal skincare, beauty, and, makeup routines as well as have savoir faire, in general. I knew so many people and schmoozed with people who had met all types of designers, models, singers, actor/actresses, dancers – you name it etc. I remember knowing a guy who showed me countless photos of the celebrities he had worked with, what they were like, who they were behind closed doors.


I sat at tables with very famous people where we weren’t allowed photos for obvious reasons but I can talk about it LOL,. I remember sitting in a booth once when I was 19, and I went to get myself a drink and accidentally bumped into Lil Wayne really hard and stepped back like… ??? OW, that hurt! (this is YEARS back) and one of the wait staff asked me “DON’T TAKE PHOTOS, the Saudi princess is sat there with her friends”. Frankly, I didn’t even know who she was and the hell I cared she was royalty, I was there having fun. I just saw a girl sat with some drinks and some people around her (maybe I am not hip to stuff…?) Another time, the entire place shut down and everyone screamed, I wondered what was happening and I saw Rhianna sat at a private booth with some security and for me it was all about “oh cool, I will wait for everyone to lose their mind for a bit and then come back to reality”. Stardom has never struck or interested me much because I know the reality of many of these people and WHAT they DO behind the curtain to achieve what they have.


I have seen quite a few famous faces in my time, a woman whose designs I often wear always talks to me about how many A listers she has seen on the Cannes carpet, she is in and out of Monaco a lot of the time as one of her clothing boutiques are there. The stories we have often had over coffee, are funny and entertaining.


The fashion industry and the occult go hand in hand. At the very top, it is ONLY the occult that drives fashion. 


The point I am making with this post is that modelling can be INCREDIBLY empowering once you understand it IS is a predatory industry and how to navigate it. The reason youth is so sought after is because it is EASILY malleable. When you are young, you don’t know WHO you are and the industry thrives on creeps and sickos. Self empowerment, is a deep rooted Sparty concept of healthy love for yourself, knowing what is real and fake plus having the courage to pursue it. Many women have come to me saying they have seen I used to be a model to which I say, know exactly what you are getting yourself into – because both men and women are crazy in this industry.


I want each person reading this post to know no matter who and what you are, what you have seen – you have your ability to pursue the LIFE YOU WANT. You are powerful and courageous enough to escape what has held you captive and imprisoned for so many years of your life, you name it – it CAN …BE…FIXED. We may have to take extreme measures, however it can be done. You have to believe in yourself, the way you believe in your bullshit stories you’ve lied to yourself all your life about – and you have to find the courage to start the ignition…


...only this time, it’s YOU in the driver’s seat.


Spartanite may be a different type of car. A car you longed to drive without limits, fast yet safe, powerful yet freeing. A drive that reminds you of your wilderness and innate power.


Your glory and your independence.


Ready to begin when you are. 


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