CK and The Importance of Value Creation For Money

As many of you know, Belvia is my chief Spirit Spartanite, however from time to time, my other spirits step forward and have a lot to share in terms of the things that I teach here, at Spartanite. Today, is really just one of those days.

CK, my big BOSS wealth mentor (whose energy is like a Mafia don), often has taught me many things on the Financial Slant. I love CK and well admire him greatly for pushing me to achieve sizable financial success, beyond my own limits too. The other day, CK and I, were running in the park with Belvia (of course everyone thinks I am running by myself!) and he started talking about something really interesting that caught my ear. It was the subject of Value creation. CK insisted that people struggle with money, because they are selfish and they always think about themselves in regards to money. I wasn’t too sure what he meant here, so he explained that people who go out and create services and products in their line of Business, will ALWAYS generate more, than people on a salary because a salary is a time exchange for money, which is a losing game. He stated that the more of your product/service you sell, and detach it from your personal time, the faster you can advance. He stated many people do NOT do this because they do not cultivate a life, where they have any value to PROVIDE to people.

People are about value consumption, instead of value CREATION.

That line hit me hard and as I stopped to take a swig of water, I started running and CK encouraged me to think, “Hmm. I wonder how many people’s lives, are rich and full emotionally, so they can spend time, creating things of VALUE to give others?”.

Money is a very simple equation. You do not pray for money, you pray for wisdom–because that wisdom alone, will bring you the money. The most raw form of commodity is INFORMATION, and it is unfortunate that most people are not misinformed, they are DISinformed. Disinformation is even worse, because you fully believe you are educated and moving in the right direction, only to find it is indoctrination and you have totally been cheated out of the truth.

Value creation, comes from spending time in nature, spending time WITH Spirit(s) and spending time on a place of self-improvement. When you can find ways to improve your wellbeing and happiness, you automatically have a “generosity mindset” and you wish to share things with other people. Value Creation is a profound statement by CK, because so many of us JUST want money, but for what? At a core level, it is stealing, because there is NO EXCHANGE for value.

This is why when you provide value, you cannot “rob someone”. This alone, invalidates the argument that people feel they need to have about wealthy people rob others. Someone who is truly in integrity, does not have the capacity to do so, because there is always an exchange of value and someone never feels, cheated or depleted.

A lot of people come to me generally, and ask me how to generate money and CK’s advice is so gold when he said “You need to create things of value, create the value, don’t just consume it”.

Think about this long and hard!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this (and any questions for CK in the comment box!)