Why Do People Create a System To Receive Money?

A lot of times, you will have heard that you need a system to generate money. People talk about the hustle, all day long and I am a MASSIVE fan of strategic hustle, which means you run with a PLAN. However, the key bit that you will find that most people fail to emphasize, is a system. Your money, needs to be running like a well oiled machine and this is where most people fail and miserably.

I went to the local outdoor gym this morning, and it had rained a lot. Some places were so difficult to work out, so I used my hands to swipe off the excess water and kept swiping. Since it was mildly windy as well, the wind dried the excess water off and I worked out and come home. However, during my work out, I was thinking about all the ways that women struggle to receive money, and this is because feminine energy isn’t structured by nature. I often find women struggling with this the most when you need to generate income, because if you don’t have a system to receive this money, good luck on your clients ever sticking with you. A lot of people, do fly by night situations and there is no real concrete foundations underneath the surface to hold the structure.

A lot of women want to do “what they love”, but their mind is not focused. It’s still wishy washy. It still cannot decide. This level of dangerously destructive indecisive thinking, isn’t going to help very much. When I teach women how to balance the inner masculine, to show up more feminine, some women understand it and some women don’t. I had one woman ask me “I thought you teach women how to be feminine, structures are masculine!”. And she seemed really upset and almost cheated, like I wanted to scam her or something. SO, I had to explain that each person NEEDS the opposite sexes energy in balance on the inside. If a man did not have the balance of feminine energy inside him, he would not be able to relate to a woman, would be violent, maniacal and egotistical. The same thing is with women. This is why women wait around so much for men to complete them.


A man cannot fill that up for you. Anyways, I digress. Back to systems…

Creating a business, means creating a structure. Not stealing it from people. And the best business people look like their system is very easy to follow, but actually it is the total opposite. You need to build your cash flow like a machine. In other words, what I am saying here, is that it needs to be predictable whereby someone can “plug and play”, so to speak. When you seek Entrepreneurial Financial Liberation, you have to let go of all your bullshit stories of how, when, why and where you don’t know how to create a system. You have to lay foundations for your financial life, the way construction companies, lay foundations in the Earth, to stand a tall building on.

Systems are the very reason, that building a PROPER business takes so long.

You have to build variant infrastructures to support a lot of money to flow in, and one that will not fold over time, should the profits become larger (ideally). This is often why people do not have patience to build a proper business. It takes a deep amount of planning, patience and persistence.

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