Confidence vs Arrogance : Which Is Which In This Crazy World?

La cartomancie nous montre tout. (Cartomancy shows us everything.)


Le bon, le mauvais, le moche… (The good, the bad, the ugly…)


As an aficionado of the Esteem Empowerment and Steel Slat Confidence realms, I have often walked, wandered round, and trapezed thinking of the variant differences between Confidence and Arrogance. We live in a society where nonsensical pettiness, is often deemed as confidence and people these days cannot tell the difference between both. So I decided to cover it in this topic.


MANY people mistake arrogance for confidence. Especially, financially. 


So much so that I even see well established and successful Entrepreneurs (both men and women) salivate like 3 day old hungry dogs, over the “big hitters”, men who are quite frankly bastards, thieves, and psychopaths, because they have “made it” (read : have millions, the cars, and fancy private jetted lifestyle to boot)


Or something like that. 


Arrogance always speaks of shitting on others to make oneself feel better. It’s like this term “boss this or that”. Boss alone is an arrogant word. The definition and connotations are arrogant. Every time I see women say boss babe, or boss bitch, or men shouting they are a boss — they have this sense of “look at how great I am, so great, that I will make YOU feel like shit, because I FEEL LIKE SHIT and I have to project all this toxic shame on someone.” Success shouldn’t make you feel like you need to knock someone 3 pegs below you to make yourself feel good. Money is an expansive tool. Personally, the more stable I became with it, and the more I found the CONFIDENCE to bring it in, despite my increments, goals, or even the amount — I found my confidence was more solid. It was quiet and I was able to build a quiet structure of empowerment.


Confidence often lends you a hand and says “okay, let’s find a solution. Cool, you cannot afford this? No problem — let’s do that!”. “You don’t feel worthy enough to do this, let’s try and do that..”.


Arrogance comes from CRIPPLING, low self worth. Arrogance finds it funny someone cannot afford something. And will proceed to tell the whole world how THEY CAN. Arrogance finds it funny that you drive a beat up car, because you’re saving for a down payment of a house. Arrogance laughs because you shop at the budget store because you’re putting all the extra money to pay off a credit card bill. Arrogance, is an immature 3 year old that has a lot of emotional growing up to do. Confidence provides solutions, and arrogance takes them away. Arrogance thrives on shaming, belittling and humiliating you, to make themselves feel good (time to bring out the guns for the predators and open fire..)


Arrogance has to speak about itself, and it’s goals all the time, to stay relevant. “Look at me. I made this much in my business, I drive this car, I can drink this expensive champagne and I live in this area.” Confidence does all the above, however no one knows a thing about it, because there is no need to advertise.


Confidence makes you feel that you TOO, can be great. Confidence makes success achievable. Confidence gives you his jacket to keep you warm, arrogance sniggers you left your sweater at home and berates you for the heels you’re wearing, instead of driving the car closer to you to pick you up, so your feet don’t hurt anymore.


Confidence gives you the tissues, smile, and shoulder to cry on. Arrogance yells why you didn’t pick a “better restaurant for her”, instead of just appreciating your ability to bring her to the restaurant. Arrogance is demanding. She thinks she can walk out of the coffee shop door AS AND WHEN, she pleases, because she is MORE IMPORTANT than you. Confidence knows that no matter how much he makes, developing a character is what will help him meet the correct woman for him. Arrogance shouts loudly and in a mentally ill manner, that there are no “real men” left and she wants to be “put in her place”, (she will be, by an abuser who literally beats her…) confidence knows to keep her sass to herself and give the man a chance. He may have something of worth to share.


Arrogance lacks compassion. He laughs at the homeless, although he was once that, because his life is set now. Confidence asks the man he goes past, with the homeless placard, quietly what he wants from the supermarket and throws in an orange juice as well, because, vitamins!


Confidence is humble in his pride and exercises compassion to others. Arrogance will tell you how little you are, and how big of a piece of shit you are to compensate what a failure he feels like on the inside. Arrogance will reject a man’s gift because it wasn’t designer, confidence will be overjoyed her man thought of her and give him a bright big tippy toe hug. Confidence asks his employees if they have had breakfast, and sit the latecomer down to find out why this behaviour is on going. Arrogance fires him for turning up 2 minutes later in her office.


Arrogance enviously looks at confidence. He hates that confidence is loved by the crowd, so he tries to emulate empathy, compassion, and kindness. He fails miserably because all he ever wants to do is “crush his competition”. He is desperate to be number one in his field, because he is not number one in his LIFE. All fools are arrogant, and wish to be revered for something they are not. Confident men, invite the competition in, for dinner, and seemingly befriend the co-founder. They end up on a joint collaboration and the whole area benefits from their merge. Confidence invites arrogance to sit at the table, but arrogance wants to be the, big boss; with his huge ego and dark shades that cover his eyes. God forbid anyone found out how little he sees himself in this world.


Confidence smiles happily in her photos. Arrogance scowls and announces to the rest of their women that their husbands are after her, although Dumbo’s mom, is a more appealing and realistic option. Arrogance is mean because she is unhappy, confidence knows that even her frizzy hair and thick thighs are lovable with the right attitude.


Confidence invites.


Arrogance distains. 


Confidence invites collaboration and leadership. Arrogance demands submission, and obligation through fear.


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