Do You Dare To Make Things Happen in Life, Love, &, Business?

Life is a series of carefully constructed mazes, challenges, traps, and the odd occasion of the complimentary pistachio icecream bowl we miraculously “find! :D” — Me, Nadia — to a cab driver on the way to the airport as we were sat in traffic.


Daring to make something happen, isn’t for those who have weak, herd based mind, mentalities. I wrapped up a lovely podcast this entire morning that I was asked to be featured on through happenstance through a comment I left a under a gentleman’s post on LinkedIn. I was grateful that he chose to interview me about Mental Health and asked me to really touch on the topics of MAGICKAL/OCCULT EMPOWERMENT.


Spartanite is an endeavour that is revolutionary and unique in it’s own right. Many people talk about empowerment, but the word itself has LOST IT’S MEANING.


Now anyone wants to empower anyone and their 3 dogs, without having a single clue about what it is to be a human being of POWER hence EmPOWERment.


We do not win the journey overnight. You will not achieve your goals within a month. You do not encapsulate someone’s heart in a week. All grand things take their TIME, and time is simply a master of it’s own domain and world. It makes YOU wait, until you have learned what has needed to be learned.


(Side note : NOT FUN…yeah, I know.)


There are 2 major ways to get what you want in life.


  1. Ask yourself what you REALLY want? (most people don’t know what they really want, so hence look at everyone ELSE, and think “well, it must be what I want too?” — SO THEY LIVE A LIFE FOR OTHERS. #FAILURE)
  2. When you have TRULY figured out that answer — find out the PRICE you’re willing to pay for it. 


Yes. There are no free lunches in life. NONE. ABSOLUTELY NONE. NONE. There are many people in the Realty (Property) and Business worlds, who will package up deals and make them look as delicious as fresh lunch to a man who has starved for a week — only to find out…


…(I will leave that to your imagination..)




One can only deal with the second question, if the first question has been dealt with appropriately. Stuck consciousness, keeps people trapped and with no clue about what the next move on the Chessboard needs to be. Discover what your heart desires and then find ways to act on it. Which brings me back to the same thing.




The short answer, for most people is No.


When presented with an opportunity, most people will turn it down. Why?












But mainly, FEAR. The human brain is canny.


Most people come from families, where you have not been encouraged. You have been held back. And then you learn to shut yourself up, and hold YOURSELF back. Most of it comes from the “lack of money” (scarcity mentality). “Why should I pay this person when I can do it all by myself…?. I have seen these horror stories in every profession, and you wonder why someone didn’t pay before. This “Captain Save a Buck” mentality is literally killing people, because they cannot get OUT OF THEIR OWN DAMN WAY, into the life they deserve.


(Side Edit by Clauneck : Or do people really think they deserve it? …. *answers on a postcard*…?)


When you dare to make things happen in life, problems, issues, challenges, will NOT STOP YOU. I mean this across the board. It doesn’t matter what your background looks like, if you’re determined; you’ll make it. You will ask for help, for extensions, for payment plans, for a hand up, for resolutions, for a way to work it out — for a way TO WIN BECAUSE YOU WANT TO WIN.


People do not fail in life. They first and foremost, begin and fail in their mind. 


Life isn’t for the faint hearted. Life doesn’t hand you your trophies, your power, your sex, your love, your pleasure, your happiness, and your money on a platter. Life will offer you it’s hand, the rest is up to YOU, if you wish to walk through the blazing heat of the Fire, to come out renewed, powerful, and confident.


Help is always available if you truly desire MORE for yourself 🙂


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