The Decision To Elevate For Greatness Through Self Actualisation

I may, or may not know you personally. 


Perhaps you’re interested in the writings of my blog,and so here we are. You, me, and your hungry racing mind. It brings you back to this blog, doesn’t it?


In any case, I thank you. 🙂




The decision to elevate for greatness, is hard.


The desire to start up again, is hard. The desire to keep your word with someone, is hard. The effort to promise payment to someone and COMMIT to that day? Hard. All things, hard. The desire to let go of your desires, no matter how fanciful they look, in exchange of a life of honour, self-love, and glory? Hard. The endeavour to do the right thing when you see everything wrong around you? Hard. The ability to remain patient in an insane noisy marketplace? Hard.


Greatness has a price, that victims aren’t willing to pay. Victims are looking for the easy way out. People with low confidence need to remind others “who they are talking to”, God Forbid anyone with half a brain, finds out that your bark; is simply worse than your bite, and you have no bite at all. Those with bite are silent. And silence, is always deadly.


Victimhood is the disease of stupidity, silliness, emotional immaturity, laziness, and, entitlement combined.


A disease I personally stay away from, and stay away from all those infected by this horrendous virus. Victimhood wants you to feel sorry for whatever other new miserable drama it has created, because victims are energy vampires who want your sympathy. And once they have it, drain you, leaving you feeling sick, ill, and confused.


Greatness does not lend it’s hand to sympathy, merely empathy. And that too, in dosage and in measure.


Victims always have a poor me energy and hence one cannot achieve greatness when you just want people to feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for no one in this world, not even myself (despite what I have endured), because it takes away from their RIGHT to stand up and do something for themselves. I remember standing at a crossroads one day in my life (literal crossroads on a road, and metaphoric simultaneously), and asked for any cell of victim-hood to be stripped off me. I had a handful of money I worked tirelessly for, and had two ways of dealing with it.


Either I could have done fanciful things for myself out of anger and spite of “well, it was all taken away from me, so fuck this world, I am going to enjoy myself now…” or I could have poured everything into Spartanite, as a massive gamble. There was no guaranteed payoff. There was no surefire shot that I would succeed, but succeed I would, and have, because I made a commitment to MYSELF, never to fail at anything I touched. One can have learning curves, but failure has never been an option for me.


The cost of greatness, is a commitment, few are willing to sign a contract for. It takes GRIT, DETERMINATION, FOCUS, MENTAL & EMOTIONAL MATURITY, AND, PERSISTENCE, — traits seldom found in today’s modern human any longer. Because I made the choice that one cold afternoon at the Crossroads, I find myself being able to help more and more people in this world. In part of the elevation to Self Actualisation, no excuse can be given. None. You will simply have to press forward and know that you keep getting in the way of yourself. Do not ask for help and then complain when it is given and there is a price tag attached to it.


Creating the WINNING MENTALITY simply means that you’re unavailable and disinterested to lose, irrespective of what comes your way.


If you have a goal, you figure out ways to bring in the money for it. Few are willing to change their lot in life, because they have to give up their identity as a loser to press forward in life. We all have loser traits, including myself, so this isn’t an attack on anyone reading this. I work on healing them, as much as you probably are. The loser traits I speak of, are the traits of inconsistency, zero focus, complaining, moaning, whining, and being difficult; when the answer lies infront of you, ready for you to jump on it. Self Actualisation originates from value.


Value originates from seeing the WORTH in something as opposed to something nonsensical. 


After being featured in numerous media publications, creating our Spartanite team, and serving people globally in variant countries through what some would consider “unsolvable” situations, being able to torch the way for others, comes quickly and fast to me. I save people’s lives, the way I saved my own and give people who come to me an understanding of being their OWN PERSON.


One of the deep dives I create with those I choose to mentor, is really solidify this mentality at the CORE to expand the container and the goal one chooses to work on. Being able to rely on YOURSELF to hold yourself accountable, is an exceptionally tough achievement, and an achievement within itself.


Mentoring is quite a privilege for me, and a hard one to carry out. Many mentors exist in this world, but few teach LIFE SURVIVAL STRATEGY. Few teach YOUR OWN IDENTITY. Few teach TRUE SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENCE THROUGH WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS. Few weave the OCCULT AND BUSINESS WORLDS, TOGETHER. There is absolutely no price tag I can put on coming back from near-death situations, which is what someone is paying for. For the forbidden knowledge and wisdom incurred through Ecstasy of LIFE AND DEATH. 


Many people can make money, many people can show you how to make it, many people can enjoy a lifestyle of it, few know how to have an IDENTITY as grand as the Greek Pantheon.  My goal is to show you how to WIN, and ONLY win. Even situations that don’t go your way, you WIN.


Come with me.




Find your true North Star.




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