Empowering The Dark Plutonian Energy Inside You

Scorpio Season.

So, we are in November and to celebrate Dios Les Dos Muertos (Belvia, my Spaniard spirit guide can accurately pronounce it, not me) –or Day Of The Dead, I woke up this morning to heavy rain and a deep, dark intense desire to bodyslam things that weren’t working in my life. I have often had to desperately control all the Plutonian energy that was embedded into me at birth and do my best not to scare non-plutonian people. When I was a bit younger, I approached two spirits (iced strawberry cupcakes in tow, as offerings) and said to them the following :

“Ladies, I have written a book called Spartanite for women many years ago–as you know, and I have this vision in my mind. I want this movement to go global, a place of true power, strength, and resilience. I know in my heart I am different to anything anyone has EVER witnessed in a business, but I am lost, confused, and I have so much to heal from. I want to help both men and women, I want to pour the glue to help both genders, I want to set on fire, ignite, and enflame ALL THOSE who come to me and come to Spartanite’s Door for help. I want to be powerful enough to remove all djinn, tear off all evil magick for those who are trapped, do what needs to be done to magickally live a sparkly accomplished life. I want men to know they can be powerful and strong as a man, without being an arrogant bastard — they can command their businesses, their careers and prospects with good women and empower their masculinity as well as protect them from predatory women. I want to serve and empower women to be a Spartanite, an UNSTOPPABLE force, to command BIG money to them, heal their low self worth and protect them from predatory men. I want people to find their worth through Spartanite”.

“Consider it done. Just keep working on unlocking your Plutonian Power. You will be digging women’s lower chakras out of the dirt and making them shine. In other words, you set a living example that they too can have major confidence, can work and earn big how you do”.


Confused as I was, I was like A-Okay — and went about my day. I couldn’t imagine all that I had asked for, was just so very simple to these Spirits. At first, I was struck numb and thought I’d needed to market in the ways most businesses market–with little results. I realise that isn’t the case today. This task was going to be monumental and little me with all my courage, needed to move ferociously and confidently forward. I didn’t know WHAT I wanted to serve people in Spartanite, all I knew is I didn’t want to serve boring –dull as dishwater –coaching to women and bore them to TEARS. I was tired of seeing all these boring non-powerful women being a coach when they had no idea how to tie their own damn shoelaces of life. I wanted to get in front of a crowd and for the audience to feel like a hurricane or a tornado has arrived and so far, been pretty successful at that. So I got given a task of studying the MAGICIAN card in the Tarot deck. Silly of me not to realise the Spirits ACTUALLY DID MEAN MAGICK (lol), however this card represents PLUTONIAN TRANSFORMATION.

People come to me one thing, and in a very short space of time, I make sure I restore their Self worth, dignity, honour, and respect back to them. Spartanite EMPOWERS, EMBOLDENS, AND ENFLAMES THEM TO BE PRACTICALLY UNSTOPPABLE BEYOND HUMAN MEASURE.

I have never had trouble expressing Plutonian Power. I have named and shamed ALL my abusers in this blog, countless sick, evil, and predatory individuals who stole my emotional wellbeing, my financial standing, my sanity, and my peace of mind and wanted to steal my life as well. From hoardes of relatives, to most ex boyfriends, to frenemies, all of them evil and sick — I learned Plutonian Power actually speaks of writing about people EXACTLY HOW THEY HAVE BEHAVED and not an inch more. If people wanted me to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better when they had the chance. Do not ever be ashamed of your story and what you have had to endure to get to who you are today. The fact that you found Spartanite, tells us all that you have HOPE to transform the deepest, most darkest and painful secret into GOLDDUST. It is messy to be human, we are all going through this experience. Today, when I bring results for people, the process isn’t gentle or sweet. It’s a fucking thunderstorm with all guns blazing, straight with steel minted from Hellfire and coated in the glory of the Heavens.

Sharing what you struggle with most, helps you embrace Plutonian Power, far beyond your imagination. Not in a “look at me, I need this that way” but in  LIFE AFFIRMING WAY.


I went off to study my Ace of Spades (the Plutonian Death Card) and spoke to the Spade, itself to embolden me for Spartanite. A spade is used to DIG UNDERGROUND, where the jewels of life lie. As God Almighty as my witness, as well as Belvia and King Clauneck as my main Spirits, helping someone like you embracing their unstoppable Plutonian Power, is my LIFE mission.

Never settle for second best, when you can be a SPARTANITE or SPARTANITE MAN.

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