Identifying + Removing The Narcissist/Predator Out Of Your Life Successfully

There is a lot of noise and drama on the whole narcissist front online, and who they are and not. Firstly, I am going to start by saying EVERY SINGLE PERSON has narcissistic traits. So no one reading this, needs to get onto their high horse and say “not me”. We all must put ourselves first, love ourselves, and take care of ourselves. NOT doing so, is a problem.

However, just like many centuries ago, the Black Plague was a problem — narcissists and other bottom feeders have now become a problem. So much so, that every 2nd case I deal with, on interpersonal relationships, is a pesky, snide, sneaky and evil narcissist fucking someone’s life up. I should know. I have been abused extensively by evil predators for most of my young life, when I didn’t realise their traits in full coloured view. Looking back, I can see why I was abused so badly, and the main thing I personally worked on — is healthy self worth and bulletproof boundaries. A narcissist is always looking for an ACCOMPLISHED PERSON with little/no self -worth. (Narcissists/Sociopaths — who visit my site, in hopes to steal more of my work and still keep tabs on me — I see ya. You never go unmissed, don’t worry.). They are so finessed in trying their bullshit with unsuspecting people that they cannot understand how some of us give them the roughest ride of their life by cutting off their supply. COLD.

A Narcissist can be identified through TWO MAJOR signs that these elaborate psychology based websites, seem to miss out.

1.You feel sick/uncomfortable/weird/strange around them.

As a clairsentient psychic, I rely on my Solar as my compass.

If my Solar Plexus (belly area — gut feeling) tells me someone is OFF, they are removed. This very move, has saved my life on MULTIPLE occasions. From being raped, from being trafficked, from being murdered, from being cheated on, from being conned for money — anything. You name it and my solar has been my guard and never fails me. If you get around someone and you feel a certain weird fucked up way, MAKE A NOTE. I have got around abusers and when my throat closes up to say something, (I am about as vocal as it comes), I clock immediately this person is abusive and means harm to me. Over time, this sick feeling will result in YOU being physically ill, suicidal, repressed, anxious, not being able to voice or say anything, turning into a no one, a mute, and you will be filled with anxiety, fear, and a terrible way of living. Narcissists are exceptionally sharp in turning situations round and making you questioning your sanity — one who had the displeasure of abusing me years back said “I listen to people’s weaknesses and turn them against them”. Last we checked, his body is rotting in broad daylight as his mind,health and sanity. Still want to turn people’s weaknesses against them, — do you?  Another said to me, “I know how to play the system and twist people around my little finger so they do exactly what I want”. Last we checked, she’s still aimlessly flitting from one thing to another with multiple issues. I suppose that’s enough torture in itself, being that pathetic and clueless.

When I was possessed by the djinn spirits, they held me hostage to evil, terrible people that ensured I couldn’t free myself and escape from people abusing me. As soon as they were torn out of me, these people had no control over me anymore. I am often amazed how much djinn and strong black magick, invites abusers into your energy fields, without you realising.

2. You listen to snide digs about some accomplishment of yours, they TRULY hate because they are envious.

Ah, a narcissist. Perennially and perpetually jealous of something, ANYTHING — that they perceive better than them. I have had the luxury and pleasure of listening to every single narc I knew, comment on SOMETHING about me or Spartanite that they hated. It came in the form of “help” or a cutting remark that DOES hurt to the core. If you have people around you and you’re winning, and they are NOT genuinely clapping, eliminate them. It doesn’t matter how hard it is, you will know. Narcissists are champions of belittling you, to make their useless, pathetic self– feel something aside from the gaping empty black hole of torment, abuse, and torture. You could have won an award, and you will either be dismissed as it was no big deal, they get super competitive, or belittle you for something. All narcs I knew, used to get SUPER competitive with me, if I shared anything wonderful I had achieved. Both men and women.

Person X : I have a personal trainer. He’s amazing wow — I am really seeing change. A normal person would acknowledge you, and congratulate you. The diseased, disordered person?…


You cannot blame a narcissist. They all operate like a 7 year old comparing their toy to another child.  They are constantly competing with you.Their mind is forever frozen at the age they encountered severe abuse at, and all narcissists are stuck in their childhood, hence they sound like children. They are bottom feeders, as I mentioned before — and find someone they can “con” something out of. Energy, Sex, Money, Time, you name it — narcy narc is at the front line trying to steal, rob, cheat, and lie for it.

Of course, as those are two major signs. I wanted to add a third for good measure.

THREE — One or both of their parents, are narcissists.

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I have seen this happen in my own family. Now, I am not going around saying if someone’s parent is a narcissist, the kids HAVE to be. But most times, the kids by defacto–pick up severely abusive traits and turn into abusers themselves. It’s a terrible evil cycle. What happens in your family, honestly impacts you for life. For the most times, narcissists have mini-narcs, who grow up and abuse others because it’s all they have ever known.

This is why I work with many, many people on a daily basis with strong Arabian rituals to stamp predators out of your life. Shifting your energy is one thing, making the narc experience mind splitting pain they cause other innocent people — quite the other. For most people, it’s more than enough to get away from the snake. They just want to breathe. I can relate. Been there, done it.

For Spartanite today, what’s important — is destroying the snake. Snakes that are destroyed and taken care of, don’t have more prey to hurt.

If you’re tired of a narcissist/sociopath in your life, and desire complete immunity to mind numbing pain, healing suicidal tendencies and bolstering your aura, so the bottom feeders never have access to you — you can contact me right here.

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