Getting Ahead With Forbidden Occult Knowledge — Opening The Void

The Occult, has always been a traditional folkore, and reservoir, for those who wish to see more into life. One can choose to walk the mundane realms, and be rather Successful. Yet, as those who delve into Spirituality, will encounter one or two things that oft persist in their lifetime.

1.Stay “light” Spiritual. This isn’t a bad place to be, but you’re often very vulnerable to attack by those who do not have morals, and I will be VERY candid in saying most people who use magick, do it for ALL the wrong purposes. They do it for seduction, power, and ultimately CONTROL. Control isn’t a dirty word, but with most people’s intentions — it becomes that way.

2.  Embrace the Occult, and explore the VOID that terrifies the average person. Being a Voidwalker, essentially means you are walking along the path of magick and sorcery, on a FREE plane. Remember, you may choose to disown the fact you practice, or you are compelled by this way of life, but see even magick has ears, and your rituals become LESS and LESS effective. It takes major courage to accept your path, and stick with it.

Which brings us to our next point…

Getting ahead with Forbidden Knowledge.

Many people like using this term, and claiming it as their own because it sounds fanciful. Sit them down and ask them what it means and they wouldn’t able to tell you their ass from their face. There are certain matrixes that humans are not meant to be knowledgable of, as the Annunaki + other ET races, detest humans as they have oft been very envious and jealous of us. Teaching Sorcery, is a hard job, because most people want to learn it, to hurt others. That is why I made the choice to perform rituals and not teach them, because Arabian Magick is VERY intense and hard hitting — and I would never really know what this person wants to use it for. There is a certain code of responsibility that I choose to undertake, because I combine variant techniques aside Arabian Magick, to help elevate people. Some people are looking for a simple candle to be lit, or fill in a honey jar –and as much as I respect all the above, it isn’t for me as the type of magick I choose to walk with, lends BODY SLAM results in short spaces of time.

There is plentiful of fake, pretenious magick that flows through the world. Plentiful. Sorcery is a BLOOD LINE gift. My great-grandfather was a djinn conjurer and sorcerer and that line of work, although shrouded in absolute silence, is quite normal to a woman of my persuasion. I had to recoil many ways to use Arabian magick that often works with Djinn (good or bad, take your pick) and also works with desert sand (geomancy has atypically been attributed to it). As one learns to meditate their understanding, specific timelines and matrixes CAN BE BENT for your favour. This is where things can get dicey because if an evil person has this type of knowledge, a lot of people are going to get hurt, and FAST.

There is often I can pick up a book (most especially one with hidden sigils), and either I will burn it (and not read it even!) or simply, consecrate it with many Arabian incenses on my altar. Opening the VOID, means that one learns to be very discerning about what energy a BOOK emits, not all books are good — I learned this the very hard way. There is a book that someone’s magickal artes still persuades me to buy, nay tempt–rather, but of course Belvia and King Clauneck, do not allow me to even visit the individual’s Amazon page or site, because of the type of filth put out there in said person’s workings.

People are not moved by Logic.

They are moved by LUST, GREED, AND LONGING.

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