What Is Your Healthy Addiction?

On the road to Success, a Spartanite must always have a healthy addiction. Most people live in nasty, trashy addictions and then wonder why they go no where in life. Complaining about things in poverty consciousness is a waste of time, because the first thing you must be doing is TAKING ACTION, in order to welcome in more opportunities. This doesn’t mean you run around like a dog chasing it’s own tail, it means make a plan, meditate on the answers, and allow things to attract to you naturally. Work with your body intelligence, do not over-do things and force yourself, as all this possesses an energy but always remember that as an ENTREPRENEUR, you must possess healthy addictions to cope with the pressures and demands of Business at large.

Now, if you’re a Spartanite MAN reading this, you may take up a sport or having regular sex, as men atypically are physically inclined and do well in this area. I know plenty of people who watch TV all day long, even when they come home from work, waste their time on video games and wonder why they are at a standstill. If you’re a Spartanite, you can equally take up sports, fitness, having regular sex 😀 — as well as get creative with your womb energy. Sometimes your addiction needs to be to not do ANYTHING, and listen to your wisdom INSIDE that will tell you to move fast, or to slow down and really diligently plan.

Business is not built in a day. You will have clients sign on, and drop off. You will need to fire team members and hire new recruits. You will need to negotiate with vendors and pick up the best pickings for you. Being a SPARTANITE means that you are constantly moving forward.

Most people have closed minds. I was exiting my fitness class the other day and found a gift from Belvia, my spirit guide in form of a bit of money on the floor. It was shiny and I picked it up and put it in my purse and walked to the train station. Most people wonder why abundance doesn’t come to them, but oddly enough,when it DOES come, oh no — you’re too “good” for a paltry penny. That’s not how life works.

This world is an interesting place. It is good to be calm and serene on the outside, and also on the outside, but with Spartanite energy, one must have a plan of war, mentally at all times. It is up to YOU to create your life, no one else’s dime. It is up to YOU to follow on with your clients, to ensure their problems are met and solved, to ensure stellar service. Get very busy creating healthy addictions, before someone creates unhealthy ones for you. As an Entrepreneur, you only have a set amount of hours in your day, and minutes in your hours. You have to remain physically fit, be able to close clients, welcome in new business, be present at social events, spend time with your significant other/family/friends — that is a LOT to ask for. If you’re reading this, and you’re at a point where you’re like “fuck it, I am overwhelmed”, honestly, some people in your life need to go. I wrote about Stop saying yes to shit you hate, in a previous blog post, which you can find here — meaning if something and someone isn’t on the frequency, please let them go with Love. You don’t have to be bitter and nasty, but to be truly successful in Spartanite energy, you have to discover that in order to press your foot on the gas, you have to remove the baggage first 🙂

One of the best healthy addictions to have, is eating CORRECTLY and working out on a weekly basis. You cannot have the confidence to pour yourself into clothes, to attend events, to be present for your man/woman, to speak with clients, if you’re constantly thinking you’re out of shape etc. Few things provide bulletproof confidence than a lean, slim, toned body. The next is money. Healthy addictions mean that your addictions are taking you to Success faster than anything else. Get addicted to allowing people to make their INFORMED decisions about working with you, and then OVER-DELIVER on what they pay you. When you are busy CREATING as an Entrepreneur, you never need to “chase” your clients, or people who genuinely love your work. A prime example is the work we do here at Spartanite. I cannot remember the last time I chased anyone, and anyone who wishes to be chased, isn’t our type of match anyway. Someone either sees the value of our work, or they do not–and if they do not, they aren’t the type of people we can help empower, in the first place.

Belvia and King Clauneck, Spirit of Wealth + Merchant Finance, have always reminded me to stay firm, stay in belief, and keep showing up for my healthy addictions which include fitness, eating healthy, serving my clients, spending time with those I love, friends, relationship etc etc. Healthy addictions very quickly teach you, that someone is either adding to your life, or they don’t.

Choose wisely!

What are some of your healthy addictions?

I would love to hear it in the comments below 🙂