There is a lot of talk about mindset in the Entrepreneurial Realm.


I am firmly a big believer in having the correct attitude, otherwise successful Enterprise, is impossible. This is something every single Business Owner knows because your baseline and everything else you are able to pull in, relies and depends on that. Go to any business event, hang out with any Entrepreneurially based person, the talk WILL come back to your mentality. That is a given.


What ISN’T a given and where many Entrepreneurs trip up on, was something that was shared with me by an old mentor of mine. Wildly successful and very Spiritually aware from a Christian perspective, he was open to everything else — meaning I shared many things with him. He didn’t walk the path of the Occult however he was mentored by 2 billionaires and has a net-worth well over £15M. One of the biggest things he always encouraged me to look at was your HEARTSET AND SPIRITSET. He had very successful businesses without a LICK of being online or social media — and he is living proof to me that you don’t have to be a dog jumping through hoops or a gymnast to master this game. I have seen other people do this as well, it all lies in your ENERGY.


A lot of people are doing the most, this post, this livestream, this that, and 15 businesses at one go — it’s old and boring because you’re prostituting what is valuable to you, and that is energy. Pick one thing and run with it. PICK ONE THING AND GO DEEP WITH IT. SO DEEP THAT IT PERMEATES THE ENTIRE FABRIC OF TIME, SPACE, AND, DIMENSION.


I came to realise this as valuable when I attended an event once and got into conversation with a man who said to me “I am older to you and yet you know more than me, but it’s not this mindset stuff. Like I don’t know, you know more about me than I know about myself — and it’s barely been 20 mins since we have began speaking”. 


I could see the confusion and DISCOMFORT in his energy as he said the older part. He was terrified I could tell him things about HIM, that even HE didn’t know. I can understand with experience how scary that is and hence if you have the gift, you must ALWAYS be responsible with it. Do not give unsolicited guidance to ANYONE unless they ask for it.


No one also probably ever revealed to him in this lifetime that biological age has little to do with maturity, and that too, of an emotional and spiritual perspective. Let alone, mental. Many people get caught with ALL the “self-help” books and rattle them off in lists counting them back to front. on what lies on their bedroom shelf or their living room adornments. Few do THE EMOTIONAL WORK to dig at a level, that is painful, messy, ugly, and, uncomfortable — to access THE ANSWERS that NO AMOUNT of mindset work can ever give you.


Contrary to popular belief, the mind is NOT the primary driving factor in your life. It is your Spirit (or what many would call, the soul). After that, comes your heart. When you work on your HEARTSET, it means that you are diving deep to clear emotions that are trapped in the ENERGY FIELDS (shoutout to Heart Wall Clearings + Self Love Clearings on this) that DETER you being in alignment and flow with things that are naturally meant to find you. This is why someone can get to a certain stage in their business, be real damn successful but URGH man — “I don’t feel it or I am still trying”.


When your HEARTSET is CLEAR, you will FEEL even the smallest of wins, without whining you “want more”, and the BIGGEST of impact, because the heart is palpable and magnetic and even the most guarded, miserable, and, closed off person CANNOT RESIST AN OPEN, HAPPY, HEART <3 🙂


Harder to work on, is the SPIRITSET. I describe the Spiritset as the wisdom of the SPIRIT and something that majority of people are CUT OFF from. Unless you have heavy power and gifts from birth, the elite have done a fantastic job of cutting you off from YOUR OWN Universal Wisdom that is, by your birthright, available to all human beings. I remember feeling so fed up of self help because it was teaching and programming you WHAT to think, instead of providing ANSWERS.


When you work on your SPIRITSET, you will DEMAND instant answers OF THE TRUTH. 


The reason people stay in stuck consciousness is because they do not have access to the Truth. And most people, simply do not care for it because it would force them to look at themselves which even all mindset cannot provide ACCESS, TO. They think the truth lies outside them. They think it lies in “normal” books, with gurus, coaches, business partners, masterminds, networking events.


When you possess access to the TRUTH, you behave very differently. Lasting financial empowerment, often comes from being aware of the TRUTH and allowing THOSE answers to change your life. Many people are trapped in the paddling pools of mindset hence they are blind to piercing the veil (the actual fabric that controls your entire experience in this world) PLUS invisible to themselves. It is a terrible crime to be invisible to yourself because if you meet someone who knows MORE ABOUT YOU, than you know about yourself — (and that person isn’t responsible), you can not only be influenced, but be controlled. And it happens across all walks of life. It doesn’t matter how much money you can pull in, money is a fantastic and brilliant start however there are layers deeper that even the most SUCCESSFUL of Entrepreneurship, cannot cover — minus personal endeavours of effort.


In essence and light of both the HEARTSET and SPIRITSET, this is where true lasting financial empowerment originates from. Everything is, basically trying to build a house on a deck of cards. Fragile and not viable.


When you begin at the base of the pyramid of healing, emotional clearing, and, having the COURAGE to seek the TRUTH — financial empowerment comes from a LASTING place of feeling that you are IN your power. Most people, despite whatever they may bring in, whatever number, — when you dig, are NOT in their power. There is still an element of EVIDENT IMMATURITY AND DIS-EMPOWERMENT that comes from the blindness to one’s own self. All amounts of mindset work, does not equal maturity of the mind, the heart, and the spirit. It just means you can keep focused, resilient, and, positive — however it does NOT deal with the CORE.


Only revealing the truth to yourself, will separate you in your Business Endeavours in a marketplace that IS ALREADY INSANE.


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