Maintaining & Expanding Prosperity Consciousness In Strange Times

Disclaimer : Ramadan Moubarek to all those celebrating — may your intentions, IMAN, & willpower, for the blessed month, be elevated and expanded <3


It comes as no surprise that many people are struggling with a specific lens at present, and that lens is of lack consciousness.


Part of teaching Occult Money, is going super deep into someone’s programming. Many people think that just because someone has an abundance of money available to them, they may not have any lack based beliefs. That is simply not true as I have met many people who possess access to big resources, however the driver; is actually fear and trauma, when we unearth it at a core level. Prosperity consciousness is the ABILITY to prosper. Right now, what most people are seeing, is what they have always seen.


A socialist mentality, does not reward you, financially.


Now, personally I have nothing against those who support Socialism. I respect everyone’s right to believe in what they deem fit for themselves, however Socialism is INCOMPATIBLE with true wealth generation. What it is generally congruent with, is wealth destruction. Socialism believes everyone should be equal with money. Those who understand money know this can or will never happen, due to people’s attitude towards prosperity, riches, and, wealth. It isn’t much of a secret that the majority think money is evil at a core level (whether conscious or not), and furthermore hate everything about it. These are the very people who struggle with it on a consistent level. Money has RULES AND LAWS you have to play by. YOU don’t get to decide if they are in alignment with you or not, they are unwritten laws and rules (I call them The Ruby Laws of Prosperity — audio class coming soon!). Should you choose to follow the laws, money flows. Should you not, it remains a mystery for you.


The caveat? Most people don’t know these rules, and henceforth — they violate them on a daily basis, meaning Money wanders off from them. Most people fully and absolutely believe money is unholy, dirty, corrupt, degenerate, etc. If YOU were the spirit of money, would you go to a person who cursed you 50 times yesterday because there wasn’t enough of you to pay a bill? I surely wouldn’t and that is a given on it. With this whole lockdown fiasco going on, most people who even had hidden lack mentalities, have surfaced. The funny thing about consciousness is simple. If you live in lack, you think everyone else does. If you live in prosperity, you think everyone else does as well. It is a HUGE repellent, both energies repel each other. Lack consciousness, isn’t just about the not having, at a financial level. It goes so deep that it can often mess a person up to realise how traumatic based their story is, that drives them.


Most ambitious people are traumatised. Dig into most ambitious people’s stories, and there is a whole wellspring of unhealed painful emotions that have shattered and fractured the psyche at the zero point level. Ambition rarely comes from just wanting to achieve, most of it has a thread of “fuck you”, involved. And that’s not a bad thing, if the fuck you, is pushing you. But there comes a point that, that very mentality — whilst it may make you a good chunk of cashola, is going to keep you running the wheel, out of the FEAR OF NOT HAVING ENOUGH. 


Case in point : For instance, we have a man. He is a £1M FBA Amazon seller. Okay, so he’s done well. But despite all the evident financial success, material trappings, his entire aura radiates insecurity within himself. So instead of acknowledging his progress, he is constantly striving — partly due to ambition of course, but a large driver is trauma. He has NOT done the emotional work of unraveling his emotions. He may have been homeless, broke, and whatever you can name it — and the CORE WOUND is still driving this man. He gets to £5M, and even that doesn’t feel enough. What I am trying to tell someone here, is that lack consciousness isn’t just covered with a plethora of money. It comes from healing the wounds inside. It comes from showing up in ways that other people do not show up. I will never forget trying to respond to a message on LinkedIn a short while back, and there was a woman who was soliciting public opinion and weakly protesting that she “has a business to run and should she still do videos?”. The mind baffles me when people do things this way.


Approval seeking, is a type of strange behaviour I have never understood. Instead of just looking put together, turning on the camera, and shooting it to upload, she needed hand holding of 50 people to “pass her bill”, so to speak. Approval seeking is lack consciousness. It is a reminder to yourself that you are NEVER EVER ENOUGH no matter what you do.  Drop this mentality before it eats you alive. Another woman on Instagram was stating that she wasn’t “sure”, if she should sell during this period.


Newsflash : if you have a business, you are ALWAYS ALWAYS selling.


People think selling is sleazy or weird or whatever. It isn’t. It is PART of wealth consciousness, PART OF LOVING YOUR PEOPLE AND PART OF SUCCESS.


Sometimes, people come to me with the wildest of results. I am often amazed at the results I can achieve for people and it is a strong reminder on my ability to sell. It means I can help people achieve their dreams because I don’t choke up when it is time to pull the trigger. I often ask myself how many PEOPLE I could have cheated a good life from, if I hadn’t gone ahead with Spartanite and played pretend house, I would have never have the ability to change a life. Lack consciousness keeps telling you some bullshit story that you’re not enough. I understand lack very well with experience. Lack, as I said — is not just about money, it’s about a LIFE VANTAGE POINT.

When you expect money to show up unwavering, IT WILL. When you don’t, it won’t.


When you change your frequency, you outgrow what has power over you. 


In these times where the masses are ONLY focused on lack, I encourage those who heed the guidance I share in this post, to adopt (if you don’t already have it) and strengthen it –a capitalist mentality. Here is where I will lose the whiners, and encourage those who get what I am saying. Capitalism, is NOT about exploitation. The real root of it, is creating value based on MERIT and being paid on performance based results. Most people wouldn’t be able to survive because they cannot produce results. This is evident by their lack mentality and it SHOWS. Those in lack consciousness, are consistenly AFRAID in a sense of “spending is a form of loss of money”. The reality is, now more than ever, if you’re not using your money to buy up stuff, invest in yourself, the money becomes stagnant. Money has a form of circulation, just like the blood, that is hyper important. If you’re wondering how to increase the flow of money, increase the flow of you putting it towards people who further you.


Prosperity consciousness, comes with time. It comes with effort.


The real question is, when it bangs on your door, will you let it in?