How do I choose a spiritual mentor

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These days, everyone seems to be claiming their status as a spiritual mentor or coach. Everyone and their dog, is now some sort of “coach”. Many possess a misconception that if they’ve succeeded as a life coach they now feel entitled to sell their services to those who are seeking a spiritual mentor. 

But for me, I found that most spiritual mentoring is repetitive, bland, boring and dead. 

Just like the people providing it…

It’s like they’ve read the answers from a book and the phrases they use are generic and cliche appealing to people who are also as confused as them. If the spiritual mentor is marginally above average, they might try and tweak the answers to better suit your situation. A far cry from blasting open and expanding your world, beyond mainstream human comprehension

Many are coaching and mentoring from a limited perspective and their view of the world around them is blinkered, without them realising it.  Doing the same thing on a daily basis, and calling it a rich and colourful life, is a form of blasphemy and dishonour to one’s state of living. 

They stay in their lane, look ahead ; only seeing and experiencing the track which lies before them. They don’t care to explore outside of their lane because they’ve found a path that works for them and they’re now ready to rinse and repeat that process for their clients who are desperately seeking a path out of misery, pity and self-loathing. 

When you’re out of the jurisdictional understanding of most, they don’t know what to do with you – and simply leave you alone.

This is why you have to be so cautious when choosing your spiritual mentor. 

It is imperative to know the questions to ask and the subtle red flags to look out for which will assist you in undertaking the right decision. 

What Does a Spiritual Mentor Do? 

Before we discuss the exciting details which explore how you choose a spiritual mentor, it’s essential that we’re gunsure crystal clear on what a spiritual mentor does. 

Over the years it’s become abundantly obvious that there is a blurred line of understanding when it comes to spiritual mentoring. 

I believe that’s down to the saturation of the market. 

As I mentioned before, everyone now is some form of coach or guru. People have lost the meaning of those who provide timeless wisdom as a form of developing one’s own self. 

Mentorship is mental alchemy. It transforms a pedestrianised thinking into gleaming gold.

There are too many “spiritual mentors” with different perspectives on the world, multiple techniques and practices encompassing limited knowledge about people and spirituality. All in all – a boxed worldview operating on a lower mainframe of consciousness and self-awareness.

In my eyes, here’s what a spiritual mentor should do. 

A Spiritual Mentor Will Reframe Your Perspective on Life 

Often, people have limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that can hinder their spiritual growth or prevent them from fully exploring their spiritual path, which is the natural way of how to live life.

Our life is a mirror reflection of our mind. A part of you, thinks you cannot have it all – yet you can. You somehow believe you cannot be a successful entrepreneur, a doting father and an exceptional husband? That’s your limiting beliefs and hidden karmic blocks, coming into play because you can have it all, you just need to reframe your thoughts and perspectives as they keep coming up to hinder you.

An elite spiritual mentor can help you to identify and change these patterns through reframing.

By reframing a situation, a spiritual mentor can help you clearly see things from a different perspective, which can lead to groundbreaking new insights and realisations. These insights propel you forward like a speeding bullet train with the density of a grenade, allowing you to literally blast through all that holds you back with the velocity of light.

It’s like tuning into a new, positive and fulfilling radio station which fills your head with suggestions designed to carve a path with the least resistance. A path which serves you in the best way possible. 

A path that finally shows you the light ahead….

This can help you to break free from old patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back and open up new possibilities for growth and transformation.

Reframing can also help you to develop a more positive and optimistic outlook on life, which is important for spiritual growth. By seeing the world in a more positive light and CAN DO attitude, you will be more open to new experiences, willing to take bigger risks, and more motivated to pursue your spiritual goals.

The Best Spiritual Mentor Will Give You Unique Life Guidance 

I’m not talking about life guidance regurgitated from a book or someone’s personal limited perspective on the world. That is not guidance, that is indoctrination to make you another bleating elementary sheep in the herd masses of the world.

 I’m referring to life guidance which is 100% unique to your own spiritual path. 

I’m talking about BRILLIANCE…

The reason why I am so successful in my field of work is that my spiritual mentoring is inspired by my clairsentient psychic abilities and my advanced cognitive processes that allow me to think ahead at light speed.

I can perceive or sense information through feelings and emotions. I can clearly see, hear and sense the energy of emotions from people, places, objects, or situations without the use of physical senses, which allows me to stay ahead of the game. It also makes me a huge asset for my clients that hire me as I am their sight and senses for life navigation and guidance.

A consigliere, an oracle, and a fashionista – all in one.

This gives me the power to change the energies which surround a person, keeping them stuck in a certain situation. Being a modern sorceress, lends me a great deal of influence and power over situations, allowing me to keep switching energies and propelling myself and those who come to me in one direction only.


Normal spiritual coaching is more about having a counsellor and someone who is going to hold you accountable for your actions. But elite spiritual coaching is about combining that with sorcery so you can totally revamp someone’s life and give them the unique guidance they need to live a life of complete fulfilment to walk this world an elite being with premium extramental capacity.

A Superior Spiritual Mentor will Depend on Strategy 

Strategy is a big one. No spiritual mentor can provide you with the change you need if they’re not using powerful strategies to deepen your connection with your spirit and the spiritual world. 

A spiritual mentor will use various strategies to deepen your connection. The most basic ones  include;

  • Meditation and mindfulness practices – A spiritual mentor may teach a client various meditation and mindfulness practices to help them connect with their inner self and develop a deeper understanding of their spirit. It will also allow them to connect and channel Spirits through the calmness of the logical mind that has been trained to shut off the spirit world and consider it “weird”.
  • Self-reflection exercises – A spiritual mentor may encourage a client to engage in self-reflection exercises, such as journaling or introspection, to help them identify their values, beliefs, and purpose in life
  • Energy healing techniques – A spiritual mentor may use various energy healing techniques, such as Reiki or chakra balancing, to help a client release negative energy blocks and align with their spiritual energy. In my case, I will use sorcery to create re-alignment in their energy, so they are able to perform at a higher capacity. 
  • Spiritual teachings and practices – A spiritual mentor may share spiritual teachings and practices from various traditions, such as Buddhism or Hinduism, to help a client deepen their understanding of spirituality and develop their own spiritual practices through being inspired by existing structures.

I like to use those but to create, long-lasting powerful change. I take my spiritual mentoring to the next level by combining those strategies with intense sorcery. 

The level of intensity I use for my sorcery will depend on the person and the level of change they want to make. Sometimes, I am gentle and calmer with a person. Often times, the transformation I bring hits people in seconds and minutes, not months or years. That is just a natural by-product of being a Spartanite.

But no matter what degree of intensity you decide, you can be sure that these strategies will obliterate internal struggles which are not serving you. I channel directly through you, but the amount of energy I exert directly depends on how much your physical body can handle. They will expand you beyond belief but only if you partake in the storm. Indolence is not an option.

What is The Role of a Spiritual Mentor? 

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The role of an elite spiritual mentor is to break people free from known and unknown restrictions. It is to show you that you can hit the restart button and redirect your entire life, no matter how far you have gone. 

It’s to show you that it’s possible. I am living proof of it.

No matter how hopeless you feel or how lost and alone you think you are, there is ALWAYS a path out and it’s the job of a spiritual mentor to help you find that path which will lead you out of misery. 

I accept all of my clients and Spartanite as a luxury spiritual mentoring brand loves you the way you are. 

There is no room for judgement or concern and the role of a spiritual mentor is never to have an opinion on where someone has chosen to go but to give them the support to help them get out. I understand that we can go through so many things in life – and the key thing is designing a solid strategy to get you to the life that you deserve to be at.

What’s Different About Me and The Role That I Play as a Spiritual Mentor? 

I give you something unique that few spiritual mentors can. 

I give you access to yourself, making it easy for you to get out of your way, plus, access to the spiritual world which is extremely dangerous to navigate without a trained guide. 

I believe that to give the very best spiritual guidance you have to be able to navigate two worlds. 

Our current reality and the world on the other side.

That’s because we are all being controlled by subconscious fears and a lot of you are being manipulated by spiritual curses, magick, seals which are keeping you in a reality that you’ve surpassed. Those who understand the global elite and how they are currently operating with the occult, to have a conjunction with evil forces, keeping complete control of humanity – will acknowledge this as paramount.

They desire to have a world – a humanity without humans. 

Humans as robots, humans that cannot fight back.

Humans who at a DNA level, are simply not HUMAN anymore.

They have no mental or emotional freewill, as much as they may think they do – and can never rebel against their ruling masters.

The transhuman agenda that is quickly spreading like a dirty cancer to any human being, irrespective of race, religion, gender. If you’re human – you’re on the hit list.

If you don’t know how to navigate the spiritual world, nothing you do will work to relieve your pain. You need someone to lift those spiritual burdens so you can be set free from your invisible cage that is keeping you struck and trapped

What Do You Talk About With a Spiritual Mentor? 

When you talk with a spiritual mentor, the conversation will generally focus on your spiritual growth and development but it will be guided by your pain and struggle of your challenges.

There is always a painful wound which leads someone to seek out a spiritual mentor. 

Whether that comes from a place of fear, loneliness, anger, loss, suffering or greed. 

I know because I have been there. I am not your average spiritual mentor as there is nothing pedestrian about my being. I have experienced the human condition so deeply to process and understand so many different perspectives; rich, poor, white, black, male, and female. 

My life hasn’t been one straight, easy path to get to where I am today, in fact, it’s been the opposite. 

Think of a maze filled with despair, darkness and confusion, but for that, I’m grateful, because it’s sparked a fire inside me to help others break free from their mental, emotional, and, spiritual suffering and achieve a state of divine living too.

Here’s what you can expect to discuss with your spiritual mentor; 

  • Personal values and beliefs, where you can explore how they relate to your spiritual journey. They can assist you in identifying any limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that may be holding you back from living a more fulfilling life.
  • Your spiritual mentor can help you explore your life purpose and meaning and assist you in identifying your passions and how they can be aligned with your spiritual path.
  • Your spiritual mentor can help you work through emotional blocks and past traumas that may be preventing you from connecting with your spirit. They can offer tools and techniques to help you heal and grow.
  • Your spiritual mentor can help you deepen your connection with your higher self, spirit guides, or the divine. They can offer guidance on how to develop and strengthen your intuition and spiritual awareness.

Overall, the conversation with your spiritual mentor will be centred around your spiritual growth and development. You can discuss any aspect of your spiritual journey with your mentor and receive personalised guidance and support to help you step out of the darkness and into the light.

How Do I Choose a Spiritual Mentor?

Trust Your Intuition 

Your intuition will be your best friend when choosing the perfect spiritual mentor for you. 

We all know that feeling we get when we meet someone and something about them just feels familiar. 

We instantly connect and we feel our walls slowly come down because they make us feel so at ease. 

That’s how you need to feel when you meet your spiritual mentor. 

I would recommend booking Zoom calls with a few different spiritual mentors so you can get a feel for them as a person. If they make you feel any kind of discomfort it’s important to listen to your gut and cut them from your list of possible mentors to work with. 

Clarify Your Goals 

Why are you seeking the guidance of a spiritual mentor and what are you hoping to achieve? Write this down and use it to guide you when choosing your spiritual mentor. 

Is what they’re saying aligned with what you want to achieve and do you feel like that mentor will take you to where you want to go? 


The more you familiarise yourself with the spiritual mentoring world the easier it will become to filter out what you like and what you don’t. 

You’ll start to recognise the different offerings which are available and which ones speak to your soul. Look for mentors who have a proven track record of helping others achieve their spiritual goals.

Choose a Mentor Who Will Take the Lead and Transform Your Life Rather Than Provide Fluffy Advice Which Doesn’t Lead To Infinite Change

Look, let’s be honest here. 

You’re tired and overwhelmed, of living life the way you are now and you’re looking for something that’s actually going to change your life. 

You don’t need another vague coach or a spiritual mentor who’s there to stroke your hair and make you feel better. You’re tired of fluff and bullshit. You want someone who’s serious about transforming your world and who will do everything it takes to get you there. 

I am the light for so many people whose lives are nothing but a world filled with never-ending darkness. I detox spiritual maladies from what really ails people in their souls. 

People come to me when they are fed up and have tried it ALL. They’ve tried the nice, soft approach but they’re back to square one fighting those challenges that never really went away. They are usually at their wits end and don’t know what the next step is.

I destroy anything and everything in a person’s life that is holding them back. I take you down, down, down and obliterate everything in your mental basement. The faulty foundations that you’ve based your current reality on to rebuild a new shiny life that serves you in the best way possible. 

That is the only way. 

The Spartanite way. 

Are You Looking for a Spiritual Mentor That Has the Unique Power to Change Your Life Forever?

Get off of the hamster wheel that’s keeping you in your negative cycle of misery and destroy those internal blocks which are keeping you there. 

If you’re serious about working with a spiritual mentor who can change your life. 

Get in touch and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together

To change your life you need to take the first step and that first step is here. Stop waiting for a miracle. 

You are the miracle.

It’s time to light up your OWN LIFE.