How To Be A Happy Healthy Human Being

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Sometimes, sitting down to scribe a blog for the general public – is a challenge for me.

Not because I do not have anything to say, rather the grief of what TO say – in a world inhabited by biological robots, mind controlled and completely compliant to those that have decided their fate for them. 

I accepted a long time ago, I cannot help most people and most are not looking for help at all.

Spartanite is work for those who truly desire REAL CHANGE in their life, scary and frightening as it will be.

To be a healthy, happy human being – is a tight squeeze, and Spartanite chooses to serve those who see the value and furthermore, see themselves with an extraordinary destiny on this prison planet. It is not an easy ask, a person cannot even mentally comprehend and conceive what as a race (humans – rather those of us actually left as humans due to our blood), what we are up against.

As we know, people are being financial fragmented into exceptionally tight boxes – and where a person is controlled financially, the other parts of their life quickly ensue suit. The challenge of being a happy, healthy human – is one I often prepare people who come to me for.

Get ready for your entire life to fall apart because you will NOT be able to relate to society and it’s maladaptive functions anymore. 

As a woman who has been willingly initiated into very difficult spheres and is able to access gateways beyond most people’s scope of existence and jurisdiction – it becomes a challenge because information received via this telepathic telecom, leaves you exceptionally shaken, and lonely.

As much as I enjoy normal aspects of life, singing, dancing, having fun, hopping around, – the knowledge of what comes ahead, never fails to make me feel so alone even when I am sat in the company of those I am truly having fun with. There is a deep sadness to know that so many millions of people of this world, signed their human rights away in the name of fear – and once that is gone, what truly and possibly can be left anymore?

You are not even deal with a human being any longer.

Alas – it brings me to the crossroads of what we are called to do next to preserve our human-ness, not only from the zombies who still believe they are human, however from those incoming via 5G and other ether-blending, mish mash (terraforming), that are going to completely take over our planet, leaving humans displaced and scrambling for any piece of land to call “home”.

I am rather aware this post will not make “sense” to most – and that, is the idea.

Below I propose – tete a tete, a formulae, that will assist you to retain your humanity – and preserve whatever is left of your joy!

  1. Do mental healing – when you heal mentally, you will not sit at tables or venture into establishments/form alliances with people who do not VALUE you. When you are valued, you are made to feel welcomed, and, warm. Do not expect this from most – as most people whom you are witnessing in the world, are dead. Their humanity is dead – life is but a mere manipulation and abuse for them. Step away from their self-inflicted pity party and furnace, find places where you’re valued.


2. Eat well !! Eat the rainbow, eat what makes you look and feel joyous 🙂 Ensure fruit, veggies, and, lots of water in bottled glass. I am certainly aware it may not be the easiest for you, however the extra effort is going to be worth it – health wise. Plastics have turned into nanoplastic and have seeped into the body, with detrimental effect that makes it impossible for a person to escape it. Try glass as much as you can.

Essential Guide to Healthy Eating

3. Workout – this can be an intense workout, dancing, or, something as simple as walking or light yoga. Either way, the body HAS to move. Many people have sedentary lifestyles and electronic devices have made it all the more worse. Get the heart pumping and have fun whilst you do it.


4. Skills – possess skills people are willing to pay for, see your results in, and, learn to do a LOT of homesteading for yourself. The majority populace is extremely dependant for food especially – people of today cannot seem to even cook a good nourishing meal for themselves. Create as many skills in the set as possible, so when shit hits the fan (it will), you’re not left stranded.

A prime example I can give is when the shutdown was forced upon us, many women lost it as they couldn’t have beauty services done (which directly affects your hygiene and esteem). I went to ebay, ordered my wax pots as I had all my assorted stuff needed and got busy. I coloured my hair, waxed, threaded, and cooked/baked as much as I could – enhancing my ability to look after myself. The more practical skills you know, the easier life is going to become for you, as the years go by. Things are only going to crack down harder and a person MUST know how to look after and defend themselves.

How to Defend Yourself against Weapons – Effective Self Defense

5. Self-Defense.….speaking of which, knowing how to defend yourself, first mental-verbally and then physically, is a KEY factor in the protection series. I encourage people to study red, orange, and, green flags in behaviour and going back to pointer one, to be aware of themselves as much as possible. You may save yourself years of headache just being able to spot suspect behaviour in someone and as Belvia (my spirit guide) says “leaving them where you found them”.

Learning physical self-defense is also key, a large part of that is having a strong and physically robust aura. People might be crazy however they sure ain’t stupid lol. When your aura is bullet proof and robust, even if you’re physically small in stature, people generally know they have to respect you because the “auric skin” is stretched tightly over your aura. It’s when your skin is not as taut, people can feel the holes “insecurity” and WILL attack you, that is just the nature of a human being – some more than others.

6. Sleep — Sleep is a MAJOR challenge most people are tasked with. Sleep is the life and death of a person. Do your best to rest your mind at night and step away (again) from the devices. Restful sleep is key for a person and women require more sleep than men do. One of the best ways people INTENTIONALLY keep you off kilter, is by messing up your sleep. Lack of sleep directly causes brain damage, motor functions to reduce, as well as, cognitive processing to decline. Let people who believe they can sleep “later” step well away from you.


Sleep and sleep disorders

7. Explore your addictions – addictions are always toxic (for the most part). I encourage you to move whatever addiction you have by exploring the root cause of what makes you so fixated on the validation you receive from it. When you close up the internal wounding, your addictions can drop over night.

8. Bartering – the currency exchange is going to take a massive hit in the years to come. 5-10 years from now, this planet will be a different place to live. Get upto speed on skills you can exchange with others for survival. Survival skills are key for this pointer – learning how to cook outdoors, start fires, purify water, chop wood, create knives from wood (basic bushcraft) as well as foraging, hunting, skinning, electricity etc.

To want a GOOD and healthy life, you must fight for yourself.

Not for others, not for anything external, yourself.

For yourself, your own worth – and what you should experience in this world, which is crucial to self-honour.

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