Believing It Is Possible – Belial and Why We Default To Our Mental Cages

“Repetition garners self-respect or self-loathing. You make a choice on what to repeat as a daily habit” – King Belial

Belial has always trained me to understand that the real secret of success is a combination of determination, ferocity, happiness, and, repetition.

When you want something in life, you’re going to have to repeat a series of steps in order to get a hold of it and see initial change.

What keeps a person going, is initial change – that first sign of hope, – a spark, a recognition, a glimmer of feeling/looking/seeing differently.

All of us as human beings, have shackled limitations we have placed on ourselves. Things we were told we would never amount to, things from childhood, a flaw, a snag, a this or that. It causes deep seated insecurities and insecurities – and their energies, leak onto other people. This is why when people struggle with low esteem, people find it hard to be around them. Low esteem causes you to see from a lens of undeservingness and unworthiness – and should anything/anyone good, come into your life – you self sabotage and force yourself to behave in an undesirable way to push it gone.


You have to maintain the axiom of your story – to keep your ego alive, that you are right and everyone is wrong. In order to become a match for the life you desire to live, you’re going to have to keep imprinting a different story onto your mind and energy body, to vibrate at that field.

Many people cannot enjoy good things in life. Fine wine, fine dining, healthy passionate sex, large amounts of steady money, health and vitality, beautiful elegant clothes – you name it?

Again, you may ask – why?

The short answer is, – they do not believe they deserve the best, hence they do not receive it. 

They have a “down and out” energy, and life responds to them that way. Breaking your mental cages, is about clearing trauma around whatever goal/aim/desire you have – and then being consistent with it because it will imprint a pattern of “said level of success” around that.

I had recently gone to lunch with a friend and both of us had this whole conversation. As we were doing eating, she decided to call us an Uber as my heels wouldn’t allow me to walk far. She got the upgraded luxury version to take us 5 minutes to another hotel lounge down the road. I remember her telling me and I was like OOOO – come on, come on, let’s go! She said it was the most enjoyable ride she had in a long time, because I was excited to enjoy it, instead of complaining, moaning, and, whining about the “urgh we are just going down the road, why do you need to spend so much?”.

Basically – Belial is pointing out here that poverty consciousness energy BLOCKS enjoyment.

(again, you do not feel DESERVING of the best)

A prime example of is feeling/being rich.

Many people believe that they will feel rich when they spend. In fact, majority of people feel rich when they are putting money towards something – instead of training the brain to feel it as they keep receiving it. Receiving allows riches to anchor into your mind and then begin expanding the container.

Belial explains that to BELIEVE something so deeply and strongly, that you leave NO other option for you – yields you the results because no other option exists. Your mental cages have to be dissolved by moving the 2 parts of the brain hemispheres, to allow things to stir up nicely and settle in as time goes on.

Your thinking has to be clean and refined, triple distilled – in order to get the life you want. As the brakes release, you will simply find yourself arriving delightfully in a space where you feel empowered and well-equipped to receive it.

Bold Confidence is your birthright.

It’s time you stepped forward to claim it.

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