How To Be Bold In YOU

Everyone knows what Boldness is…


Or do they?


Many people mistake confidence for boldness. However, confidence is showing up with the ability and skill to master a situation. Boldness doesn’t care, it shows up ANYHOW. Boldness is a sibling to DARING. Boldness simply is akin to fearlessness about what someone will think or say about you.


I have prayed to God, a lot, on this topic for guidance on a proper layout, before I wrote it and simultaneously INVOKED Clauneck and Belial to help me address this matter. 


The majority of people are NOT bold, and when you are not secure in who you are, it leaves a gap wide open to be attacked by those who see the inner lacks and gaps of your life. I have a plethora of experience in this. I was BOLD even when I was very young and many jealous, abusive, narcissistic, and, vile men did not like that about me. So they made it a point to put horrible things into my head, humiliate me, and push me to doubt myself, over and over again. I went through extreme trauma at the hands of toxic abusers in my early year coupled with the 4 djinn who had a chokehold on me, which made it a gazillion times worse, (that escaping it looked like running from a locked basement) and I write this from a place of being a healed and recovered lady.


These are the type of individuals that should be gripped by the neck, being kicked in their jaw, and thrown off 30 storey buildings. People adore glossing over and embellishing what makes them, THEM  because they want APPROVAL– I do not and nor do I give a fuck about doing so.  Not only was I bold, my age was a deterrent and threat to them. I was still quite vulnerable and naive in many bastions due to personal and familial circumstances. NOT knowing whom you are, can easily cost you your LIFE.


In part of embodying boldness, you have to become SECURE in your esteem. When your esteem is solid internally, toxic people simply disappear. They realise you will not put up with their nonsense, games, and, gaslighting. Boldness HAS to come with protection, without protection; your defenses are wide open. Boldness is an OCCULT FORCE that does not care about how something lands, it shows up unapologetically and takes up space.


I may or (may not) know you personally, however what I do know is that any healthy person should be working a large chunk of their BOLDNESS to advance forward in their life. It is about saying exactly what you want to say without recompense or consideration of what the consequence would be. Boldness is when everyone would rather keep quiet at the table however there you are, making your statement of what you think and what you are. Money does not create boldness. MANY people mistake people’s boldness stemming from money, perhaps — arrogance may be the befitting word, boldness, not.


Allow me to explain.


Arrogance and Boldness are not the same thing.


Arrogance has to shit on everyone else due to deep insecurity and a feeling of worthlessness. Boldness goes forth without feeling any fear of what will happen next.


It reminds me of a scene of a movie I watched where the man is a drug kingpin of the entire Asian market and when some of his suppliers turn on him with a gun to his head, his face is completely unmoved and he says “to what do I owe this hospitality?” with his hands in his pockets. Of course the scene furthers on with him asking what’s the best place for pasta and some nice red wine tonight, he states after killing everyone, he will casually dine there and enjoy himself. THAT is boldness. It is having the AUDACITY to say something to someone. Because boldness is so under and misrepresented in society, many people mistake it from being insolent and rude.


Boldness is never rude. It still has manners, it just doesn’t care about people’s small minded opinions. If you show up, well and good and if you don’t — OH WELL.