Channeling Bune — Sex Dolls & The Destruction of The Healthy Feminine

Duchess Bune and I, have had some interesting chats in this psychotic year and one of them came as a surprise to me. 


Bune is HRH, and the 26th Spirit of the Goetia, very well known for her aristocratic flair, beauty, wisdom, and, command over money, marketing, and, of course; necromancy. 


It was not something I had particularly articulated to the Duchess, and neither had I asked her 2 cents on it, however the topic of the total gender breakdown in Western society was being discussed and Bune decided to pop up with this as I was eating my delicious cake. It is an interesting and yet rather evident topic…


Bune : “Women will rush to get cosmetic procedures. Like you have never seen before. Cut this, nip that. In the years to come ahead, men will be the prize, not women…it will be near enough impossible to find a healthy masculine man and to steer away men even further, as pornography has done, they will implant them with waves to reject the healthy Goddess feminine and crave sex doll women…mind you, most men have already fallen prey to that. Men of today have been weakened beyond understanding, without conscious input, he will be nothing but a wreck of what he should have been…


Women will be happy and desperate enough to chase men, as they already do now. For they have made a man into a woman, and a woman into a man — at a chemical level. 


Me : “Sex doll women?”


Bune : “Dollies. Cosmetic surgery. Because women will be so desperate to be desired by a man. A woman always wishes to be desired by a man, in a healthy fashion of course — women will be needy to want to be the apple of a man’s eye because the men aren’t men any longer. A caricature, a thing. A man? Not quite.  Isn’t it disgusting and bizarre that the losers of today want a woman to chase them? Approach them? Ask THEM out? 


*Bune trying not to lose her mind whilst talking*


Watch your media carefully — what message are the girls of today getting? Be a prostitute.  Look dirty, cheap, trashy, uncouth, vile, mannerless…Sex work has it’s time and place and back in my day (side note : Bune is ANCIENT, so yeah…) even prostitutes looked charming and respectable.  Even they had manners and etiquette.


Today, the common woman in Western society is no more than a 2 bit hooker. THEY ARE REWARDED FOR IT. Sadly, it isn’t even their fault as we know. Lips, butts, boobs, thighs, you name it — women will look plastic, fake, artificial, INHUMANE. We often joke, Nadia, that we will not be able to tell a man from a woman and that is already here, one will not be able to decipher a human from a clone…”


Bune shows me an image similar to this as we are talking :



Look at this I am showing you, don’t young women of today already look like this? NADIA, is it NORMAL for a HEALTHY woman to look this way?  It’s good to have a good body, however when they start looking like a blow up doll…these are your “young women” of the future. A slow descent into the pit of utter chaos and madness. 


Me : “Well Bune, most men in the West, of today desire dumb blow up dolls, in fact the dumber the better sadly. She should be hot but shallow….”


Bune : “They aren’t men and it speaks volumes of the mental retardation of most men in your society. Even all healthy masculine men will agree to this point. The women are being programmed to offer their body as the only thing they have, and sadly — it is all they DO have. Your human collective is past broken…”


Not only that, they will be adding “substances” to the cosmetic procedures. Most women struggle with low esteem and men, in the coming years will be making many demands on women to look like Barbie. Considering they will be so desperate to “have and keep a man”, they will do anything. You may scoff at this as it is below your regalia of understanding, and self respect, however, millions upon millions will be coerced into such type of things. 


And so such, how can there be any healthy balance? A man has become a woman, a woman, a man? Both genders are repelled and disgusted by one another, to make matters worse — this sex doll business will make many unsuspecting men repulsed by anything healthy in the feminine. I must take my leave, your Winter is set to be harsh and brutal globally. Millions will perish of what they so willingly took, fear is a terrible tragedy and has cost them their humanity.


Food, Fuel, Water, you name it — they have a plan for you. 


People have made their choice. Don’t feel too sorry for them. We cannot help the braindead.


We shall convene soon.


The descent of utter madness will begin this Winter. Don’t say none of us didn’t warn you — it’s a matter of time…


… a matter of activation. The infrastructure is already ready.


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