How To Create an Iron Ring Winning Mentality In Business

“A winner does not have a comfort zone. They have a panic Zone” — WINNING : Create The Life You Deserve Through Charm, Magnetism, & Strategy


As Winners at life often know, what isn’t made privy to the public, yields best results. The Entrepreneurial realm, requires a certain level of Strategic dominance, a dominance that too many take rather literally. Creating an Iron ring mentality, first of all, involves barring up all the holes that you have in your flawed thinking and as well as your auric fields. Business is a dirty game. Anyone who does Business, knows this. Business isn’t as simple as value provision for service, as much as it has been touted as such. I, personally try and keep it as clean, ethical, and clear as possible. However, this does not mean others will, can, or think to do so. In order to discover the enemy, one needs to discover one’s self. In the Way of the Bushido, when the warrior trains, the first place he seeks to comfort and silence, is the mind.


An Iron Ring mentality, cannot be created by noise around you. Noise can be literal, however it is often nonsensical.


One of the biggest noise generators in today’s age, is social media. A platform of narcissistic nonsense, distracting you from what is imperative to achieve and believe, throughout the day. Creating this mentality, means approaching life with humility and honesty. One cannot desire money in their life, and then have the neurosis to turn it away, as most do. When you create Self Imposed Bondage upon yourself, you won’t be able to serve your customers, prospects, clients, business partners, venture alliances, and anything as such. You will be consistently obsessed on what you can get from them, instead of what one provides freely and allows things to come back to you. It is much simpler for this world to see you as this pathetic, pitiful soul than a person who strategically grabs the bull by the horns (and the fucking tail, if necessary). The flexibility of the Iron mind, goes layers deep. Iron is magnetic. Beehoove yourself with some iron filings, and 2 beautiful magnets, and spend time analysing on how fast the attraction and repulsion takes place. How can you do Business if you do not understand an individual’s mind? It is impossible, is it not?


A winner never thinks in binaries. Yes, on the spectrum, there is right and wrong. Certainly. On a moral compass, we do not need religion, the man made law, and others policing our decisions, to teach us right from wrong.


Healthy humans, have a conscience that is lacking in disordered individuals. In Business, be game to consider ALL options to further your cause however choose ETHICAL decisions. What one does in private, will always come up in public. Before you dismiss something as “not for you”, be open to the idea that it would be of assistance to you. A lot of people choose to do Business in very linear fashions and miss opportunities right in front of you. When you want to step up to claim your GOLD, you will come to find more and more sacrifices you need to make. Just like Love, the path of Business; has never ran smoothly either. The Iron Ring gives you flexibility, however furthermore, provides you an indestructible way of thinking. A way of thinking that when Life drop kicks you in the middle of the Pacific, with puncture wounds — you’re able to outswim the sharks. 


This mentality knows that your feral, base emotions, are necessary to win in Business. This whole world, is a psychological war. Conflict creates Opportunity! Most people recoil from pain because it hurts, however all winners know that the jewels of life, lie in pain and most especially in their Entrepreneurial endeavours. Pain helps to trigger specific pointers in the brain, that makes you a better business person and allows you to handle the knocks of life, with ease. Business lends you a life of your own choosing.


Ensure that you give back to it, by being unshakable in your efforts to get and stay ahead. 


WINNING is a choice, an individual makes. It does not fall into your lap, one fruitful and sunny morning. It is the result of long term strategy, creativity, and magnetism to open invisible doors.


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