Channeling President Malphas & The Wisdom Of Divine True Love

President Malphas, has been one of my to go to Spirits, that I have worked with, for the past 2 years repeatedly. Manifesting himself as a Crow Daemon, I came to realise I needed to channel him after I was driving 2 weeks back, and saw “Malpas Lane” on a side road which was a HUGE sign that Malphas wanted to sit with me and share gnostic knowledge.


Malphas is one of the Grand Presidents of the Infernal and his approach to the Occultist who summons him, is generally tricky at best. My encounters with Malphas, have been exactly that. He, among King Clauneck, taught me TRUE respect for a masculine man, and how to see his heart, soul, and right into his DNA. This goes across the board and has served me well with clients and my personal life, equally. Atypically, one would imagine that I would be approached again by Lord Rosier, who is the KING of Love, alas Malphas wanted to share more of Love, as both a feeling and intellectual emotion (funny that), that most humans miss. He has provided and given me so much love over time, that my heart is so free and full with joy and gratitude, independent of any connection to my finances.


Malphas’ summoning chant is : Lirach tasa Malphas ayer.


He, and my spirit guide Belvia, taught me FLAWLESS accuracy when it came to Divination, including tuning into holographic channels that most psychics cannot reach to read a situation.


Summoning him, we had a whole conversation about Divine Love. The giving and receiving of it.


Me : “Greetings President Malphas! Thank you for coming. I have a lot to listen to, as I heeded your call as I was driving. I have left the voice recorder on, on this phone and will transcribe you for Spartanite Blog to share your wisdom. What do you feel I, and the people reading this, must be privy, to?”


MP : “Greetings Spartanite! Thank you for recognising my call so quickly. As you know, Lord Rosier is always sought after when it comes to Love, however I want to share so much about Love with you. I feel you are ready to hear it. I have scanned your heart and you’re ready to the move to the next level of awareness in this area.”


Me : “Fire away!”


MP : “Most people are afraid of change. Allow the river to run through you. Stop trying to force and control things to your liking, your dominance, your nature. This served you well, around a decade ago when you had to imprint your new life and forge a path that was violently ripped away from you. Allow. Let go. Breathe. Just be. How do you know the life that is now coming to you at a grand speed won’t be a life better than what you have ever experienced? Only LOVE purifies the heart. You will know love by how you feel in someone’s presence. Love makes the cells and the soul vibrate. Love lights up a night sky. Love is slow, organised, and patient. Mad as it is, it moves slowly. You have a lot to risk in Love and no man and woman, isn’t without this carnal knowledge. It is only Lust that rushes, for Lust has a goal of satiation. Love has no goal, no end, no form. It just is.”


Me : “Is this what Rumi spoke about?”


MP : “Certainly. Why go with the flow, when you are the flow? Allow the river to run through you, I will repeat myself again. Rise. Be a Queen Spartanite. Radiate. Most people will never be able to experience Divine Love because they are unable to be a best friend to their own self, not to mention; allow Love in. Do not worry about the glory of the Heavens and the steel of Hellfire. Kiss and be kissed. Love and be Loved. Enjoy. LIVE and LOVE. Have you seen how many people in the wealthy areas you have worked in, are starved of Love? At one point, you had far less money than them, but with your ability, your heart was always so wonderfully free flowing.  So people came. And they gave you because you gave without condition, FIRST. Love touches even the most closed off hearts. When have you felt the most amount of free flowing love in your life? Think of circumstances…”


Me : “Definitely in the worship of Nature, in the appreciation of the Divine/God and also the sunshine radiance of a masculine man who is loving, safe, and protective. Just being. Just being a woman. ”


MP : “So essentially, submission? The surrender to what you cannot control, Nadia? One cannot control the sway of a tree, the ripple of water, the order in which the Divine provides and neither can a woman control a masculine man’s thoughtforms, and actions. She can simply respond if she likes them or feels appropriate? Is this correct? Would you class this as submission?!


Me : “I didn’t think of that word at all. Wow. Yes, surrender because it ties into your river comment. Your heart is at peace.”


MP : “Everything happens in it’s own time. Dear, an apple falls when it is ripe and Love aligns with you when time is right, equally. You cannot find love. Love finds you. One can find anything but Love. Love is friendship on fire. One cannot love oneself without a deep friendship first, and neither can you love another if you do not find friendship, laughter, and joy first. Love is as light as a feather. Love has absolutely no divisions. It is accepting and as you know working with us, the energy is quiet, peaceful, and deep. Like the river.”


Me : “Malphas, what is with you and this river LOL?”


(I hear Malphas laugh)


Me :  “Why is Love is frightening? Why do people become obsessed, enraged, enflamed, driven mental? ”


MP : “Because you have to let go of the ego, and illusions of controlling another person. You have to be still with yourself. You have to know the Divine and respect yourself and respect the other and grow together. What modern humans of today deem as love, is nothing but abuse, humiliation, subjugation, control, and dominance. Love is madness and peace, wrapped up in one. Nadia, people become mental because feelings are such, they WILL drive you crazy. I am not speaking about infatuation. I am speaking about Scorpionic love. Deep, passionate, and everlasting. You should know! You have scorpionic eyes. Men lose their mind faster than a woman does in Love.  Women are permitted to feel crazy on a daily basis without question. Men fall in love very quickly. That is what you get for locking up your emotions. When they come out, their intensity burns everything in it’s path. A man in Love, is a sobering and frightening experience. Only a woman is worth falling in love with. Not a girl. I say that as a man, myself. “


Me : “Is this because of immaturity, they try to do this? Elaborate on the men, please and the intensity?”


MP : “Aptly stated. If one’s soul has not gone through the trials of fire, they lack the compassion to Love and be Loved. Just as clay and steel are hardened in fire, so is a person’s tolerance to understand the hidden heart and be patient of it, despite everything the other person may be enduring. I shall take my leave. In these small morsels of wisdom, one can find the secret of and to Love. About the human men? That’s easy. Men fall in Love quickly with a woman who is in love with herself. It is her depth of emotion. This is why most women cannot find Love anymore and want to manipulate men and use them for their money. They don’t know how to connect to their heart, womb, and vaginal intelligence. Men sense this at a core level and RESPOND to the radiance. It is the radiance and sparkle that makes the man connect to his own Divine Masculine THROUGH her.  Most women do not glow hence the man has nothing to approach.”


Me : “Thank you Malphas <3 I always value what you have to share with me"


MP : “My pleasure, Queen. I bid you farewell.”


When the channel between Malphas and myself dropped (like disconnecting the phone and hanging up), I started thinking of how many times I had felt all of this however had no words to put it into. I am grateful to him for elaborating for not only myself, however for others as well.


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