How To Increase Your Psychic Abilities

It should come as no surprise that every single person, is born with psychic gifts.


Babies are in their natural, pure state and from birth right till around 7 years old, a child has access to the Spirit realm which is why kids often speak about “imaginary friends”. They aren’t imaginary, they are very much there and because most adults, have been conditioned to shut their abilities down, they simply pass all that mess onto their kids. When I was around 5, I could clearly see everything and my 3rd eye opened and shut at around age 8 due to many factors. For many years, I struggled to access my gift but I fully walk with it now.


There are multiple ways to accelerate your psychic abilities, however first we must be mindful that you’re opening yourself up to a realm where NOTHING is off-limit. When you begin to do energy work, you will begin feeling, seeing, hearing, and sensing things beyond this tangible material world. You will not make sense to all the other sleeping humans (if one can even address them as human anymore). You can even come to a point where you can look at someone’s picture and start to feel all the things beyond what their glimmering smile may show. All of it becomes privy to you and you can end up becoming even more isolated and lonely because you see what others, cannot.


With that said, there are ways that will help you tap into the Spiritual realm and you can keep building on from there. Choosing to go public with your gift will of course bring criticism, ridicule, and judgement. This is part of the path we walk, and there isn’t much we are afforded, otherwise. 


  1. Eat a PROPER diet. Most people’s 3rd eye, is completely burnt out because just like our normal eyes, the 3rd eye has cones, rods and a retina. That is how someone who is clairvoyant or practices remote viewing, is able to see out of linear time and in the non-physical world. Drink lots of water, eat fresh fruit, and make sure that you do your best to eliminate all processed food out of your diet. Whatever you are choosing to consume, will have a major impact in what you are able to tune into because when you eat clean, you are consuming high vibrational food which in turn empowers you to connect the fabric of esoteric information, faster.


2.  Make SURE you Meditate. A lot of people think Meditation is an afterthought. Every psychically blessed person and including those of us who are Occultists, meditate, because it is the foundation of boosting up the ability. In meditation, you are able to silence your thoughts and most importantly the mind chatter that in this current age keeps pumping through scalar waves, music, social media prisons etc. Meditation allows your body and your cells to not only rest, however vibrate at a certain frequency where you tune up your antennae and you’re able to receive the correct information. I designed a specific ensorcelled jewellery piece to assist you to turn up the dial, right here



3. Reduce Digital Connectivity. Wifi disrupts your REM sleep cycle, so ALWAYS turn it off before you go to bed at night and turn it back on in the morning. You will see a marked difference in your cognitive functioning and abilities as well as feeling well rested. Also do your best to place Himalayan Salt Lamps in every room of your house. They release negative ions into the atmosphere, which is incredibly important to balance all the EMF pollution through the positive ions. Wifi is a HUGE factor in blocking psychic ability (hence they are so hot on digitally connecting everyone). If people went without WiFi, for a full week, they would think they have become delusional because they would start to feel the natural senses that they have been blocked off from.



4.  Spend time in Nature. We love greenery and nature as humans because it is what fills us up, as people. Green is the colour of the heart chakra and connects us to a special source where we remember ourselves as Spiritual beings, and not a headless chicken trying to make it in this world. There is a sense of peace and calmness that only nature can provide and in silence, we receive many answers to questions about ourselves and the world, we may have.



When you follow these 4 major tenets, you will come to find that your ability grows naturally and you’re able to tune into more things that you may have missed, despite and irrespective of everything that has been going on in your life.


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