King Clauneck & Why Your Smartphone Is The Narcissist In Your Life

This topic is going to be a loaded gun and I have to be careful how I pull the trigger.


As a Spiritual woman and Occultist, I have never been a fan of a “smart” phone. Anything “smart” for that matter. Smart is code for Human DNA Manipulation.


After performing a de-linking ritual to my phone one night, I turned off the wifi router (as EVERYONE reading this should) to go to sleep. I woke up in the morning and didn’t feel the urgent desire to check my phone like a mad woman and meditated. In my meditation, I saw a very strange and disturbing pulsing energy try to approach me from my switched off phone and try to wrap itself around my right foot and also my Solar Plexus chakra (your belly area). I recognised it as the same grabby, grimy tentacles I wrote about a while ago on this blog, as to why I chose to leave Facebook, permanently. The tentacles are what people address as “the black goo” or also known to someone as “antimatter”. As the D-Wave Quantum computers are now aligning with CERN in real time to usher the complete carnage of the human race (you can research this if you wish), I felt the horrific pull to the phone even through I had performed the ritual, so I pushed forth, resisted, and summoned King Clauneck using his popular enn — Ahvalen Esen Clauneck Kiar. You can also use one I use called : Tasa On Ca Clauneck Renich 🙂


Clauneck, is the Goetic Being that rules Wealth, Value, and & Merchant Finances. Clauneck provides EXCEPTIONAL and life changing information on any topic, even outside his realms of the Astral Keeper of the Treasury and the Bank Vault. He has been my money mentor for years now and has never failed me on any account.


Below is the transcript of my channel with him : 


Me : “CK, what is happening to me? What am I feeling and shown?”


CK : ” The same thing that you left Facebook for. You can feel the energy through the technology they have provided humans to keep them tracked, chipped, and of course, ignorant. Shitty technology compared to ours, anyway. Very — sub-standard. You are feeling the pull of Draconian evil and it went for your solar plexus first because it wanted you to be blocked off feeling completely, so you couldn’t recognise it. They have siphoned off people’s life energies through WiFi and the Gamma and Scalar wave rays, BLOCK psychic ability, hence most humans are cut off from the Source.”


Me : “I understand. What is the incessant itch for people to check their phones all the time?”


CK : “You were told this in channel many years back by A & E. We are unable to allow you to share it on a public platform but they have turned reflexology against humans. The glass screens were carefully and well thought out, as an attack on your race. The advent of this nonsensical technology you see, will only increase in the near future. Not only that, there are binary codes the WiFi carries as well that messes with DNA, causing severe disease and a soaring suicide rate.”


Me : “It feels narcissistic?”


CK “Because it is. Your smartphone is a narcissist. It drains all your energy out and it is a drug. As soon as your fingers begin moving on the glass screen, you want more and more of it, do you not? Humans spend HOURS wasting the minutes they were given, scrolling mindlessly and aimlessly, thus by providing more information. It provides soothing and calming energy when you’re on it all day long, as a narcissist would, hence the trauma bond between the average human and the narcissistic smartphone, is something close to impossible to break.”


Me : ” I feel that. Do other people feel these tentacles as well? Or would that just be me?”


CK : “The tentacles are the same you feel when you walked on the shores of the Pacific ocean. It is terrifying, electric, and compelling. That’s why people are obsessed with Facebook, obsessed with this stupid phone and allow them to control their life. By the way, to a degree, those tentacles are on notes and bills as well (he shows me actual paper money here). This is why people keep saying “money is dirty” but they are consistently thinking of it. Because to an extent, it has been corrupted from the dawn of time. What was designed to be a medium of exchange, now has the blackness of pain, taint, misery, death, shame, 3D holographic energy pumped filled with misery of the human race. This is why people struggle so badly with money, because their SPIRIT is aware of what is wrong.”


Me : “Clauneck, how do we solve this?”


CK “By curating a healthy relationship with money. The healthy relationship wipes out the energy on it, however sadly does not absolve you of the 11th Dimension Codes that tie into the city you live in. There will always be that. The type of teaching you teach around the Occult nature of money, is about as close as it comes to handling it in an orderly fashion. Nadia, of what use is running multiple businesses from that phone people seem to be so adoringly attached to, when the money is coming in at a price? At an exchange of your quantum self? At an exchange of the Being you are? The balance is tricky and crucial. The more in alignment with Source you are, the harder money is to come by because the old dark magick codes placed on money through symbols and the general energy of the Kristos, wants to keep money away from honourable people so that only evil has access to it, and hence more evil spreads faster. Does that make sense?”


Me : “It does yes. So the topic is deep.”


CK “Deeper than the actual core of this planet you live on. All I would advise is limit your time with technology, and spend more time in a Love based vibration as well as nature. That will allow you to stay sane in an open air asylum”


When the channel between Clauneck and myself dropped (like disconnecting the phone and hanging up), I started thinking of how many times I had felt all of this however had no words to put it into. I am grateful to him for elaborating for not only myself, however for others as well.


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