King Clauneck & How To Improve Your Money Story

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life.

Improving your money story, simply means improving how you relate to it. 

This is exceptionally reminiscent of your debt to credit ratio when you take a line of credit (which ideally should always and never go past 30% unless you know your payback schedule is tighter than the cling film on last night’s dinner in your fridge). Just as a lender sees your “borrowing worthiness” and risk assessment based on what you spend, the amount of spend, and the payback methods and frequency — improving your money story is identical.

In short, you do it in increments that allows you to grow.

The Daemon Clauneck, is huge on things based on MERIT, DISCIPLINE, and LONG TERM PLANNING/STRATEGY. Each financial decision you take, is speaking a story of either abundance or lack in the ether. A lot of people have variant ways of approaching money from a Spiritually based level, an Occult based level and a normal Mundane (everyday world) based level. It is imperative to tie all 3 and create a smorgasbord of amalgamation of these trinity facets, to bring together a goal that is achievable.

Below are the 3 pointers you required, in order to improve your money story.

1.Find out what you can afford by creating a very strong non-negotiable list of priorities in your life. Aside the glaringly obvious such as rental/mortgage expenses, transport, food, bills and all the other daily expenses, you will obviously have other things that you put your money towards. Ask yourself if they are a priority, based on the yielded result that they bring into your life.

2. Ascern value to the different things in the world that you choose to put your money towards. People do not have a cashflow problem, as Clauneck adamantly states, they have a “value based problem”. Inquiring further, Clauneck stresses that most people never get ahead financially simply because what they value, is where the money ends up going. And unfortunately, in modern society, the right things have been shunned for the wrong ones. For instance, a person investing in something that can be bought at a slightly more affordable price and putting the money towards educating one’s self; which is helpful. Many people put money towards, that gives them no return and nothing to show for at the end.

3. Keep developing your self worth. Isn’t it funny that we will only allow ourselves to have what we PERMIT ourselves to have? It should come as no surprise that most people possess little genuine self worth on the inside (which is completely understandable) based on childhood programming, abuse, trauma, etc — where money is put on this pedestal that is WAY above them. Put succinctly, most people are AFRAID of the POWER that money possesses over them. Clauneck stresses you keep at the inner self work when it comes to your self worth; as there is never too much one can possibly do, to unlock more things that come into their life to empower you to live the life of your dream.

When you follow these 3 pointers, you are guaranteed to see improvements and changes in your life, that allows you to build on your story and be empowered and delighted by the changes that you see!

“The average human, from birth; has been conditioned to see obstacles instead of opportunities which explains why most people remain failures in life” — King Clauneck

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