How To Work With Spirits In The Correct Manner

Many people often want to open the door to working with entities & Spirits, and are absolutely terrified of doing so.

Just this afternoon, I was looking at something on Instagram and I saw a post by a Christian Bible Basher saying all psychics, spiritualists, astrologers are all of the devil and we all work with demons who “pretend” to be familiar spirits to “prove” they are gifted. Straight nonsense and garbage to feed more hatred and pain to give up more life force energy to misery. Please stop this bullshit, it is as stupid as saying every person of European descent belongs to a hate filled white supremacy movement. It causes more pain and division. No fucking thanks.

We are not “evil” and our gifts are not a pretend play thing. Religious people need to stick to cursing out “the Devil” because they need someone to blame after willfully giving their power away. I find it funny that religious people are taught not to judge but they are MOST judgmental of everyone else’s beliefs that don’t line up with the same regurgitated stuff that has been shoved down their throat.

I felt to set the record straight.

Religion has DISCONNECTED people from their own Spiritual Knowledge and force fed them pain, indoctrination, and programming to get them to give up original train of thought and more than anything, their SEXUAL POWER. Sexual power is the KEY to Spiritual knowledge. The Kundalini fire is stimulated through kissing another human being passionately (not the fuck shit most people are on, passionately means devouring someone’s soul type of desire) as well as sexual energy that is like a battery charged circuit loop, that allows you to access Higher (Occult) knowledge that is your BIRTHRIGHT. I always find it comical when religious people speak ill of Spirits and Magick, not realising that ALL religious texts can, and ARE used for magickal rites and rituals (yes all of them, please don’t come at me — I speak with years of experience and research combined) and all religious books have been altered to fit a narrative that keeps people in line. I have no trouble with the Spiritual message of Religion. It is the nonsensical dogma that ALL us gifted people face on a daily basis, that makes people not even want to bother with the average human any longer.

With that said…

How can you work with Spirits in the CORRECT manner to get them to help you along?

You need to have understanding that Spirits (including humans who are deceased like your family member, friends etc) all operate in a Dimension where UNLESS your psychic channels are OPEN to receiving information and guidance, you are cut off PERMANENTLY. There are 3 Major ways that you can open the doors to working with decent and good intentions spirits.

1.Strengthen your psychic channels enough to know good from suspect/malefic spirits. This primarily goes along for working with Djinn and Demons. Djinn are made from smokeless fire and live in a dimension that is parallel to us humans. Demons are made from darkness. The lower forms of these 2, feed and thrive off the lower chakra negative energies of pain, fear, entrapment, and sabotage. The higher forms of these; aren’t really a fan of humans and couldn’t care less about our race. They are much easier to work with and have full respect when you work with them. They have no interest to possess you and make your life a misery.

2. Remove your religious programming by opening the door to Spirits that are either introduced to you or that you have a POWERFUL intuition about. I personally work with a few select Daemons (old gods), namely Clauneck, Bune, Asmodeus and my personal Daemonic guide Ightmos, who is a Babylonian old god and Daemon of Tempest and Storms. Nicest guy I have met in a while and always seems to eat meals laden with aromatic spices (lol). This does not mean you go around trashing religion or God. I strongly believe in the Creator and His ability to design ALL life forms in accordance with NATURE. But work yourself and work your way into working with Spirits (all types) especially as most think all Spirits are evil.

One Demonness — Lady Mazda E even said to me “Our fall goes back way around 2000+ years ago and as you know many think we are evil and yet nothing is wrong with us. They just needed someone to blame and they don’t like our power. We are of higher rank and don’t associate with lower level demons the same way you wouldn’t associate with a pedophile; despite the fact by race, you are both human. Is that not accurate?” 

3. Do not approach working with Spirits with fear. There is nothing to fear when they are loving and helpful. YES, malefic and evil spirits are there by the truckloads and nothing is great about them. They WILL fuck with you for the fact they detest the human race (jealous of our power basically). It is normal to approach a new Spirit with apprehension and a bit of nervousness however as long as you summon them correctly and just allow them to say what they want to, the conversation is like picking the phone up and calling to order a pizza (except a bit more formal lol). It is like an alien race saying “all humans are evil”. Well I suppose if all you have seen are narcissists, murderers, pedos, rapists — then YES, by default; all humans are evil. But there are many kind, generous, and loving human beings just as there are many Spirits of that manner.

I personally work with a whole Council of Spirits and not one has ever done any weird stuff. I mean unless you don’t count the heating randomly turning on and the radio turning off to help me hear things better in the car, those who walk with you — love you and always look out for you. They are life long friends, companions, and family that serve you far better what most humans in this world could ever offer. Working with good and honourable Spirits is LIFE CHANGING. They can literally turn ruins into a goldmine, should you respect them and hold a relationship with them out of respect and Love. No one wants to be talked down to. Stop believing the lies and programming of Hollywood to get you to hate ALL Spirituality. This is why I designed my Psychic Enhancer Bracelet with Djinnya Qamaria that helps you simply jump up your abilities that already exist. Think of it like a wash for your 3rd eye and your inner ears, so information can flow through faster and empower you over a duration of time.

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