King Clauneck & The Psychological Landscape Of A Woman’s Mind

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life. He is a very ancient and yet friendly male olde god, and would provide you advice and financial mentorship BEYOND your expectations of any human mentor, that is LIFE CHANGING. 


People usually work with The King, for money gain (I surely have!) however, I came to realise Clauneck was so much more to me that my money guide. He has been a Loving Father Figure to me and has always protected me by arming me with Occult Knowledge and different ways of seeing things. Ave Clauneck 🙂


This round is super deep. I went to a man to ask why women behave the way they do, and thoughts on Feminine Courage (or herein, the lack of it).


Me : ” Greetings Clauneck. Thank you for showing up again. I have some questions for you on the psychological landscape of a woman’s mind and the intimate workings of women and what I can help them with. What is a woman, what is she not? What must she do and not do? Who is she at her core?”


CK : ” Greetings Spartanite, as always, honoured to be with you, my daughter. Ah, women.


Okay, I have a good idea of what you wish to question me on. Women. The Female Race. A Woman, is a strong, mighty, and powerful creation designed to withstand the type of emotional pain that a man in his whole lifetime, cannot even dream of encompassing. Women cry tears the men who love them, will never see, or understand. A woman risks her whole life to birth a child, with the knowledge that she and this infant may die during this process. Women are the glue in their families, a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter — men build a house, but women make for the home. And yet, a woman is consistently treated as lower than a man because a man is seen as the epitome of Strength. Perhaps we should make men go through period and labour pain, and go back and ask them what that feels like. (I hear laughter here from Clauneck). I am male, and I have no idea how you Ladies do it. I have true admiration and respect for the Feminine.”


Me : “Thank you, Clauneck. That is so beautiful. Can you tell me why women struggle so much with self worth, esteem issues, voicing their opinions, especially if you say they are so great?”


CK : “From birth, a little girl in every society is compared to her brother, or her male cousins. She is told she is weak, she must behave a certain way. The women in her own family, destroy her. They squash her every dream and desire to be powerful, in internalized misogyny. The cultures you come from, are some of the most vile and horrendous, as women are treated like dirt. This is why you do not relate to your culture(s) for the most part. You did not accept weakness as being feminine. Or the Feminine, as weak. For you, the Feminine is THE GODDESS. Graceful, Powerful, Feminine, and Strong. Women are consistently told they amount to nothing, they are afraid. Afraid of what the men will say, do, think of them — and not to mention, how a man will hurt them. You know this hurt all too well. 


Women struggle because their throat chakra is blocked and they have a DESPERATE sense of APPROVAL from people. The biggest defining factor a man sees in a woman, is that needy approval thing. A woman MATURE in herself, does not seek approval, and doesn’t give a fuck for it. You either take her AS AND HOW she is, or you leave her.”


Me : “Makes a lot of sense. Why do women apologise so much?”


CK : “They feel they are rude if they do not. And that people will they think are not “ladylike, and do not have manners”.  Do you remember the time you went to an event and every woman EXCEPT YOU, apologised a thousand times to pick up a slice of pizza? Spartanite, can you tell me why you didn’t apologise and went up to the table and put yourself  3 pieces and calmly walked back whilst every woman was confused looking at you?”


Me : “I didn’t think I needed to apologise. Why would I? I was hungry and needed to eat! The food was already late! Pizza was yum!”


CK : ” Sure was! Thanks for sharing. That says a lot about you, as an individual. You don’t need APPROVAL. This is why most Employers HATED you. Begrudgingly admirable, hatred. They admired your courage but hated you, as they could never control you. You went to work, you were polite and eloquent to customers, but the Aquarian inside you, had no interest in rules. You created your OWN RULES and hence you are an Entrepreneur, today.

Women are constantly seeking permission, told they are inferior, told they are weak, told they are timid, told this, told that. And they are pushed and shoved around. When life tried to push and shove you around as it usually does, you calmly picked up a baseball bat and battered it for even having the audacity to THINK it could bully you. You did not accept what LIFE had for you. You accepted what you gave yourself. Most women are living a choosing of someone ELSE’S plan for them. Most women are beyond paranoid what men think of them, and the men know this. They see it as weak.”


Me : “This is an awesome thing you have touched on. Can you explain what is it men find weak about a woman and how women register this as mentally?”


CK ” Dear, as you know, most women simply stress on the external and their aesthetic appearances. Henceforth, do not cultivate a personality, hobbies, interests, and an actual life of their own. Men feel burdened and pressured to be the life and soul of the party at the table — I speak this as a man, myself. Women are constantly looking to a man, to validate them as the masculine provides the feminine form, and shape; to a large degree. This, in itself of an essence, is not the issue. It is DRAINING for a man to have a princess that is in need of rescuing all the time, instead of a queen that walks WITH HIM, BESIDE HIM. It is a special type of Independent Man who is attracted to independence and self-sufficiency in a woman. When all this happens, and a man snaps, a woman takes it personally as women are by nature, EMOTIONAL.

That is normal. The wound hits very hard. The wound hit you so hard, look at what you turned yourself into. That is another thing, Spartanite. Women are disconnected from their power source. Their womb.”


Me : “That notebook is still fun to look at sometimes! Thanks for reminding me. The womb? Certainly. Expand, please.”


CK : “In the psychological damage most women encounter, they turn to the inner masculine. You know this story (again) all too well. The Feminine feels weak inside their own body and skin because they have been violated and destroyed, be it physically, or emotionally, sexually — whichever way. So they tell their womb to go to hell and ignore all that she says to them. They ignore their intuition, their psychic ability, the little women’s voice inside that always is meant to keep them safe. They want to become a man, not like a man, because in their mind, a man will not hurt another man, as he has respect for another man but does not for her as she is weak and pathetic. Feminine does not mean ditzy, or stupid. Most women have been engineered and programmed through the pill that causes sterility and not contraception, Duchess Bune spoke with you on that, as well as Feminism. A lot of women really claim Feminism in their heart and this was a very easy weaponry attack on the family to deploy, as most women have seen their father treat their mother like absolute and utter garbage. 


Me : ” That’s a mouthful, Clauneck. How does a woman reclaim that voice that has been shut down for so many eons?”


CK : “By having the courage to live for HER and not what society tells her a woman should be, look like, address herself as. This was the ORIGINAL reason and root cause for Feminism. A movement where women were HEARD. Now look what it’s turned into? A degenerative lunatic man-bashing rhetoric. Unreal. By living for HER, this doesn’t mean that she forgets to be a lady or a woman, in all respective facets. It means that despite those roles provided to her and assigned equally, she creates a life independent that she is proud of and does not take on the identity of being someone’s something (he means, someone’s wife, mother, sister etc) and is her own woman. There is nothing more liberating to the feminine soul to know that despite how much she loves her man, and her family, she is SOVEREIGN and unto HERSELF.”


Me : “I think this will suffice for the blog, I will certainly ask you to add a secondment to this!.”


CK : “As and when you’re ready. Thank you Spartanite. Thank you for being a channel for us to deliver this Divine Information.”


Me : “You’re welcome. I love you!”


CK “We all love you too 🙂 “


When the channel between Clauneck and myself dropped (like disconnecting the phone and hanging up), I started thinking of how many times I had felt all of this however had no words to put it into. I am grateful to him for elaborating for not only myself, however for others as well.


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