Stop Saying Yes To Shit You Despise — The Encore

I enjoyed writing the preliminary to this — The Thinking Person’s Fuckary — Stop Saying Yes To Shit You Hate — that can be found here.




We don’t know what we despise. We merely think we do.


We are raised in sick, twisted, and abusive dysfunctional households. We crave REAL LOVE, AFFECTION, ADORATION, AND PRAISE. A sense of belonging. A sense of wanting. A sense of HOME.


We go into this world with a good heart, ready to be fucked up, abused, and destroyed by predators. One is blackened by the dirt, the grime, of the predator, out of which many more abusers and predators are born. So we are shit on, humiliated, lied to, placated. Inside us, brews a storm. A rage. A blazing inferno of the Infernal. But of course, as we know, most drink away the pain, numb it out, cry, become depressed, possess avoidance, freeze, or become “nice”. The proverbial doormat. Some of us, do not. Some of us wait. Wait for every opportune moment to grab that predator (or the whole line of them) and fuck it in the ass a million times, worse than it did us.


If you don’t like what I am saying, not a problem — you can masturbate to it later. 


Evil is winning currently because not enough honourable people understand the predator, and are willing to out crazy the low life demon (no shade on the Daemonic Divine!) in the room to win. Good people are willing to forgive because they feel forgiveness makes up for the PAIN predators put you through. So people tell you to forgive and let go. No. DESTROY THEM. And then let go. The Unseen Universe, possesses LAWS. DO NOT VIOLATE THESE LAWS. They have destroyed you, your sanity, your children, your love, your peace, your pleasure, the moments in which you fuck and crave your primordial self in. Feel the hunger and the wrath of vengeance. FEEL IT. When one does not destroy a rapist, a murderer, a human trafficker, a pedophile, a narcissist, a psychopath, a piece of human garbage, the rape of a body and a mind, the murder of a soul and the family attached to it, the destruction of a loving, caring, kind heart, be it a man or woman who has suffered — one is COMPLICIT IN THEIR ACTS OF PREDATORY PAIN. Destroy them. Violate them. Finish them. It is either YOU or THEM. In the pit of snakes, grab the snake by it’s throat and force it’s venom into the predator. And then, with peace, watch them turn blue. The same blue they have destroyed innocent, good humans with.


Read this as many times as you wish.


Inside every wronged human, is the taste and the carvery of fresh flowing blood. Why defeat nature, one may ask?


Many a human has already been shamed out of enjoying carnal pleasures, now they add wrath to that list as well. Shameful, unto itself.


Men want to fuck. Women want to be fucked. The primal exchange of pleasure. Penetrate, Surrender — the same exchange that vengeance requires.


I do not care for Feminism, I am not a Feminist and shall never be one. I am a Feminine Woman. The Lioness in the wilderness does not announce her spots as female. She simply is. I often advise Feminists not to visit Spartanite.  It shall be a waste. Go for your useless marches on equality, and leave us to our devices. I do not appreciate and supplicate the humiliation of the honourable man and reject man bashing. As so I shall see to it. Rise with your rage. Your pain, your sadness, your sorrow. You may be an honourable person. But this does not excuse you to turn a blind eye to evil. Of what use is your “honour” if you cannot rise and walk with Divine Justice? Be vicious, and ruthless in protecting those you love from predators. We do not negotiate or bargain with them. We cut their power supply off. HARD.


Say NO, more. Triple your fuck off response to people. It will not win you admirers, but it will give you a gift.


Peace of MIND. What can be more than this? 


Stop letting them use you like a paper towel. Stop it. 


Your niceness and kindness, is only reserved for those who are nice and kind equally. Be Loving, Be Kind, Be Peaceful.


As the old saying goes — If One Wishes For Peace, Prepare For War. 


Only The Strong, Survive.