Living The Divine Mission & Conquering The Distraction Hits For Humanity

I write about Spartanite, because she is my Divine Mission, and my eternal service to humanity. 

This world, is a lonely place; when you know too much.

Every where you sit, everywhere you eat, everyone you see, you realise what is happening and you just don’t know how to cope. There are days I don’t know how to cope when I see what has been done to men, women, children, the human collective at large. Sometimes I am standing waiting for the tube (London version of subway underground trains) and I look up at the ads on the tunnel, and in seconds, I read a different word than what the ad is saying. I see the real word that is meant to be evoked in the human mind and the unconscious. It happened the other day. I was standing at Bond Street Station (Central London) waiting for the train, and there was a huge poster…


I didn’t read Office. I read Orfice.

*thinks to self* “not this again..”

I blinked three times, to then slowly see the word Office. I bore in mind what I had read; and read the ad properly again with the word Orfice in it. Indeed. The ad was of course, advertising more casual sex. It fit because the place looked a bit too plush to be a simple office. The conscious mind would read OFFICE, the unconscious registers it immediately, as sex.

This has happened to me so many times when the beings I work with, change the words and make me see and hear the REAL INTENDED THING behind someone’s conversation.

I will never forget having breakfast with a friend and she said something over dinner with her boyfriend the night before (met them twice) and I heard “Oh he has another girlfriend” –and I was stunned. Keeping quiet, I asked my guide Belvia in my head as I stepped outside in the cold air walking back to my car, and she said “of course he does and you don’t need me to remind you of it. I just wanted to make you aware of it in a very direct manner…”. Over breakfast, she mentioned she had a dream the night before, that he was cheating. My jaw fell open because what I had “mistakenly” heard the night before, was bang on accurate. She was being SHOWN and she couldn’t see it.

Which is why when you step into what you’re properly meant to be doing on this planet, all types of distractions come for you.

They still try and tempt me to become a professional bellydancer and leave Spartanite (I love dance and have danced since I was 14), marry an attractive, wealthy guy that has no mind of his own and leave Spartanite to join him in his life that ruins all I worked for, go travelling randomly and tell my clients “I am not taking on any new clients”, to leave Spartanite, cause me burnout and confusion, so I can quit Spartanite. Tell me that it will never work out, to leave Spartanite. Anything, literally anything — by playing on what I enjoy as a human being, to distract me and finally walk away from Spartanite.

I can often sense implanted thoughts because I have worked so diligently on my own energy signature. So they don’t work on me. I enjoy fine food, traveling, dancing, appreciating the masculine form, and the Adversary tries it’s best to use all of it against me, because if they can get me to drop Spartanite; it’s a damn ass wrap and all the people who are bound, bound with manufactured crippled mentalities, fake scarcity, trapped under layers of black magick, possessed by djinn, struggling with money, struggling with mental sanity, and otherwise someone that I can ACTUALLY help — STAY TRAPPED.

The goal, is to keep humans trapped. They will use any human weakness in the predators arsenal, and use a predator (psychopathic mentalities), to spread their sick work and hurt more normal humans.

Seeing that I excel in tearing humans out of their traps and cages to be happy and free, angers them to no end and distractions are always put in your way, from achieving your goal. If it is a materalistic goal, you won’t find a lot of resistance there. If man can be so consumed by his own greed, materialism comes naturally.

So they tempt a man with intoxicating power, lust, domination, money, wealth, cars, and control. They suck a man through what makes him most vulnerable.

A beautiful woman with a smoking hot body, hoardes of money, and power. They vision him with a strong body, muscle, women holding onto his strong arms in candor and awe like gaze, his tattoos he sports adding to his masculine look. Anything to satiate his ego, to make him feel like THE MAN.

They take this man away from himself and his own primal power in himself to use his power, for good and not to be consumed by it. He becomes hungry and addicted to a life away from his Divine Mission.

Give the average man a beautiful, sexy, horny woman who wants to be on him day and night — and tonnes of cash, and he will go off the rails. In less than 30 days, you will see a lust drunk, mentally deranged man. And lust drunk men, are exceptionally vulnerable to attack. Comfort is the enemy of Divine Success. 

Few men know how to handle that level of power within themselves.

They tempt a woman with beauty, vanity, and the hunger for a wealthy man. They suck a woman into their dark web by making her focus on her looks and the dopamine high men give her as an ego boost. They make her chase after cosmetics, clothes, shoes, and working on her body as a tool of seduction over a man’s willpower. Women, after possessing access to a wealthy man, emotionally arrive at a place, where they are required to have intelligence, and wit–more than anything. This is merely her own protection. A lot of women choose to relinquish that power, and, the distraction begins.

A woman who knows how to control her sexuality and intelligence combined, and unleash the beast when necessary; is a frighteningly powerful woman. She can disarm powerful, connected men — because she is connected to the PRIMORDIAL FEMININE in which it is every man’s ECSTASY TO DELIGHT IN BEING DROWNED. All men desire to drown in the primal feminine, hence they fear it so much. 

Once they have got a woman there only in terms of seduction and not for her own balance, she is easy to take away from what she is truly meant to be doing. Which is the Divine Mission.

A man easily seduced by the temptation of woman, and power, a woman, easily seduced; through her own vanity she is revered for through comments on her beauty. This is natural, so keep it in check :).

A woman told she is beautiful by a charming man, smiles unabashedly. A man told he is physically strong, with a well timed manicured feminine hand on his chest, or bicep, swells with pride. Both are pleasing and dangerous. 

Distractions are challenging to see, because they come as everything you have EVER, EVER, EVER, WANTED. All normal primal desires, are natural however not when they are played on the Chessboard, to take you away from your calling.

When you work on your Divine Mission, when you’re elevating yourself; it’s time to take a stock check on what you want, VS what you’re pushed to want. 

Who are you?

What is your identity?

Keep asking yourself this. Keep asking the questions. Keep being curious.

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