King Clauneck & The Pursuit of Renaissance Brilliance By Rejecting Victimhood

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life.


Clauneck has been my Spirit business/career counsellor for a while and in this round, I had a conversation whilst having dinner on the pursuit of renaissance brilliance by rejecting victimhood, and also how the Occult Sciences and Quantum Physics are the same thing (but that’s for another blog or video..)


I have Clauneck’s sigil on my Altar in my room, and also in my car and my front room where I stack my books. As I was eating dinner, I glanced at his sigil and felt I needed to ask him something that would assist me in understanding what makes for a well-rounded person.


Below is the transcript :


Me : “Good Evening Clauneck, I have a tonne of questions to ask you about this topic…”


CK : ” Greetings Spartanite, your mind is full of questions as usual, as we all know! What can I assist you with today?”


Me : “What is wrong with modern people? Why don’t they want to apply themselves? I am not referring to everyone of course, but what’s wrong? People in ancient times studied. One man could be a philosopher, a mathematician, a potter, a warrior, a linguist, an alchemist, an occultist, a scientist, a casanova. He would hold debates in the Senate, wise words would flow from his tongue and his ability to lead with courage, was not up for question. Might I ask from the old god perspective of what you see as the primary difference?”


CK : “The modern man has pornographic material to keep him content and satiated, does he not, Nadia?


He does not aspire to much for reasons he isn’t willing to address. The elite have laced estrogen in the plastics, use testosterone suppressants so the men are lacking in their natural masculinity, more and more men are taking interest in feminine things when their mind should be focused on victory, glory, strength, provision, and protection. This has also increased homosexuality by the minute in the male gender. In the ancient times, people had all types of sexualities, dear. They didn’t get a special pat on the back, of victimhood for it. You did your thing, and went home. No one cared who you did or what you did. Now, people want passes for being this or that. This technology that you modern humans seem so utterly excited about, has destroyed your race and shall completely wipe it, as well as the birth control pill…”


Me : “I want to ask about renaissance brilliance? How would you describe it and how can it be incorporated more?”


CK : “The poison, is also the antidote. Of what has been turned and used against the humans, can be reversed into something very beneficial. You should know this, as a magickal woman, yourself. Most use the Occult, for evil, you chose to use it for good. You give many people new lives through your work. You took a venomous poison that courses through people’s veins, and reversed the formula. Works, does it not? Renaissance brilliance, simply comes from the application of the ancients. Spend time away from technology in nature, and read more. Reading increases brain power, and allows one to possess eloquency in written and fluency, skill. Understanding languages is of great assistance, for one is able to relate culturally and from a culinary perspective, equally. People are content with nonsense, because their minds have been turned into nonsense. One also is required to reject victimhood. The filaments of greatness, in rejecting the weakness of the human spirit that has slowly been increased and dialed up over time.”


Me : “I understand completely. So you’re saying in order to become great within yourself, you have to reject every part of you that is lazy and undisciplined? How do low days work? I don’t know about the Infernal realms, or if you guys have low days, but as humans we have days where we feel low, sad, hopeless, ashamed, humiliated? How do we deal with the brilliance on those days?”


CK ” Does a bad day mean a bad life? Or is this an excuse to adhere to the barriers one holds within their mind? Brilliance comes from removing all things that stop and block your shine, and doing so in a manner that is fearless. Our worlds are different to the human world, and we are fascinated by your “changes”. Our realm does not operate under the same laws, Nadia. The males are masculine, the females, are feminine. We are past the levels of human emotion, hence we understand the spectrum. It cannot be said the same for your world, unfortunately. Sad, isn’t it? Duchess Bune has spoken with you on these matters, oft a time, has she not?”


Me : “Yes Lady Bune, has spoken at great length with me on these matters. Why does victimhood get in the way of brilliance?”


CK : “Victimhood is a currency. A lot of victims enjoy being a victim. They get sympathy, people feel sorry for their pathetic little lives, they receive free things, because they are lazy and unwilling to work. Spartanite, you know my thoughts on victims. I would much rather not discuss losers.  In the Infernal, we do not care for weakness. It is BELOW US.


Victims can be broke. Victims can have a tremendous amount of money. The money in question, is not of relevancy in this matter. It is about the inner empire as King Paimon and myself, have often taught you. If one has desire, one rises. Victims lack the desire because they are energy vampires and UNWILLING TO CHANGE. If an individual is unwilling to change, do you really believe they desire brilliance? No, they desire stronger people’s energy to suck in for themselves.”


Me : “What is the essence of victimhood?”


CK : “At a sub-atomic particle spin rate, the desire to have the “woe is me” complex, to have others feel sorry for them.


They benefit of getting others to feel sorry for them. This is why we encourage you to keep your physical body at an optimum by working out. How do you feel when you’re not well? Less than capable, correct? Well, if you become mentally weak with that; it descends into victimhood. When you keep working out, your body feels powerful and dis-ease doesn’t rest into it, easily. One of your team members spoke at length on this in passing. It was a remark from her, however it registered with you, exceptionally well.


Victims ENJOY complaining. It turns into a chemical addiction. Complaining is orgasmic for victims. Nadia, if someone has the same problems for years on end, I certainly do not feel sorry for them, and nor should you. They want the problem, hence it is there. Have you seen how fast and practically overnight your “problems” have been solved when you took bold, inspired action to do, to pay, to fly, to drive, to whatever a human is meant to be doing to eliminate the challenge? Problems are there because you want them to be there. I have compassion and empathy. Sympathy, is for the weak.”


Me : “What is the one major way that people keep themselves in victimhood and don’t realise it?”


CK : “Dependency. Waiting for someone else outside themselves to come and rescue them.


Women are exceptionally notorious at this. All those psychopathic Disney movies at a young age, tell little human girls they need to be princesses. Why not a Queen Regent like yourself? Why not an Empress? Why do women need men to “save them?”. Are they helpless? Or is this the programming telling women, and further reinforcing weakness on them? You do not need someone to save you. You require someone to WALK WITH YOU, AS AN EQUAL. Stand, rise, and claim a life for yourself. Only YOU are in the way of yourself. One either has a result of WHY something got done, or the excuse of why it didn’t or hasn’t? Conquer the mind, the spirit follows. Your Spartanite assists in showing women through example that they do not have to play a princess role and can be great all by themselves, and validates the men, that they do not have to accept weakness in a woman and most especially, in their own self. 


Many men hide, Nadia. They do not want hapless, sapless, weaklings in women. The men long for power, a backbone, and feminine strength equally; however don’t know where to access it from. It frustrates them because there is no challenge. A woman who fully honours herself, is a natural challenge. Novel concept, radical results. Commendable efforts.”


Me : ” I appreciate your compliments, and thank you. Do you have any departing words? What can someone do today, and right now, to begin moving towards their brilliance?”


CK : “Pay for something they have wanted and keep going back to look at, however frightens them. Fear is a liar, a thief, and keeps one gridlocked into the chasm of eternal failure. Only you have the power to break the chains.”


Me : “Thank you Clauneck. I love and appreciate all your wise counsel. You have helped me and all readers of Spartanite, tremendously.”


CK : “Pleasure, my human daughter. I equally respect and have love for you too. I bid you farewell and must depart.”


I sat for a while and thought about what Clauneck said. I am always an huge aficionado of the wisdom of the Infernal, and what they have to say about getting on with the complexities and nuances of life. It comes as no surprise that Victimhood is a massive barrier for people, because we in society are trained to be weak and helpless, putting us in line with the elite plans of hurting the human race, even further. Part of offering direct channels from Clauneck on your questions — that can be found by clicking this link, is about assisting people to move forward with the correct guidance.


Clauneck’s wisdom on life in general and most especially being the King of Money, are literally second to none. His audio class Keys to the Wealth Kingdom (click the link) and his private mentoring, is utterly life changing. He’s the big boss Dad that is there to help many people step into their true power and allow themselves to shine, without hesitation.


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