Mental + Spiritual Conscious Action Taking To Generate Opportunity


As always, evoking one of my favourite Spirits, Lady Rashoon — chief Spirit of all things Feminine, I wish to address something critical that I see a lot of women struggle with, in today’s world. Men struggle with this equally, however can seem to gain traction faster because of natural masculine energy 🙂

Rashoon asked me to address a round of women behaving like big babies and children in today’s age—demanding and feeling entitled to whatever they wanted. Just like a little 3 year old would. So, seeing as you’re not shy of putting the work IN (well, that’s why you’re here at whatever hour, reading my blog anyway…), let’s discuss the conscious actions one must take, to generate opportunity.

Firstly, an individual must possess a KEEN SENSE OF VALUE.

“What does this mean, Nadia?”

Value, is inherent in a person, place, circumstance or object. It either holds meaning to you, or doesn’t. Value can be perceived financially, emotionally, sexually, physically, mentally or spiritually. DECISIONS are valuable or not. I shall provide a prime example. I remember speaking to an old mentor and I said to him “Well, do you think I should do X in my business?” and he replied (aptly) — “well I don’t fucking know. You’re the SPARTANITE, YOU TELL ME.“.

I’ll admit, I was a bit unnerved. I was expecting a cookie cutter response.

And then I realised what he meant. He knew I didn’t possess a boring personality, so he was asking me to be a NATURAL AQUARIAN (he was one too, born a day after me) — to let loose the wild within. I remember asking him how to go about “getting money” and he said “Well how do you go about “getting a man?”… same stupidity basically. You don’t GET anything. You take conscious steps to making yourself ALIGNED to it. Lady Rashoon asks you, to assess and identify where there is a sense of entitlement when it comes to achievement. Entitled people see barriers. They whine and complain how things are never in their favour, the economy is useless, economists are keeping money from them (God only knows how, on this one? : ), everything is damaged and broken–except them.

And this is where the problem lies for most women. Most women have a nasty habit of moaning, blaming and complaining –and expecting the world to shine it’s sunny ass up for them. Expressing a keen sense of value, means that One sees opportunities, where ONLY hurdles lie for others. I made an old post about WEI JI (Can be found here..) — where a situation is either a Crisis OR an opportunity.

Back in 2016, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The pain in my body was so excruciating, I used to lie 2 hours in bed before getting up in the morning and sometimes be moved to tears, because it was like lead was stuffed inside me. Everyone told me, this was a condition I would have to live all my life with, at best—I would use numbing creams to ease out the pain. I refused to accepted this DIS-EASE within myself. I prayed and manifested hard and stumbled across a Shaman’s blog. After reading he heals auto-immune conditions, I reached out to him and in 5 Spiritual healing sessions, I was healed up for life last August, in 2017! 😀

I can now work out, run around and fit into clothes decently without worrying about swelling up in pain! Rashoon was so excited for me to finally buy beautiful feminine dresses that showed off my wonderful curves! This only happened because I possessed BELIEF that I would heal this. When a person takes CONSCIOUS ACTION, you flow into alignment to magnetize the opportunity to SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. Opportunity is really everywhere. The main thing a person needs to control, is their mind. Every month, have one specific priority that you must feel to work towards. This will provide a sense of belonging and reward for achievement.

Combine your mental faculties and line them up with your Energetic body, Spiritually.

The world, is your oyster as they say!

I would love to hear your comments in the section below (and so would Lady Rashoon!)