Enchantment and Feeling Complete In Your Womanhood

Modern society, is rather odd.

Women are told to be lithe, athletic, thin and skinny. We are told this is where our “power” originates from.

The sad thing is that the Fashion industry (run by gay men)–feels the jurisdiction to start telling women that “skinny will make you happy”. This isn’t a dig at skinny women—I used to be one myself. We are encouraged to look at slim as possible–to be “attractive” but at what COST. I was a UK size 8 (US Size 2-4), a 34A bra size and I could easily wear teenage girl’s clothes—and get away with it.

Looking back, that is very sad.

I have had this conversation with over 50 women so far, and all have said the same thing. They LOVE curves on their body. They desire to LOOK like a woman–full, heavy breasts, shapely hips, a juicy behind, long luscious hair. I remember feeling that way too, once upon a time. And yet, we are PREACHED TO–to slim down, to lose weight and “look good”. Am I saying being overweight is sexy?

Not at all.

Having a nice healthy balance of your weight, adds to your feminine charm. I don’t want women reading this piece to feel I am attacking women who are skinny or otherwise possess medical issues that stop them from “filling out”. What I am saying here, is that traditional fertility goddesses–have been curvy, for a reason.

Feminine charm completes you in your womanhood.

This is rather challenging for me to describe, except there is a strong reason women of the modern age are flocking to have breast and butt implants. Neither are healthy and I do not advocate either—and yet the desire to LOOK like more of a woman (be closer to feminine energy), surmounts everything. It is like how men want to have the strongest arms, with a nice 6 pack and toned legs, do they do this because they “just feel like it”. No. There is that desire to LOOK MASCULINE, to attract a woman. Feeling complete in your womanhood, often for us begins at how we LOOK like and how we FEEL about it. Most women are not happy with their bodies—and women who are not stick figures are told all the time, how they need to “lose weight”.

I remember once having a pedicure in a Chinese shop, and I was wearing shorts and a man was doing my toes. This woman, comes out of no where and throws a towel on my thighs–to cover my thighs, so that the man isn’t distracted by them. I calmly called her back and asked her why she had done that. She looked stupidly uncomfortable–and she would have never done that, had I been skinny. She probably felt so ashamed of the feminine form herself (the typical repression women internalize growing up) that she had to project it on me. I calmly took the towel off and said “If your guy isn’t professional enough to withstand bare thighs–I don’t think he should be doing my toes to start with”.

Most people were stunned to see the woman I am today–as I physically tore (yes…tore) into my new shape. Enchantment, is really the softness of Feminine energy. Venusian charm–in other words. Feminine energy is calm, soft and yielding. It is encouraged for a woman to be healthy looking as part of this completion of womanhood. I have a client who told she was skinner (she even showed me pictures) — had a plastic surgeon boyfriend, wore skyscraper heels and teetered along to nice dinners, but she was MISERABLE inside because she wasn’t herself. With recovering self worth today—she looks beautifully healthy, heavier boobs and finally settled as a woman. This is where the challenge of “ideal weight” and flat out fat, comes into play. A lot of overweight women, are using “curvy” as an excuse to keep eating like a crazy, instead of doing something about it.

I encourage you reading this to know that carrying a little extra weight—isn’t something to be ashamed of! It is to be celebrated with joy and passion—of your womanly body ­čÖé

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