Paymon – Stylish Asset Investing + Legacy Rulership For The Ambitiously Elegant

“Man always fears to work with us, fearing we will destroy him and believing the lies told about us. In a sense we do, yes. We destroy all his narratives and falsehoods to assist in true sovereignty and independence. Most prefer to be a sheep because being a sheep in your human society is rewarded with a false sense of status, security, and, creature comforts. It takes courage to create your own path in a world where nothing but bleating is heard. Only when man charts his own path of his own empire, does he come to discover what is real and what is not. ” – King Paymon – 22nd of the Goetia 

Paymon, I find – is one of the interesting ones of the Goetia.

Firstly, out of respect, I know each person who is able to correspond with the old gods, does so in their own manners. So perhaps someone may read this and think “ah, but that’s not how Paymon came to me!”.

Well, do you speak to your boss in the same way you speak to your lover?

For the sake of everyone reading this – I’d certainly hope not.

Paymon and I, have a good understanding. He’s not one of the main Goetics I work with on a regular basis, however through him I have been able to understand and enjoy royal and aristocratic energies – and energies they are. He has an uncanny way to take a normal human being and provide the person with a royal charm and flair (a bit different to Bune here, although given she is a Duchess). Divine Rulership is something that is an energy that is easily seen in someone – whether they come from actual royalty or nobility or not.

I have had many ritualia performed with the High Patronage of HRH King Paymon and his oversight understanding – myself. I have mainly discussed fame based rituals for clients across the spec as well as working with his Imperial Crown energies (available in Store for purchase) that really opens that world upto you. I find Paymon is fantastic for those who are looking for visible exposure of themselves, their legacies, as, well as their enterprises due to his ability to shine a torch on those who ask for his help. Many of those whom you see in the public eye, either work with him personally or have the work paid for him to work on their behalf.

The Imperial Crown of his – has many different energies attached to it, again – including fame and to be the best version of one’s own self. It will rip open many threads in the Universe to present you as special and unique – and if not visible, pull it out of you.

Sometimes just “regular empowerment” isn’t cutting it for you. You’re tired of the fabricated guru videos with their “perfect content creation” selling you their next best coaching programme, looking for their big fat paycheque.

I implore you to walk towards gnosis to discover what works for you instead of the world telling you, what does.

You have natural refinement and savoir-faire, however you may not have the access of where you desire to be.

This is where Paymon swoops in. Paymon, always appears to me as an Arabian King and one that is exceptionally well connected to the wealth of the Middle East as well as the Zoroastrian/Persian mythologies. I have often felt the energies of Pazuzu and Gilagamesh around him, each time I have evoked him for work or for a pleasant catch up.

So how does this work for you?

Paymon is eagle-eyed when it comes to opportunity and luxury asset classes. Whilst many people go for the traditional ways of placing their money, certainly approved by him; of course – Paymon has an interesting approach that anyone who has an ambitious yet stylish eye, can begin with.

Many years back, he began highlighting to me to study the luxury fashion markets. Seeing designer items as a “buy to let or buy to sell” strategy, I remember going to an event recently where there was a lady from both Bonhams and Sothebys, speaking about handbags as asset classes. If a Birkin is going for 6 figures, it is a wise investment for many (including men) to grab one and hold it, if possible.

Many think a “luxury asset class” is what the media tells them luxury is.

Paymon asks you “what IS luxury?”.

To the socialite, a custom designer handbag and matching shoes.

To the traveller, a gourd of water in the sweltering heat of the desert.

To the business man, a fresh number of enquiries turning into paying clients.

To the mother, a comfortable self-care day without the children for once.

To the rich, privacy and someone who truly sees them as a human being. 

To the child, a warm loving hug and personalised interest in their drawing of a pretty cow in class earlier on.

This blog is a reminder from Paymon – that luxury is everywhere. It all depends on circumstances and how it is presented. Luxury living is a form of self care – that is why people dash towards it. Deep down, everyone wants to be taken care of and looked after as a human being – no matter what they say.

Luxury asset classes are very simple to create when the energetics and harmonious vibrations around a product/service are seen as high status and value. Values change per demographics and circumstances, however Paymon encourages you to begin with the very basics of society and see how you may refine them for elegance.

Elegance is the key thread in luxury, elegance is emotional integrity and poise.

Paymon knows your riches keep you mortal.

His aim is to garnish your inner royalty.

Meet him at the Imperial gates.

He awaits you.

Paymon’s Imperial Crown – can be found here. Although stated as something for men in the listing, it works equally well for Ladies as I personally use it every year to boost myself and my own opportunities.

For serious mentoring enquiries, spiritual/business consultations, writing projects, or, custom ritualistic work – please feel free to contact us for assistance.