Social Intelligence, Status, and, Dark Charisma

Hand held up to the sky

“Charisma is the most endearing and hated quality in a person. It precedes seduction and it is an energy rarely found and furthermore – seldom allowed to thrive. One only requires to look back into history to see how the charismatic are seen…” – Me, Nadia Arain, The Spartanite


Alas, we come back to a topic that is so intertwined – it would be incomplete like the dynamic infamous duo of the salt and pepper marriage. All Social intelligence, Status, and Dark Charisma – are branches of palpable sexuality that people so very much taught to feel shame for.


One spirit once mentioned to me that the energies of sexuality and jealousy are linked closely – and it took me around 8 years of personally experiencing it, to fully understand what she meant. I am aghast to say how accurate her analysis was – when I think of the seducer archetype. What makes this archetype so sought after, is it appeals to the human condition of the forbidden fruit analogies.


Those who possess high status, usually possess high social intelligence. High social intelligence – is innate and no matter how much of showmanship a person confabulates, it is impossible to master it – if it does not come naturally. Social intelligence is a term that did not particularly come to me in an everyday setting, it came from a man I speak with every now and then who identified it in me. I had a long think about what he said and asked him a little around it. It lends me to write this post as I was inspired by him (thanks F.B) to touch deeper on this topic that many people only refer to as “soft skills or people skills”. Reflecting back, there is always a dark sexual charm to those who possess this type of intelligence because it is so innate.


When I was in Cannes for the Film Festival season, a lot occured to me about so many things. Firstly, since time begone – humans have not sought money (as it is quite the recent occurance from coinage from the Romans and then further on at Carthage) – it is status. I always think about how desperate people are to be seen and validated, which is a normal human need. The amount of times I was stopped in the street to have my photos taken and then quickly handed a card that my photos would be print ready in 2 hours at XYZ for 30 euro, was laughable. As a former model, I can attest to the fact that dark charisma encapsulates a type of spicy glamour that indeed – even many in the entertainment/fashion industries do not possess (hence the desperation to be seen).


Humans generally gravitate to the healthy, the rich, the lucky, the attractive, and, – of course; the socially well placed. When a person is socially well placed, they are generally more relaxed than those who are not. By “not”, bluntly speaking – they are socially awkward and not received well by people. Paradoxically, it is the being internally secure inside that attracts others to you – something that low self esteem highlights. It is certainly a something that can be impressed and worked upon, however requires consistent attendance and monitoring to measure progress and the internal temperature gauge.


It is tough to explain this energy into words, however we all feel it. You can be an incredibly amazing person however if you’re not socially well placed as I find many are not (due to variance in reason – genetics, upbringing, trauma etc etc), you’ll come to find more doors close (and/or stay shut), than open.


The answer is simple yet harsh.


Your personality is not charming, pleasant, inspiring, or, joyous, to be around. Your resonance is more acidic than alkaline. 


This answer really cuts through, because this is not speaking about faking a personality to be liked. People equally cannot stand that. This means that you have the traits of negative energies which can easily manifest as being grumpy, a complainer, ungrateful, annoying, crusty, always pessimistic, a whiner, unwell (and telling the whole world about it 24/7) – and a general victim. A few times over, people will listen – when it becomes a pattern, your energy will begin infecting their day to day lives. Should they be positive people, it will be a vibrational mismatch and you will separate ways naturally.


As humans, we all want others to like us. Liking us means we’re “in”, we get better treatment and have harmonious relations. I have noticed how much people desire, that deep hungry desire to be associated with anything that is marketed to them as “high status” and generally for the wealthy. It is a bit of a Spartanite science experiment to understand how it all works for me, and why those at a certain status gatekeep their status. I will make a separate round on the downward/upward jealousy based spheres and how they help and hinder a person. Many people deep down know they are undeserving, furthermore – behave that way.


No where do I see this more than when it comes to physical attractiveness and money. When a man who isn’t the best to look at, gets an attractive woman – he already knows she’s out of his league. It does certainly happen vice versa, however considering beauty is a feminine trait by nature, things break down fast for men because many men do not work on themselves due to a combination of pride, ego, and, male hardheadness.


A lot of men already hold DEEP seated insecurities + self-hatred and a beautiful woman will bring all of them up and out. Beautiful women get attention, and especially from other men. They have the pick of the creme of the crop and usually get preferential treatment. This can make for an airhead or arrogance in the underdeveloped, harmonious and pleasant in the developed ladies. It often lends said man to become violent, abusive, jealous, competitive, and, crazy. If she is sexually confident – certainly even worse so – as her dark charisma makes men notice her past a fleeting pretty face, glance. I have personally experienced men’s insecurities – friends, lovers etc and it’s not safe or pleasant for a woman to be around.


Sexuality radiates jealousy and resentment as you receive a high level of attention for it.


Money also has the same factor, in essence – my point being, when people get to what they consider the apex of something – looks, money, power, status – because they do not COME from it, it overwhelms them. I remember being nice to a man who was quite clearly a social reject and he asked me some weirdo questions because it was BEYOND him that a woman like me would give him time of day, let alone actually listen to him. Effectively, he pedestalised me and needed to fuck it up through self-sabotage so he could go away and think “all beautiful women are nasty bitches” – or whatever his latent beliefs were/are.  In that moment, I remembered all the Gnostic work I have done in my pathworking to understand why the world is the way it is. One really requires to work towards something to belong to the energies of it, which may not be the simplest.


Dark Charisma, is one of those things that even the socially intelligent work towards because its a charm that thinly conceals a person’s comfort in their own sexuality and a tempting energy that entices those. By enticement, it is a type of pleasant relaxing charm that is tempting and alluring – mixing with the fields and minds of onlookers to draw them back to you. Sometimes we may think – the world isn’t fair, life isn’t fair.


I can very much attest to how fair the world is, as human bearings and psychology are mainly unpleasant and DARK in nature. The more a person accepts the truth and if you do not fit into what is “acceptable” per se – having other attributes that override that, will put you ahead of it all.


Remember, all is possible with the social intelligences and bold sexy confidence. 


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