Religion, Spirituality & Carving a Path For YOURSELF In This World

People often mistake Religion for Spirituality, and Spirituality for Religion. 


Religion is fundamentally BASED on Spirituality, but with rules that have been pushed, pulled –and morphed over time. And with a good dash of mind control, equally added to the pan. I have respect for all faiths across the Grand Chessboard of Life, including the one that I was born into through my parents. What people get kooky about, is veering out of the lines, because they do not have the understanding of how to incorporate their own faith, with many others — to become a balanced individual.


I have often wondered; for Holy Books, that teach followers to be welcoming and understanding, many religious people are exceptionally narrow and closed minded. They are the very FIRST to judge anyone who doesn’t live life on their narrow rules. I will never forget someone saying to me that I needed to pray more, when I had misplaced my car keys once. Strange. I pray and meditate every single day.


God Forbid one decides to even step a foot out of what has been ascribed, everyone loses their mind. The faith I was born into, many people are confused by my teachings here at Spartanite. I openly state who I am and it affects all they grew up knowing, have been taught, or have been comfortable with. That is understandable and I have no judgement for that. It is normal to be afraid of what you do not know and before I truly took the guidance of the beings I worked with, I was equally as afraid, so the fear is rather welcoming. It doesn’t make me any less connected to what I know, what I grew up practicing and the POWER of it. I still use it to save many people’s lives as mine was saved. I use the Faith I was born into, to create massive change in my own life and understand the Occult version of it (by this I mean the HIDDEN message that is ascribed between the lines).


Because many religions teach that the Occult is evil (because they don’t want people with TRUE POWER who will question rules), people now have a very warped view of what myself and many others do. They believe all our special, sacred, work is evil and we go around hurting people. On most days, all I want to do is sit and do my work peacefully (which I do), with green tea and call it a day. I detest evil and created a whole movement to use the Occult and it’s power, to empower people for the GOOD.


I have tried my best to learn from Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Pagans, Theistic Satanists, Luciferians, Kabbalists, and many other people I have met from many walks of life. I have learned from those who don’t have belief that God exists, to those who swear by the Divine. Each person has taught me something, and I have met incredible people from ALL these walks of life who run businesses, help others, make for great friends, parents, and community leaders. Through understanding so much through so many eyes, I came to realise how to really spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and let me be the first to say that crazy is not in one grouping. As I mentioned earlier, there are good people in everything I have listed about, there are evil people simultaneously in all Faiths I listed to. Those often from the LHP think the RHP is evil, those from the RHP think the LHP is evil. Evil is there and you do not need religion or people, to teach you what feels off. Evil has an energy that is dense and heavy, listen to your gut when you feel it.


People find it surprising that I honour God strongly as the Almighty and I can be an Occultist. That I can practice Spiritual Islam, and also honour the Pagan seasons. That I have read the Bible fully and took it upon myself to study the Hebrew I could. That I can sit in a Ba’hai temple and ask a Hindu more about Goddess Laxmi. That a Luciferian can run one of the world’s biggest marketing campaigns that people adore and love till today and that inspires me. Being OPEN to many paths, does NOT mean that I do not know what evil looks, feels, and sounds like. I revert back to my base Faith for solid protection, and it has never failed me or anyone I help through Spartanite work — in our times of need.


People find it surprising because we are indoctrinated from birth that only WAY given to us in life, is the right way. And when you embrace Spirituality, be it just choosing to connect with the Source through meditation, prayer, and listening to your Divine Voice on the inside — people begin to see you as a threat. You’re no longer safe anymore. Now you’re evil because you do not fit THEIR NARRATIVE of “right and wrong”. Now you need to be exterminated. As you grow within yourself and you evolve, you come to see that you can take what is given to you as a child, love it, adore it, revere it, and also find YOUR path in life. It does not make you any less lovable or less “belonging”. People often leave religion for atheism, understandably; because they have had something shoved down their throat that didn’t make sense to their SPIRIT. If these same people are given the chance to EXPLORE what FEELS RIGHT, they will come to a conclusion that the Divine is within your heart and all else are tools to be close to the Creator, that is all.


You do not have to leave what you have been given. You can create an incredible base on top of it, and discover who you truly are, by having the LOVE and appreciation for others who walk a different path to you, AND LEARN FROM THEM. Which is what I chose to do.


There is so much waiting for you in this world. Challenge the parameters of your mind and allow people to teach you everything you are required to know. Love is the highest vibration and Love doesn’t come from JUDGING others, that you are right and they are wrong. People are right in their own ways, please leave them be 🙂