Life After Djinn Possession — Removing Djinn From Others + Service



Disclaimer : Most of my blogs sound ferocious and powerful, because the beings I work with, want their information shared in a majestic and BOLD way. This post is very much a normal human being post, as how people speak with me in person, so the tonality will sound very calm and very much like myself, Nadia.


I sat in my front room answering an email about Djinn, someone had written to me about. Numerous ones that I seem to get. With the same torment, sadness, anguish, and pain, I have endured. Each email we get, breaks my heart all that tiny more, knowing there are millions more people in the world suffering from this. Today, I can laugh and smile widely, have a life I could have only dreamed of, and more than anything — PEACE.


There is no explanation or words in any human language to explain the torture evil djinn leave a person in. None. Someone who has not been affected by this, is fortunate and lucky and I hope they never have to endure this pain in their LIFETIME. As I healed from the intense damage that FEW people ever recover from, never mind survive, I started feeling immense amounts of rage on how many people are suffering in pain that they cannot explain or show to anyone in this world. So many people are trapped with magickal blocks and evil djinn, that most hospitals are filled with possessed people.  Bindings, Curses, Black Magick, Djinn, you name it — it is there. And I have dealt with it in my own life and MANY people’s lives who come to us. People in normal jobs, businesses, on trains, driving, eating, —possessed. Someone once said to me “I cannot believe your story you write. You look so normal” and I always say “Thank goodness I don’t look like what I have endured, thank God.”


No one was there to tell me what to expect when my life absolutely fell apart when they were ripped out of me. No one. I had to go through this gauntlet alone crying day and night, to figure out how to heal a broken life, a broken heart, a broken mind and psyche, a broken bank account, and heal a broken shell of a body. So when people come to me hopeless and desperate, I never turn them away because I know what it feels like to be drop kicked in the forest all alone, waiting to die. I know what it feels like to be hostage inside your own body, feeling like you have been drugged and tricked, and good feels bad, and bad feels good. Your life is one big crazy haze.


Djinn are made from smokeless fire. Not all Djinn are bad, some are lovely and decent. Good Djinn do not associate with the lowlifes, just as much as decent humans don’t associate with criminals, on the same stance. 


Most HATE humans, they are vain and think they are superior to us. When I chose to do the work I do today, I knew I was putting my own life in danger trying to help others. So I had to secure and fortify myself at levels, normal humans cannot imagine, because it would take one foolish mistake and I would go back to what I spent a lifetime escaping. Causing immense pain in the body, djinn usually attack the brain, the womb, the back, neck, spine, and the heart. I had one living in my left foot, one in my womb, and 2 in my brain. Sometimes I sit alone, and cannot imagine I had the strength to escape fire spirits who would have made sure I was raped, trafficked, and murdered in cold blood. I already suffered ENOUGH with them. Nothing goes right for you, and you just want to end your own life. Having them removed from me, was even a bigger hell than having them on me.




I remember the last one pulled out of my brain (that didn’t want to go because well it was that Djinn or me, and he made it clear he was there sent to kill me and sad for him, I am one of those humans that just doesn’t die because those who hated me needed me dead — so it annoyed them AND the djinn mainly — basically I REFUSED TO DIE, SO THE DJINN WAS FIGHTING TO KILL ME AND I WAS FIGHTING TO GET IT OUT – mission successful!), I was preparing to die at that point. It is like dragging a hot tattoo gun on your actual brain matter, (not your skull) your PHYSICAL grey matter and the SEARING HEAT being welded out of you. I felt the BIGGEST POP and hit the floor with a thud. I wondered for many nights after why it felt like a searing welding heat, and my guide Belvia reminded me that jinn are made from fire and during their exit from my body, they were trying to burn as much of me as they could, to cause more damage.


So to do the work I do today, is always life threatening. They hate me. They would prefer I shut down Spartanite and fuck off and don’t get in the way of saving people from them. They have made it clear to me MANY times that they detest Spartanite and what I do for people every day of my life.


I try not to even look at my own photos from before they were removed. I look inhumane. I look glazed, drugged, fucked up, and dissociated in my eyes. I am there, but not there. As how I see people when they come to me for help. My own old photos have made me cry. Each case I take on and win, makes me happy at a level that no amount of money can ever replicate. Sure, I do it for money for obvious reasons — it is a service. But it is a service to save someone’s life. I could have chosen anything. I could have hidden and sat in an office and pretended none of this exists. But once you begin this fatal path, nothing can turn you back any longer.


I could have been so selfish, but I wanted to build myself into a powerful woman who had the power to deal with Djinn. And win. And clear and free people the way I was given a new life after evil that tried to shatter the bonds of my soul. It is a lifetime commitment and not something that I do for one day, and disappear without warning. 


Today, I am proud for each person I free, a person who gets to have a chance a life away from pain and torment. It is a strange road, The Occult, but it is a rewarding endeavour— an endeavour that is my DIVINE MISSION, and one I will never step away from. Each army stepped up against me, means we step up more. They bring me some fucked up shit every other day to deal with, because they just want Spartanite GONE. So they will bring me possessed people to irritate me, try and switch up the floorboards of myself and Spartanite, just anything to get me to STOP this work. Nope. NOT HAPPENING. Two weeks ago, one came to me in my dream and said “we would love to push you off a 30 story building and watch you drop dead. You are in the way of us”. They usually come and say things like this to me because they are mad as hell that I am in their way. I am used to their threats as and when they want to approach me, which isn’t often, mind you.

Well, they are in the way of ME.


Some things, you cannot ever turn away from. I don’t know whose new life is connected to Spartanite. I don’t know how I can give someone a new life the way, I was given one again. There is way too much Evil on this planet and not enough empowered people to fight. I don’t really bother with mundane things and achievements because breaking free from the CAGE these things put you in, makes maximum security solitaire isolation prison, look like a walk in the park. I can see Djinn in people’s eyes in SPLIT seconds now and I often ask myself what people must have seen when they saw the old version of me. There are so many sad days I just sit and think “I cannot believe I have escaped this life and I cannot believe what the fuck I have left behind”.


And yes, I remove this stuff with precision, accuracy, and speed. Click here if you wish to discover more


My life today is a MIRACLE and I treat it as such 🙂 I am not supposed to be alive with how much I have endured, non stop emotional violence but here I am. I bet the Djinn and those who needed me dead, are solely disappointed. 


Oh well. Sometimes you feed poison to a person who is made from Steel, Hellfire, and Venom.


Tough shit, should have picked a weaker target.