Why Fear is Contagious + Solutions To Global “Challenges”

As a writer and Occultist, my main job is to always write. 


Writing is a form of madness, like working out. It becomes a life-long addiction, that once started — is challenging to stop.

As I was turning into a side road today to park, I sat in my car and thought about the energy fields of fear. This world is blanketed and covered in fear. Fear is what they want from you, it is considered “loosh” (lower chakra emissions) because it makes harvesting your energy, all that much more pleasurable. Sick, yes? Norm of this world? Also, yes.


Fear is exceptionally easy to create in those who don’t question.


Considering most people blindly obey and follow orders like a sheep (no offence to the animals!), creating mind viruses, are a common thing. In my actualisation of working with sigils and the removal of fear — I came to find a freedom that I found few people had access, to. As a kid, I questioned things that grown adults simply took “as is”. It is only through my work with the Occult Entrepreneurial lane that I created for myself, that I found ANSWERS that few were ever willing to provide, if any.


The Contagion of fear, comes from those who cannot think for themselves. For instance, it doesn’t take a genius to work out all the current supermarket shelves that are empty and the media covering this whole charade is an ENTIRE coverup, for what is really happening.


Those of us who know what lies behind the curtain know that they are being PRESSURED into installing the grids (marketed as shiny machinations to the sleeping masses) and they need all the humans out of sight and locked up in their little houses, to get this work done and FAST.


What you are now witnessing is a race against time for them, and a race to save humanity for US.


Few people will understand what I have written, in the lines above, because there is a certain way this information is to be structured, without disclosure.


There is a saying Belvia (my chief spirit guide), once said to me and as I studied it, it made increasing sense to me.


“If I know you better than you know me, I can influence you. If I know you better than you know yourself, I control you”. 


I see this in Business all the time, and I see this in the world of the Esoterica. It is a dangerous place to be sensually fucked, in. On that note, Belvia and I, had a whole conversation about control through memes. I was shown platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Most people merely think they have thoughts, and when we deconstruct their entire reality, there is nothing but programming that comes up as the black beam mental radiation. The mind is a funny place.


You escape the trap, by escaping the system. You escape it by never buying into it. Don’t be too quick to buy your surroundings. It’s like whenever I drive to Central London and I look at all the trap in broad daylight that has been laid out through underground leylines, wealth circuit grids, and engineering a life filled with hedonism to DISCONNECT a person from their own SELF. When people think they need to have something, your power lies in NOT having it.




When you break the shackles of fear by accessing the TRUTH, it doesn’t control you any longer. 


So the real question is, what controls you — and you don’t know it?


Answers on a postcard.


Oh and, study that handwriting of yours. Your handwriting is your autograph, and graphics, are called that for a reason.