Why Love & Light is A FRAUDULENT CONCEPT + Recovering POWER

Love & Light, is one of those asinine and fraudulent concepts used by those who like to avoid the Truth.


It is a concept embraced strongly by the weak, the powerless, the brain-dead, and those who are easily manipulated and swayed by those who understand the micro and macrocosms of the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE.


Because the TRUTH, is neither polite and nor is it in ANY shape or form; convenient — this new age garbage of people shouting love and light, is exactly WHY PEOPLE AVOID SPIRITUALITY. Non-Spiritual people see spirituality as weak, and part of them is correct; simply due to the fact that new age lunacy strips you of your power — which is your birthright.


I was laying in a burning hot room finishing a yoga class not too long back, and there was a whole passage about just being sweet, and kind, and this and that — I was already tired, BORED, sticky, drenched in pools of sweat, and wanted to walk home to chow down on 2 plates on a meal I had already prepared before leaving la maison. 


I can usually tell a love and light person a mile away. Naivety is written all over their face, like the deep perma-tan after a Cuban summer. Their mantra is “evergreen positivism” without judgement of what specimen of human is in-front of them. KINDNESS SHOULD BE RESERVED FOR THOSE WHO DESERVE IT. STOP TRYING TO OFFER DIAMONDS TO SWINE. I want to make this very clear, that just because someone LOOKS and APPEARS human, does not mean they are. Stop trying to think everyone has kindness, compassion, sweetness, and goodness inside them. Many people of today (and all seasoned Occultists and those who have experienced LIFE, will agree), are downright rotten to the fucking cored out CORE where nothing but blackness, filth, and sickness resides.


Vet people. Vet them consistently. You just be surprised when you take the Pollyanna blinders off — on what you truly, find.


I FULLY believe in LOVE. Love is THE MOST POWERFUL emotion on this planet, the highest vibration, and you are practically untouchable when you’re at that frequency. Love is passionate, deep, obsessive, STRONG, will move a mountain, and will cut through any stone canyon to be with it’s match.


Love is BOLD.


I believe in the LIGHT, equally. REAL light is high vibe and rips apart any lower vibrational darkness. I encourage those who embrace the hidden concept of POWER, to stand fully in their own light, meaning they are VISIBLE through embracing their own DIVINE DARKNESS.


The problem comes when weaklings pretend that Love & Light, is the answer to this world.


Love and Light, is a FRAUDULENT CONCEPT used by the weak, to justify their weakness. Furthermore, it is a elite diversion/distraction to make you AVOID your own self, your shadow, your DARKNESS, and what truly FRIGHTENS YOU.


It is one of those concepts whereby you are encouraged to understand and make peace, about someone slapping you or hurting you. If someone slaps you and you were minding your business in peace, slap them thrice over with the force of the gods in your dominant hand. No one needs to break into your house and then LIVE to tell the tale about how they did so. Entering your house, the first folly. The second, even thinking they would leave alive. When the mountain lion slinks behind the mountain goat when it is calmly chewing on grass to grab it’s next meal, the goat isn’t friendly and neither is it meant to be. It will dig it’s horns so hard into that wild cat, the feline probably regrets WHY it even tried him/her in the first place. Love and Light, is a concept used by those who are living in ignorance about how this world really works and the rules and laws used by those who don’t give a flying fuck about you, your sanity, and your morality.


I used to say to someone I knew : “Just because you are a vegetarian, doesn’t mean the lion won’t eat you”. Perhaps you may not be interested in violence, however violence may very well be interested in you. It isn’t discerning based on your “goodness”. If you truly want to follow the concept of the DIVINE LOVE AND HIGH VIBRATIONAL DARKNESS, WHICH IS THE TRUE LIGHT — be prepared to stand up and defend what is YOURS and what you will destroy, should anyone try you. Many people claim to “love children” and have little clue the fate MANY kiddos suffer globally. They look like zombified sheep, horrified, and rooted to the ground when someone has to explain what is happening.  Denial, is certainly not just a river in Egypt, it is the fate and reality of many adults who are CLUELESS of this world we live in. The mind simply cannot grasp the concept. Cognitive dissonance, is a reality of most. As is the confirmational biases, that travels like an mind virus from one brainwashed person to the next.


If you LOVE something/someone, man or woman, you will stand up and defend it. 


Love & Light, the fraudulent concept, will not allow you to MOBILIZE your POWER, to defend. You will hope your little problem just goes away. You cry to those who hurt and abuse you to stop. It stems from avoidance, God Forbid someone grabbed you by the back of your head, forced everything that you avoid right infront of you and leave you to pick up your own mess.


POWER, not only forces them to stop. It won’t even let them try in the first place.


DIVINE LOVE HOLDS SO MUCH STRENGTH, IT IS THE PROTECTOR AND DEFENDER OF THE RIGHT TO LIVE FREE AS A HUMAN. Many people merely think they have been loved until they meet someone who is fully ALIVE and they see flames burn in their eyes, for the love, passion, dedication, vigor, boldness, courage, and support they receive. A person in today’s age that is fully alive, is seen as a threat because of the COURAGE  and TIGER BLOOD, they display, courage that is every human’s birthright — but through DNA destruction; has resulted in an apathetic, numb, dead robotic lifeless shell that walks around claiming their humanity.


This is one of the primary reasons, powerful people are considered evil. We do not bow down, bend to, and submit our will or independent thought to parroted narratives, fear, and conditioning.


You have ALWAYS stored power within you. As a human, it is your birthright. You came to this planet with it.


Slowly, it was brainwashed and bred out of you.


But that time has come…


The time has come to take the plunge into those waters that you fear. The inky midnight black waters upon which there is no return because your heart and soul crave something harder, deeper, stronger, and EXPANSIVE ECSTACY.


That hunger that the glitterati, the sunshine, the rainbows, the unicorns, the puppies, and the cute simple quotes of listless dead “inspiration”, don’t QUENCH.




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(The Self, they tell you is illegal to be…)